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  1. Hopefully, Covid-19 won't rear it's ugly head during next Fall's flu season, but I wouldn't count on it...☚ī¸
  2. I was just thinking the same thing! So many things are being cancelled now, including the World Figure Skating Championships, which were to be held in Quebec. I feel for those athletes that have trained so hard, but I hope they will be able reschedule for sometime this year. Stay safe, everyone!
  3. Who, if I may ask, are "the fat ladies?" They sound like characters from a movie...😁
  4. I would be happy with just a snippet of video somewhere of Merrill Ashley dancing Ballade. She talks quite a bit about the creation of the ballet in her book.
  5. Well, apparently I'm wrong on all counts. Thanks for setting me straight...
  6. Sooner or later, she is going to have to have surgery on her neck. My husband woke up one morning with the same kind of searing pain. The rest of the weekend, he didn't really remember what happened because all the ER doctors could do was to give him muscle relaxers/paid meds that didn't really help. 21 years later, he has just had his second surgery. The first surgery was the same year that his disc blew. It helped the pain for about 10 years, and then he had to start getting cortisone injections four times a year. His left arm began to atrophy and his bicep an inch and a half circumference. After both surgeries, he has not lost ANY mobility in his neck or shoulders. My point to all of this, is that her neck is only going to continue to get worse with time. It is not going to heal on it's own. I would hate for her arms/shoulder to start to atrophy, and the pain become constant and unbearable. Surgery can be a scary thing, but it's so less invasive than it use to be, and with faster healing times. I hope she will change her mind and wish her all the best. She is a wonderful dancer.
  7. A sad and tragic loss for his family and all who loved him.
  8. And if that's not sexually explicit, I don't know what is. Even if it were only a pic of the breasts, it is still explicit if it was not by her choice.
  9. I remember reading in Farrell's book, that in most roles, Balanchine dressed her in white, but that this time he put her in blue and Karin wore the white. Seems like the other two girls had green and yellow, but I'm not sure. Kind of makes me think of Dances at a Gathering, as in girl in green, girl in mauve, etc.
  10. Because depending on the role, he can't lift her?
  11. I agree! Living in Utah, I know I'll never see NYCB live. During Nutcracker, and the fall and springs seasons, I check in on this board at least twice a day. Fortunately, Ballet West (I live very near Salt Lake City,) does perform Balanchine works from time to time. Next month, they are performing an evening of early Balanchine works in honor of the 100th anniversary of Diaghilev's Ballet Russe. Prodigal Son, Apollo, and Le Chant du Rossignal are on the bill. I will be there on November 2nd with bells on! I don't, however, care for Ballet West's Nutcracker (William Christensen.) I've seen it twice, and twice is enough for me.
  12. A hearty, health village lass - that's perfect! You brought a smile to my day.
  13. I prefer the powder-puff tutu. I think NYCB's "new" Symphony in C tutus are awful (too big and somewhat floppy.)
  14. Maybe he caught the flu from Misty!
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