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  1. Shevchenko and Lane are the only O/O I would see (again). Although, next year I might see Teuscher again only to see Bell as Siegfried.
  2. Thanks. Apparently, Bond is leaving, per Forsythe’s Instagram. She shows two images in her story and one says goodbye to Bond and Waski in a “swan hug”.
  3. Most definitely. But, I’m sure she enjoyed accompanying her husband who was scheduled to dance. I believe you mean the White Swan pas de deux. The dying swan is a stand alone solo that is not part of Swan Lake. I agree that Shevchenko deserved more than one show at the Met and she should be doing it at Wolf Trap instead of one of the other ladies.
  4. That’s about right. Hoven is inches shorter. I recently stood next to him so he’s about 5’10, 5’11 at the tallest.
  5. I agree that the male roster is too thin, even with Bell dancing leads. I also wouldn’t rule out Mack joining for the upcoming season. He will be a guest with ENB through the fall so perhaps he’ll dance with ABT starting in the winter. Or, just guest again at the Met. Regarding Forster, he hasn’t been adequately tested to rule him out. Why not? I’d love to know. Dramatically, I think he’d be amazing, perhaps astonishing, as Siegried or Albrecht. Technically, I cannot say but I believe he should be given the chance (in contrast with Royal, who would have a LOT of difficulty with the chore
  6. Since Bell has already done Romeo, Siegried and Prince Desire, I suspect he’ll debut Solor and/or Albrecht next year. Bayadere he’d be paired with Teuscher I imagine. Hmm...for Giselle, could we see a double debut with Trenary? Or, would he be paired with Seo? Regarding Hurlin and the other female soloists, they have a lot of competition for lead parts (unlike Bell), especially assuming Murphy will be back by then. Watch the casting for the winter tours!
  7. They are doing SL, Giselle and Bayadere on tour in 2020 so we will definitely see those three at the Met. Also, Ratmansky is doing a new full length which we’ve discussed on another thread. Besides those four, I’m also curious what we’ll see. R&J would be great, if Lane will finally get her debut (and be cast with Cornejo). Murphy had said she’d be back for the fall, but she wasn’t listed in the fall announcement. Maybe they’re doing a wait and see approach. If not the fall, I imagine next summer if not sooner (Nutcracker, tours, etc).
  8. Congratulations to both of them! Glad Ahn was also included (Bell was a sure thing).
  9. To anyone who saw Bell’s earlier performances, was this a first or had they deleted this sequence before?
  10. Bell is only 20 years old, so he’s got youth (and more energy) on his side vs a mid-30’s Hallberg who has several injuries behind him. Still, four is a lot. I guess Whiteside is still injured or sick. I wonder why they didn’t have Gorak take one, esp since he’s done this ballet with Boylston before. I suppose this is a good test for Bell - to see how he handles (last minute) pressure. Although, I believe his promotion is inevitable regardless and I suspect only days away.
  11. I agree with all of the wonderful things that have already been said about Lane/Cornejo in SB. Lane is a quintessential Aurora. She was like a hummingbird: light, airy, delicate, lovely, spritely. Cornejo gave no hint of a recent injury. His petite allegro was outstanding. The vision scene was by far the best for them - so romantic. And the backbend described above was unreal. And, it was so charming to see Lane’s husband be her number one suitor. Shevchenko was a gracious, lovely, regal Lilac. She had a few minor bobbles with some turns but otherwise she was technically strong. I don’t
  12. I forgot that she was initially only scheduled for one performance. However, I very strongly doubt that she’ll ever be taken out of SL, regardless of her abilities. She’ll continue to make technical adjustments as needed. SL will most likely be her retirement performance. Having a black ballerina do O/O with a major company is a very big deal (and it made history with ABT) and it seems like her fans mostly come to that show (others too, but understandably they want to see her in the most famous ballet). I don’t wish to start another debate on something that has been discussed to death eve
  13. I just watched this story, too, and agree that the "new" choreography in place of the fish dives is disappointing. It doesn't have the same climax. Also, this filmed rehearsal sequence (I've seen a few with the same style) is incredibly annoying with the dancers' bodies cut off to show upside-down reflection in the piano, etc. Grrrr!
  14. Bell is replacing Whiteside in tonight's opening night performance w/ Boylston. https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  15. Hard to believe this is the final week of the season. Looking forward to seeing Lane/Cornejo as well as the slew of soloist roles this ballet provides.
  16. I saw on Fang's Instagram story curtain calls that showed Sebastian as Purple Von Rothbart last night. Royal replaced Hammoudi on Tuesday, so he's clearly out with something. I agree with what you said about Royal, although I'm uncertain about his principal potential. He definitely needs more refinement, first. I really like how he's developing so far and I was very impressed by his V.R. this time around.
  17. Murphy has done T&V before, many times. They are doing 5 shows of it so all 5 of those ladies could do it if they only get one performance. I’m not advocating that, just saying it’s possible. I’d rather see no more than 3 casts so 2 casts get to do it twice. As for the men, Stearns and Cornejo have performed this (yes I believe Stearns was the one who had to be replaced by Veyette). I wonder if Cornejo still has it in him for this? Otherwise, who would Lane dance with? I feel confident Whiteside would be cast. He did a lot of Balanchine at Boston and may have done this there. He is an
  18. It's now on the Master Calendar: https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  19. Yep. I remember seeing it at Avery Fischer Hall (when they held one Fall season there in 2009) with Maria Riccetto and Jared Matthews.
  20. I think it's highly unlikely too, that Lane would sub w/ Hallberg. I'm pretty sure they've never danced together. I was just saying that IF that were to happen, many of us would be thrilled if we were able to snag a seat. Regarding the height difference, I think Copeland is maybe an inch, if that, taller than Lane.
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