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  1. The broadcast of the RDB's new "Swan Lake" with J'aime Crandall, Alban Lendorf, and Jуn Axel Fransson is on YouTube. Quite an interesting production!
  2. Maria's twitter page now says she is a guest with ABT.
  3. According to ABT's website, Part will be partnered by guest artist Denys Nedak in La Bayadere.
  4. Thanks for the update, abatt. I think Whiteside will be fantastic in this. Gomes is a real loss -- but I'm sure we can all agree he deserves a break! Glad we don't have to see Vasiliev wear the costume again -- which didn't suit him at all. Has Stearns danced this role in the past? I'm curious to see if he is mended enough to dance all of his currently scheduled performances, beginning next week. Agree about Gomes! Even without von Rothbart, I think he has the biggest amount of performances among the men (as has been the case for a number of years). And, yes, Stearns has done the role before.
  5. Curious to know how Murphy and Nedak were last night. Did anyone see them?
  6. Rosa

    Larissa Lezhnina

    What a wonderful video. I know Lezhnina best from her recordings with the Kirov -- Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Nutcracker. She has been one of my favorite dancers since I was a little girl.
  7. Rosa

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Beautiful photos. Congrautlations to Evgenia and Andrei!
  8. Thank you very much for identifying all the dancers, Natalia! I recognized Diana, thought it was Danil and Ivan. Something about Svetlana's hair made me unsure if it was her, and I didn't know Vladimir. Very pleased with how much ballet, opera, and classical music was part of the opening ceremony. A fitting and beautiful moment having The Firebird playing during the lighting of the Olympic Flame.
  9. Looks like there will again be a fair amount of dance-related programs for the 2013-2014 season. Romeo and Juliet Swan Lake Nutcracker Sleeping Beauty Giselle Riverdance Firebird Don Quixote Coppelia Scheherazade The Seasons (Glazunov) Spartacus Should be an interenesting Olympic season!
  10. Kim Kimin made his debut as Siegfried on the 19th, and will perform Solar in June. He is receiving a lot of opportunities! http://youtu.be/Z1Scw-s0eVU
  11. Such sad news!! I was most familiar with her wonderful interviews in the documentary Dancing for Mr. B, as well as her autobiography. A great loss for the ballet world.
  12. Rosa

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Thanks, Cygnet! That is exciting news.
  13. Vadim Muntagirov was promoted to lead principal at the curtain call following the opening night of ENB's The Nutcracker. Congratulations to him! http://www.independe...on-8412527.html
  14. Good question! Murder Most Austen was a total disappointment. I was really looking forward to it because it incorperated Northanger Abbey, one of my favorite novels by Austen, but how its use was disappointing, as well as the mysetry itself. Both Ausgutyn's and Kain's books were very insightful. Flipped was a surprise, the first YA book I've read in a very long time that I truly, simply enjoyed
  15. *Murder Most Austen by Tracy Kiely *Dancing from the Heart: A Memoir by Frank Augustyn *The Runaway Dragon by Kate Coombs *In the Company of Stars: The Paris Opera Ballet by Gerard Uferas *Violins of Autumn by Amy McAuley *The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective by Kate Summerscale *The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic by Allan Wolf *Karen Kain: Movement Never Lies by Baren Kain *Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen *Monster by Walter Dean Myers
  16. Thank you for the videos, Helene. I think Davis and White translate Giselle to the ice very well. And Tchaikovsky is well represented this season: 1 Nutcracker, 2 Sleeping Beauty, and about 3 Swan Lake/Black Swan programs!
  17. The Mariinsky, yes, still has the happy Soviet ending. The Bolshoi had a happy ending until...about a decade ago? Now their ending involves Siegfried being left alone, his ideal dreams gone (Odette is not real).
  18. Another big debut for Olga on the 11th, Anastasia in Ivan the Terrible -- http://www.bolshoi.r...formances/576/. When was the last time the Bolshoi did Ivan?
  19. Don't forget her Gamzatti debut last season, too.
  20. Part debuts as Kitri and Sylvia. (And gets her Sleeping Beauty with Gomes, thank goodness!) Hammoudi and Seo in Swan Lake. Herman finally gets his chance at Siegfried!!! And Sarah gets Aurora again.
  21. Just noticed Osipova is to guest at the La Scala next July in Swan Lake. http://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/opera-ballet/2012-2013/il-lago-dei-cigni.html ...It may just be a matter a time before she's given the opportunity to do the ballet at ABT.
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