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  1. Justin Peck is choreographing the Spielberg version. Sharks and Jets invade Harlem as Spielberg remakes ‘West Side Story’
  2. Amar will play Bernardo in the upcoming Broadway revival of West Side Story, scheduled to begin previews in December 2019. I think this means he won't be in NYCB's winter and spring seasons? The new Ivo van Hove production will also replace Jerome Robbins's choreography with that of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. 'West Side Story' Broadway Revival Cast Unveiled
  3. Curious that no one has posted about Prodigal Son on Wednesday night with Joaquin de Luz and Maria Kowroski. It was so amazing. I didn't think that the partnering would work due to the difference in their height but Joaquin seemed so young, vulnerable, and powerless against Maria's femme fatale siren. I'll definitely be there on Sunday for joaquin's farewell.
  4. I plan to see Swan Lake. FWIW the Wagner Society of New York has a promo code on their Facebook page.
  5. There's certainly a self-destructive element to Finlay's behavior, especially his dissemination of the photos/videos to a wide group of recipients and the loan of his laptop to Waterbury. It's almost as if he wanted to get caught.
  6. Macaulay seems to be giving Finlay, Ramasar, and Catazaro the benefit of the doubt. In fact he seems to be implying that the furor over Waterbury's lawsuit is overblown. I wonder what the female dance critics are thinking.
  7. http://slippedisc.com/2018/09/new-york-times-loses-its-best-critic/
  8. From a review of Farrell's autobiography: It was true that she (Farrell) didn’t have to sleep with Balanchine to be cast in his ballets, but that didn’t mean that the person she chose to sleep with instead would be cast in his ballets. Mejia did not have a large repertory, but what he had he began losing. Finally one evening when Mejia was not given a role that he felt was his due—Symphony in C, third movement—Farrell issued an ultimatum: if Mejia didn’t dance in Symphony in C that night, they would both quit. To her utter astonishment, Balanchine took her up on it. Not only was Mejia not added to the casting sheet for Symphony in C, but Farrell, who was to have danced the second movement, was stricken from it, and as she was sitting in her dressing room preparing for the evening’s performance the wardrobe mistress, weeping, came to take her tutu away. Her resignation had been accepted. She seems not to have believed it at first. She told The New York Times that Balanchine was being bad, and that was what the problem was: “All of a sudden he’s acting unadmirably and I can’t dance for him when he’s acting that way.”10 She also went—with Mejia—to the theater one night to use a studio to practice in. They were turned away. Eventually it dawned on her. “I was a dancer without a job, and I felt as homeless as any bag lady.”
  9. Macaulay addresses the Waterbury case in his review of Jewels. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/19/arts/dance/review-city-ballet-in-turmoil-shows-the-value-of-whats-at-stake.html
  10. Yes, I was wondering if "former SAB students" implies that they were SAB students at the time their photos were distributed via email (e.g. paragraph 83).
  11. Surprisingly, there are a lot of seats still available for tonight's opening performance. I wonder if the vacant seats are the result of the recent publicity.
  12. Yes, in France, Greece, South America, Australia, and Asia as well. Anecdotally, many of my friends who are not ballet fans have heard of and expressed shock over the negative publicity,
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