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  1. An article in today's Times about Manon: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/arts/dance/kenneth-macmillan-manon-american-ballet-theater.html
  2. I pulled out my program from June 2017 and they were called “bazaar women” then.
  3. Wow, how interesting. Yes, please report back afterwards. I will not be going till the weekend.
  4. I saw that too and was curious. Maybe Forster has a secondary part that’ll require dancing with her (I don’t remember the ballet well enough to really guess).
  5. Funny, I was just looking that up myself. It's usually at the end of the Met season. Last year it was the end of June. I expect Bell to be promoted. Would be shocked if he's not. I wonder if Shayer will finally get it, although coming off of a major injury he hasn't been cast in a large number of roles this season (which may or may not affect that). I would love to see Forster move up, but since he wasn't given a lead in a full-length I don't think management deems him worthy. (Discounting Jane Eyre. He'd need to be given a Siegfried, Prince Desire, etc). Would love to be wrong.
  6. ABT has posted the ballets they're bringing to Vail on their website (yet they're still not on Vail's site). No casting is mentioned. https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/ 7/26: Let me Sing Forever More (no mention of the choreographer) Swan Lake Act II pas de deux 7/27: James Whiteside World Premiere Sinatra Suite Don Q Act III pas de deux Jardin aux Lilas (can we hope this will be scheduled during the Fall season?) Also, Royal has posted on his Instagram that he'll be doing Apollo and is learning it from Damian Woetzel. That's apparently not
  7. I had seen on Lane's Instagram a month or two back a short video of her rehearsing Manon (a scene with others, and not with Cornejo). They always start rehearsing Met ballets months in advance so presumably Lane and Cornejo already had rehearsals together. Obviously, he would have lost some (how much?) rehearsal time since he's been injured. So, I agree, how does one make that up, especially when it's a debut?
  8. What a cutie pie! Is he signed up for ballet lessons yet? 😉 Congrats to Gillian and Ethan.
  9. Really looking forward to seeing Brooklyn Mack in his ABT debut, yet disappointed that Cornejo is still injured and not able to dance. Sure hope he recovers by next week. Some other big debuts happening as well - Teuscher as Medora, K. Williams and Trenary as Gulnare, Hoven and Bell as Lankendem. Eager to read everyone's reports.
  10. I also loved this ballet this afternoon. I can understand why some people don’t care for it. It’s not classical ballet so if that’s what you’re looking for it’s not going to be your taste. Yes there is ballet, but with heavy modern influences. I thought the story was quite clear throughout and did not think the choreography was repetitive in a bad way. I also did not think the choreography consisted of dragging the women around by their shoulder sockets. There was a lot of very inventive choreography with yes, plenty of overhead lifts. It worked. The dark and dreary sets and lighting wer
  11. Gillian is now a mama! Her son Ax was born today, on her best friend’s (Stella!) birthday no less.
  12. I know this isn't R&J, that's why I said it "takes the cake". Their casting names are all off, but over the past few minutes they've begun to correct some. I'm pretty sure Ahn is doing Bluebird, but for some reason he's listed as Romeo on the Sleeping Beauty page. Major typo.
  13. This page take the cake! Ahn as Romeo! https://www.abt.org/event_dates/sleeping-beauty-7-6-19-800pm/
  14. They must be in the middle of updating everything because I just looked at the calendar 10 minutes ago and none of this was there. And, if you look at the Sleeping Beauty page, not on the calendar, they have some Bluebirds listed (Shayer), but only for some performances, and no Florine's. It seems like whenever they update their site, each individual update goes live instantly, as opposed to uploading all of the changes (and making sure they're correct) and having them hit the site at once. It's a bizarre system.
  15. I guess I blocked that out....ugh
  16. The one thing that may be in their (our) favor, is that this ballet wasn't a new commission by ABT. So, I imagine it costs less money to have it re-staged than made from scratch. Even if that isn't the case, they have not brought back The Tempest after it's Met debut a few years ago, which was a new commission (maybe a co-production with another company?). That ballet had really bad reviews, too. Thanks for everyone's reports. I'm not really looking forward to seeing it this weekend now, but will try to go with an open mind.
  17. Worst: Ratmansky's The Tempest. At least they realized what a failure that was and never brought it back.
  18. Hopefully, but since there are only 3 days between what was supposed to be his last Corsaire and his first Manon, I'm wondering out loud. This is his Des Grieux debut, too. Really hope he is well enough by next week.
  19. Crap. But, I (and I'm sure others) had a feeling that would happen. Who is going to replace him in Manon? That is only next week, so that may be inevitable.....darn.
  20. There's an article in The Times about Marston setting this work on ABT. See link below. Interestingly, Marston was initially supposed to create a new ballet for their fall season, but as McKenzie says in the article "Then a crisis loomed. A full-evening program planned for this year's Met season fell through". Hmmm. Since he says "program" and not ballet, sounds like another evening of rep ballets was supposed to be planned. Either way, wonder what that was supposed to be??? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/04/arts/dance/jane-eyre-cathy-marston-american-ballet-theater.html?rref=c
  21. Well, that doesn't sound promising. How were the other lead dancers?
  22. Gonzalez has an Instagram story (public facing) showing him in costume and ballet slippers for Jane Eyre last night. Maybe it's a part that has very little dancing (and/or little or no partnering)? If anyone was there and and can comment, (and on the ballet itself, in the Jane Eyre thread...). At least he's not dealing with something serious, it seems.
  23. Her other SL w/ Cornejo on 6/26 is also virtually sold out, except for few remaining seats in Family Circle and some of the partial view seats.
  24. Copeland's Swan Lake's always sell out. 1) It's Swan Lake (a high selling ballet in it's own right) 2) It's Copeland Her other shows, such as Manon, are nowhere near selling out.
  25. Too bad about Gonzalez, I was looking forward to seeing him as Lankendem; I also hope it's not serious. He was replaced last minute in Deuce Coupe on Friday (an announcement was made). I'm glad I'll get to see Hoven though, and Bell who replaced Hoven in the Sat eve. (They're both looking better than ever this season.) I'm cautiously optimistic regarding Cornejo, for Corsaire and his subsequent assignments....🤞
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