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  1. In 2011, Craig Hall performed Apollo at NYCB as part of a special Dancers' Choice program: https://www.dancemagazine.com/dancersaeur-tm-choice-day-of-democracy-2306864886.html. I believe this "counts" even though casting was selected outside of the normal process. I'm absolutely thrilled about Stanley as well!
  2. Hallberg is still listed for the 7/6 Beauty with Osipova. I really hope he's able to do it. It's his last scheduled performance of the Met season!
  3. Sad news: David Hallberg just tweeted that he sprained his ankle last night, and won't be performing with Semionova tomorrow night. I'm crushed! I wonder who will replace him. Full tweet (@DavidHallberg): "Sprained ankle from Von Rothbart in Carreno's farewell performance. Siegfried Sat. night canceled with Semionova. Bummed and in a boot." Obviously, best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.
  4. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation
  5. I'm definitely staying out of the movie theaters b/c of bedbug concerns. I only hope the Koch theater is given a clean bill of health before the January 2011 season starts. I'm staying away from the Nutcracker anyway, bedbugs or not.
  6. Is there an error on the casting for the June 30 Swan Lake? It lists both Julie Kent and Gillian Murphy (and Carreno). Surely Kent and Murphy are not sharing the part? Gillian Murphy has her own Swan Lake on June 8, and Julie Kent has her own on the July 2 matinée.
  7. I was there for the 9/30 performance (Serenade, Magic Flute, Stars & Stripes). I really enjoyed Rebecca Krohn's debut role in Serenade, and thought that she, Jenifer Ringer, and Ashley Bouder led a particularly stunning performance. (The audience was primed for it, breaking into applause as the curtain rose to reveal the opening pose.) I hope Savannah Lowery is okay. She took a nasty spill at the beginning of the 2nd Campaign in Stars & Stripes, barely marked the final few phrases before she could exit, and didn't return for the remainder of the 2nd Campaign. After exchanging some panicked glances, the corps handled it as well as could be expected. Someone else stood in for her for the coda/5th Campaign.
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