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  1. I agree. Given that Ratmansky was "inspired" by Fokine's original choreography, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the dancing was so different from Fokine's "Chopiniana" and "Dying Swan." I also wish that the costumes weren't so heavy as to obliterate most of the dancers' arms and legs. That said, I enjoyed the music and vibrant sets. Veronika Part and Skylar Brandt were delightful in their comic roles. But the most interesting aspect of the evening, for me, was the opportunity to compare Cirio and Gorak, both soloists with similar builds, as the Tsar's sons, often dancing the same steps. Cirio seems to be more overtly expressive of the two, while Gorak struck me as more classical in line and deportment. Of course, Cirio's character was more playful compared to the serious nature of Gorak's character, but it affirmed my impression of both dancers after having seen them perform in separate ballets. I think the main problem with the "Golden Cockerel" is that the "love story" (for lack of a better phrase) was flimsy and not really believable, and the choreography wasn't interesting enough to hold my attention. But I'm glad I saw it once, and kudos to ABT for the new production.
  2. I loved the cast last night, especially Maria Kochetkova. Such graceful presence and sterling technique - she studied at Bolshoi? It's the first time I've seen her in a lead role. I'm looking forward to her Swan Lake with Cornejo.
  3. I loved the Saturday evening and Sunday matinee performances of Bourree Fantasque, Symphony in Three Movements, and works by Peck, Tharp and others. Such remarkable dancers, not only in Balanchine but in contemporary works as well. Lourdes Lopez must be doing something right. I can only echo Alastair Macaulay's hope that MCB will visit NYC more often.
  4. Nunez was spectacular last night, and so were Whiteside and Part. All three brought out the deep humanity in Prokofiev's score. I'll remember this performance forever.
  5. Indeed, Gorak's artistry is underutilized at ABT. I sometimes fantasize about Gorak defecting to the New York City Ballet to dance "Agon," "Apollo," and other Balanchine gems.
  6. Such a moving R&J with Obraztsova and Cornejo. Both projected an almost painfully youthful innocence and innate goodness that made the final scene just heartbreaking. Many audience members were still in tears as they left the theater. A memorable performance indeed.
  7. I thought last night's Goldberg was just breathtaking, every minute of it, especially the passages with Tiler Peck and Maria Kowroski. The pianist Cameron Grant was splendid. I plan to see at least two more performances.
  8. While Symphony in Three Movements wasn't on the same level of NYCB I enjoyed the rest of the program last night. The Kylian piece was particularly striking. The nudity, like the complete absence of music in the prologue and epilogue, challenged my own expectations of ballet. It suited the choreography which was primal and also poetic in many segments. I hope that Boston Ballet schedules more trips to NYC. Their point of view is refreshingly progressive and courageous.
  9. The third ring was reasonably full but there were available seats. There were a lot of young people in the audience who were obviously enjoying the modern pieces.
  10. I enjoyed the program last night especially the Forsythe piece. I'm looking forward to second program which will feature Symphony in Three Movements and Nijinsky's Afternoon of a Faun.
  11. Would anyone care to suggest the best cast(s) for Giselle? I'm unfamiliar with all of the dancers. Thanks.
  12. Which is the best cast for Sylvia? I've never seen it and also don't know Ashton that well, though I liked his R&J and Month in the Country.
  13. I'm still in the thrall of last night's performance and am thinking of seeing Swan Lake again. Which cast would you recommend? The Kochetkova posts upthread have made me curious but what about Julie Kent's performance on Saturday matinee? I last saw her over 10 years ago.
  14. Absolutely fascinating to watch Semionova and Hallberg together in Act 2 with their long limbs and poetic phrasing. Gomes was truly magnetic as Von Rothbart in Act 3.
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