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  1. Oh, yes! What a final. Very happy for Team GB. My heart went out to the Ukrainians though, who ended up being pushed to 4th. It was an exciting night of swimming, too! The highlight for me was Nick Thoman winning silver behind his teammate Matt Grevers in the men's 100m backstorke (the 5th straight time USA has won the event, I think), who almost retired after failing to make the Olympic team in 2008.
  2. Agreed! Her reactions were priceless. Enjoyed the 3-meter synchronized diving competition. Congratulations to Abby Johnston and Kelci Bryant on winning the silver!
  3. Rosa

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Found this video of Evgenia's Pharaoh's Daughter debut:
  4. I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremony. The children's literature segment was a highlight. And I thought the lighting of the torch was really cool and original. The men's swimming competition is one of my favorite Olympic sports. Looking forward to it, as well as gymnastics and diving.
  5. Maria Shirinkina recently debuted as Giselle. http://youtu.be/SmT_FdWhUns http://youtu.be/eRf5SotWpac http://youtu.be/uaWV1p5i-_M And as Aurora, too, I believe. http://youtu.be/PQLd0jzkl9U
  6. Thanks, innopac. A very interesting read.
  7. It is last month at the Mariinsky Theatre.
  8. Thanks Ray. I remember being impressed by Jermel in the pas de trois in Wheeldon's Swan Lake when he was an apprentice in 2004. Congratulations to all the promoted dancers!
  9. Thank you everyone for the wonderful reviews and recollections. They have been a pleasure to read.
  10. Alice and Jack's two pas de deux in Act II (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Wheeldon).
  11. Neat thread! *'alternative' Odile variation *Odette Act II variation *Raymonda's entrance, Vision and Act II variation *Désiré's Act III variation (The Sleeping Beauty) *Cinderella's second Act I variation and ballroom variation *Fairy of Summer's variation (Cinderella) *Aurora's entrance, Vision variation *Two Wilis's variations (Giselle) *Almost all the Sylph's variations (La Sylphide, POB version) *Siegfried's Act I variation (Nureyev) *Sylph's Mazurka variation (Les Sylphides) *Gamzatti's Act III variation *Rose's Act I variations (Prince of the Pagodas) *Caterpillar's variation (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Wheeldon)
  12. She was a first soloist, equivalent to principal, the highest rank in the company.
  13. Olga is being given a lot of opportunities. Noticed Evgenia Obraztsova will also be in Emeralds, and David Hallberg in Diamonds.
  14. Information about telecasts from the Bolshoi for 2012/2013: http://www.pathelive...lchoi-2012-2013 Via Google Translate: The Bolshoi (literally "Grand Theatre") is one of opera houses and ballet's most renowned world. The Bolshoi Ballet has over 250 registered dancers and more than 30 ballets in its repertoire with annual classical works from the most famous contemporary choreographers. Legendary artists have danced at the Bolshoi. With the worldwide success of the previous season, the Bolshoi Ballet continues to be broadcast live in a hundred cinemas in France and over 600 cinemas worldwide. You will find at this season, eight exceptional ballets. PROGRAMMING THE NEW SEASON OF Bolshoi Ballet NEW BALLET SEASON SCHEDULE BOLSHOI Sunday, September 30, 2012: LOST ILLUSIONS (Direct) September 2012, Sunday 30th: LOST ILLUSIONS (Live) Sunday, October 21, 2012: SWAN LAKE (Registered) October 2012, Sunday 21st: SWAN LAKE (Recorded) Sunday, November 25, 2012: PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER (Direct) November 2012, Sunday 25th: THE PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER (Live) Sunday, December 16, 2012: THE NUTCRACKER (Registered) December 2012, Sunday 16th: NUTCRACKER (Recorded) Sunday, January 27, 2013: La Bayadere (Direct) January 2013, Sunday 27th: La Bayadere (Live) Sunday, February 10, 2013: DON QUIXOTE (Registered) February 2013, Sunday 10th: DON QUIXOTE (Recorded) Sunday, March 31, 2013: THE RITE OF SPRING (Direct) March 2013, Sunday 31st: THE RITE OF SPRING (Live) Sunday, May 12, 2013: ROMEO AND JULIET (Direct) May 2013, Sunday 12th: ROMEO AND JULIET (Live)
  15. According to Acosta's website, he will choreograph a version of Don Quixote for the Royal Ballet's 2013/2014 season -- http://www.carlosacosta.com/news.htm.
  16. Rosa

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Thanks for the heads up, elena! Evgenia looked beautiful. I hope she will be given the opportunity to continue to grow in the role.
  17. Rosa

    Natalia Osipova

    That's the impression I got, diane.
  18. Rosa

    Natalia Osipova

    Kommersant newspaper has a report: http://translate.goo...%26prmd%3Dimvns
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