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  1. Thank you for this insight! I've had to make the case to some that he is indeed suited for difficult high tech roles and forgot about his Artist-In-Residence status. Speaking of, I could really go for an interesting new Don Q production at ABT if they insist on bringing it back all the time.
  2. Agreed. It happens with female dancers all the time, where they may be technically less impressive but their artistry and 'it' factor makes up for it (Ferri, Kent, Copeland...just examples, I know many will disagree). He may or may not nail a Solar or Basilio, but he has so much to offer the company and audiences. If I were a choreographer I'd love to create pieces for him, especially seeing how he really tore into the Fall season and several Spring season supporting roles (his arms in Apollo are a thing to behold). I don't agree (slightly implied here and very implied on other forums) that his promotion is publicity fueled. Combined with Ahn, Bell and Forster, the Principal ranks seem quite balanced to me (except the only reason whiz bang technical trickster we have left is Simkin, wondering who will fill that type of role). I'm especially excited to see how Ahn matures into the big classic ballet roles. Happy for Shayer too, and I wish him a glorious injury-free ascent. I'm sad to miss out on the Lane debuts we'll never see, but I can't really side with anyone there unless I know the full story. Her IG was pretty salty / odd for a while and I stopped following.
  3. Thanks Laurel! I too was thinking of the corps members you listed: Tyler Maloney, Carlos Gonzales, Jonathan Klein (no idea how tall any of them are, though). I'd be excited to see her paired with any of them. I respect Lane + Cornejo's decision not to dance with one another anymore, and hope she finds a connection soon (I enjoy Cornejo with both Trenary and Copeland, although I know that's not a popular opinion). Nothing against Gorak, who has been wonderful in many soloist roles. I just don't think he's up for those effortless lifts and hasn't (in my limited experience of seeing him, so any other insights are welcome) displayed significant acting skills to carry a ballet. Hope to be proven wrong!
  4. I also thought read a little weird, but keep in mind it could be an accidental same-day post of a biblically-themed quote + tribute to her husband, which is not unusual for her. I'm refraining from taking sides (Sarah / Herman / McKenzie) unless I know exactly what happened, which I probably never will. It may blow over by next season. She doesn't have many other established partners (Simkin being a 1-show principal) so for everyone upset at McKenzie for his casting, perhaps he had no choice. Here's hoping that everyone can work through any issues and find fulfillment in this upcoming season. I do think that McKenzie could have pulled an exciting dancer from the corps for her R+J debut, but alas.
  5. This description makes it sound like the child of Le Corsaire & The Tempest. Please no. (but looking forward to be proven wrong)
  6. Really sad about Ogawa. Her corps work in Swan Lake was just exquisite (I could always pick out her épaulement, she caught the light so beautifully) and she was one of the 3rd Odalisques that could pull off triple pirouettes.
  7. Agreed. I don't care much about triple fouettes or head-to-leg extension extremes, but I just live for those fish dives that enhance the music's crescendos. It's so joyous for me, especially since they're closing the spring season. I might just have reconstruction fatigue but I find it very very hard to get excited about this. I think all the Auroras will make the new pose look gorgeous, though.
  8. I may be alone in this, but I care about Copeland's fans and am happy she honored her schedule last night. It is a momentous moment in many of their lives, from the little girls to the women of color who've never been able to witness real representation in ballet. It's not fair to Sarah Lane, but the mishandling of Lane's career is 100% McKenzie's fault. Not Copeland's. I feel terribly for Lane and believe that she should have gotten a special shoutout by ABT for being a trooper and knocking it out of the park. She better get an actual Swan Lake next year (if not one of Copeland's shows, Seo or Teuscher could stand to lose one and literally no one would be upset). Copeland's presence is important. I hope she is able to dance on Saturday and that going forward, she has ample opportunity to dance more Manons and Juliets and feels less pressure to do O/Os and such.
  9. She hashtagged #BlackSwan so there's a small possibility that she's only dancing Odile? While sort of a nuts idea, it would make sense if Copeland isn't feeling her best but still wants to be there for her fans. I'll probably be proven wrong on this.
  10. After Act I, my husband asked who was playing Manon and I told him it was Sarah Lane and that we had seen her before several times. He said he didn't even recognize her because she is 'a real prima now.' I thought that this was actually pretty insightful, as this is the first time this season I've seen someone besides Shevchenko bring international level power and glamour to a role. Her transformation was so spot on, her dancing so fluid and confident. I've always liked Lane (and love her when paired with Cornejo) but last night I was swept away. Act III Scene I was devastating. Act III Scene II, especially upsetting (there are of course more explicit scenes in ballet but Zhurbin's creeping determination and Lane's fight then disassociation was genuinely shocking). Hoven's death scene was a little hammy but otherwise he was fabulous. Weird comment, but he has such a great face for this role.
  11. Simkin was my deciding factor between splurging considerable $$ and waiting to see if there are rush tickets this Sat. Although I love Shevchenko and wanted to see Mack, I just can't get into Le Corsaire unless it has an extraordinary Ali at its center. I like Ahn but I can't really see him knocking my socks off in the role.
  12. Very sad to hear. I do think a lot of Harlequinade's choreography is really beautiful and appreciate it as a fascinating piece of dance history, but it was not a show meant for The Met (and none of the performances I saw last year really wowed me...the energy was weird then too even with multiple casts). I feel that most people who were interested saw it last year, realized that they paid to watch 20 minutes of a children's dance recital, some patchy pantomime by the adults (saved by some lovely bursts of artistry and solo work), and decided to skip it this year. I also can't bear to face all the empty seats in that huge theater, especially after a Met Opera season full of packed houses and/or soaring enthusiasm. This season has so little momentum behind it. Honestly, cutting three weeks off the 2021 season might snap some better decisions into ABT's sluggish leadership.
  13. How has she looked the rest of the season? I haven't seen much of her this year and just assumed she was nursing a mild injury or having an 'off' day. It's a shame because I always find this couple the most ambiguous of the Liebeslieder couples. I did love Daniel Applebaum as her partner in this. His innate elegance and splendid épaulement is always a highlight for me. He and Stanley were a joy to watch.
  14. I agree. Are we forgetting that Rochester was moody and intense? Odd looking yet strangely handsome? I think Whiteside is the obvious choice. Not to mention he's also the sturdiest partner in (what seems like?) a very partnering-heavy role. If we're going by the book, Stearns and Forster are the weirder casting choices (though I'm looking forward to seeing Forster as well). Honestly in looking through the ABT male roster, I'm having trouble visualizing many of the dancers as this character. Hallberg has a good look for it, but he's been rather mild in his characterizations lately.
  15. I bet that was Copeland's choice. She dances much more beautifully when not in the 'high pressure' roles (she was great in everything I saw last Spring except Swan Lake, in which she seemed unsteady). I think Manon and Jane Eyre are promising roles for her...she brings a lot of freshness to the more youthful dramatic roles for me. Really hoping Jonathan Klein gets one of those Whipped Cream slots. Bell is wonderful but If find him to be a better partner than an engaging dancer, if that makes sense. Forster had some minor problems partnering Shevchenko in Firebird last Spring (then again, who can keep up with Shevchenko anymore?)...maybe that's why he isn't landing a lot of major partnering leads? So happy that Gorak got a SB. Prince Desiree is a perfect role for him.
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