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  1. I was looking for casting today myself, but it’s still not released on their website. I have no idea why they wait so long.
  2. It wasn't the best idea for Bouder to say such a thing about Hyltin, a fellow dancer/principal. Agree, it was smart of her not to comment. Stafford is caught in a terrible position, but I think he too should not have commented. The article in general wasn't necessary. I wish the Times would give it rest and stop rehashing the drama. Let it go until there's a new AD to announce and let it be at that.
  3. I wonder if Gemma Bond will (finally) get the chance to choreograph a piece for the main company?
  4. So, they're going to have ABT "onboard experiences" (presumably meaning performances) during the Met season in June??
  5. ABT's press release: https://www.abt.org/abt-partnership-with-celebrity-cruises/ And: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/entertainment/american-ballet-theatre Funny how in the second article, there's a big front page photo of Sarah Lane in SL. So, maybe she'll get another shot at O/O on a ship? (JK....)
  6. I saw this on Alexandre Hammoudi's Instagram a day ago. I assumed it was for a one-time gig. I don't know how I feel about a "partnership" with them, but if it helps their bottom line, it's a good thing.
  7. They are also showing it live via Instagram live video right now.
  8. NY Times obit: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/13/obituaries/mel-a-tomlinson-dead.html
  9. Re: Laracey not being cast. That makes no sense. She would have been gorgeous in Serenade, among others.
  10. I just received an email from ABT (Pointe of View) and the first article is asking folks to vote for the 2019 FEDORA Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for Ballet for Ratmansky's next full length production for 2020 - "Of Love and Rage" (working title). The ballet (which will be co-produced with the Nat'l Ballet of Canada) will be a modern take on Callirhoe, apparently the oldest surviving novel ever written. You can read about the story of Callirhoe, below. I can't visualize how this may play out on stage, but I really hope it doesn't turn out to be another Tempest. https://www.fedor
  11. I agree with the above regarding Huxley in Mozartiana yesterday. Wow. His footwork is so clean and precise and he shows virtually no effort. He is incredible. Serenade was gorgeous. Mearns and Peck were luminous. J. Angle was a fine partner, but I don't understand why he and brother always look so out of shape. I agree with others who do not like the yellow panels in the front of the dresses. I liked the "old" look of virtual transparency. Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 was beautiful, although the female corps was messy and out of sync in some places. Bouder is clearly an extreme
  12. I’m so happy to hear that Gonzalez and Maloney had successful debuts. I look forward to seeing them featured more in the upcoming Met season. Thank you to everyone who reported.
  13. I understand the points about the new bodices and vests, but I’m thinking they might look very different on stage. I guess we’ll see soon enough. I do like the one Reichlen is wearing.
  14. All of his posts have been deleted now and he’s following no one, not even Rich. Very odd.
  15. I would love it if ABT did something like that. I imagine finally seeing Abrera in SL (or it's white swan pas, at least).
  16. Interesting that the only candidates they mention without any caveats is Boal and Whelan. Other than that, this article just says more of the same that we've already discussed here and read elsewhere.
  17. An article in the Times about Stanley debuting in the role of Apollo. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/17/arts/dance/taylor-stanley-apollo.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Dance
  18. Carol Channing died today at age 97. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/15/obituaries/carol-channing-dead.html
  19. An article in the NY Times about the company's plan for a multiyear celebration of Taylor's works. Taylor's last commissioned work by Kyle Abraham will have its premiere at the company's Lincoln Center season this fall. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/14/arts/dance/paul-taylor-world-tour-michael-novak.html
  20. I hope you report back. I'm especially eager to hear how Lane's partner, Gonzalez (a young corps dancers in his first principal role), does as Harlequin.
  21. Yes! And, what a great trailer!
  22. I kind of thought this as well, but three corps dancers are getting shots at some of the principal roles (Ahn is a repeat). The only other ABT dancer who could do Ali who hasn't already been cast, IMO, is Shayer, who will hopefully get the other TBA once he recovers from his injury (in addition to Lankendem, which he's done before). Mack has also become an international star, guesting with big companies. Otherwise, I'd agree about the regional company comment. I wonder if they're considering hiring him and this is a try-out. We all know they need tall, male stars.
  23. That's great news about Mack. Hopefully, I'll get to catch his Conrad. If all goes well, I wonder if he'll join the company.
  24. Best: Sarah Lane in Giselle and with Herman Cornejo in Other Dances at ABT. Thomas Forster as Tybalt in R&J and as Espada in Don Q at ABT. Jeffrey Cirio as Mercutio in R&J and as Harlequin in Harlequinade at ABT. Kimin Kim in La Bayadere at ABT. Finally seeing Tiler Peck and Joaquin De Luz in Tchai Pas at NYCB. As incredible as everyone said they were. Ashley Laracey's debut as the second ballerina in Concerto Barocco at NYCB. The swan corps in Pennsylvania Ballet's Swan Lake. Pristine. Worst: The scandals at NYCB. Devon Teusche
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