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  1. Gassing Children, truly awful. Nobody in the audience liked it. Woman next to me from Austria said she was trying to get rid of her tickets. Not the way to end a Gala.
  2. Harlenquenade was great, the tap piece blew everyone away I hope they do it again. The last piece was an abomination, they had small children in a glass box and "gassed" them at the end. Nobody liked that piece. Not the way to end a Gala performance. That Tap piece, If ABT does not add it to their repetoire, Dance Theatre of Harlem should. Amazing! I want to see it again!
  3. Be the Match! bethematch.org I get an email every year confirming my address. The test is a simple swab of the cheek. Do it!
  4. I went. Amazing Performances! RDB dedicated a piece to 9/11, which was very touching. The final tarantella included all dancers, including the Director who danced in his Tuxedo! So much fun!
  5. I guess it allows Aurora to balance for a very long time. Seo did. Lovely. I would have liked the fairies holding the attached cloth more spaceing to give it a sense of grandeur and depth.
  6. The Queen's Wig looked like the Bride of Frankenstein. The Fairies looked like Busby Berkley dancers. Princess Aurora dies and her parents are barely responsive. Lilac is a very demanding role, and ABT puts her in Character shoes? Dream Sequence was an insult to the gorgeous Tchaikovsky score. The Corps was good, Orchestra Exceptional. Boring Choreography. No big leaps, no Bravura. Awakening scene was BORING. I've never seen a Pas De Trois with three Females before. Boy Girl Boy is the rule. Pantomime in the First act was not recognizable. Hard to understand. Classic Panto, I did not get this. 3rd and 4th acts were better than the 1st and 2nd. Seo in the Rose adagio was great. Can we bring back the Disney Version of SB? Please? That was a magnificent production. It will travel well, that is certain. B-, C+ Worst SB I have ever seen.
  7. Playbill has been screwing up the Ballet 'bills royally. I'm not a printer, but I think you gotta run everything through a printer and stapler at the same time. I don't think it would make sense to keep old parts of playbills. I assume it is: Print Staple and fold Cut Box it up Perhaps they added the ABT to the end of the NYCB season print run to save some money. They may have been printed weeks in advance.
  8. Why was the back half of the Playbill all about NYCB? It had the NYCB winter season and all the NYCB donors listed. Did NYCB pay for all the advertising or is it some NYS theater house rule?
  9. Interesting. Has ABT ever performed at the Koch-State Theater before? I guess Mr. B is on the repertoire. With the demise of the NYC Opera, the Koch theater has become the world's best stage for dance.
  10. ABT has been using 7:30 start times during the week nights, so that doesn't seem too terrible for a ballet to get out around 10:30. Most Broadway shows let out around then. And I believe a 10:30 curtain would satisfy the unions also. Opening night for ABT, the Ushers noted how nice it was to get out at a decent hour. Met Operas can last 3.5 hours.
  11. Where will the Fall season be? Will there be a fall season? City Center has lousy sight lines, but is a nice stage.
  12. http://www.connecticutballet.com/production.html DANZA! A Festival of Latin Choreographers New works by Rodney Rivera, Daniel Fetecua-Soto, Marcos Vedoveto and a revival of a classic duet by Alberto Alonso Connecticut Ballet’s Summer Dance Caravan dates for SUMMER 2014: Saturday, July 19 - 7:30pm - Riverfront Recapture, Hartford (Rain date: Sunday, July 20) Tuesday, July 22 - 8:00pm - Levitt Pavilion, Westport Friday, July 25 - 7:30pm - Ives Concert Park, Danbury Saturday, July 26 - 7:30pm - Elizabeth Park, West Hartford (new venue!) (Rain date: Sunday, July 27) Sunday, July 27 - 2:00pm, Middlesex Community College, Middletown Friday, Aug. 1 - 6:30pm - Onteora Theater, Tannersville, New York (new venue) Saturday, Aug. 2 - 7:30pm - Untermyer Festival, Yonkers, New York For those who may want to take Mass transit, the Yonkers and Westport events are close or a short cab ride from MNRR stations. These events are all free.
  13. I'm always troubled when directors cut music from a score. Should the NY Philharmonic cut parts out of a Symphony? Pytor must be rolling in his grave, to a very loud brass and percussion section.
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