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  1. Gassing Children, truly awful. Nobody in the audience liked it. Woman next to me from Austria said she was trying to get rid of her tickets. Not the way to end a Gala.
  2. Harlenquenade was great, the tap piece blew everyone away I hope they do it again. The last piece was an abomination, they had small children in a glass box and "gassed" them at the end. Nobody liked that piece. Not the way to end a Gala performance. That Tap piece, If ABT does not add it to their repetoire, Dance Theatre of Harlem should. Amazing! I want to see it again!
  3. Be the Match! bethematch.org I get an email every year confirming my address. The test is a simple swab of the cheek. Do it!
  4. I saw an ad in marie claire with a gent in a ballet cotume, he looked like a dancer, but could just be a model in tights. There were scuffs on his shoes, makes me think it was a real dancer or a very good wardrobe mistress.
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