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  1. How wonderful to hear. I really wish Forster was doing SL w/ her at the upcoming Met season..... I see nanushka and I were typing out the same thoughts re: SL..... 😉
  2. Thanks for the reminder about this. What a fascinating interview! And, I loved his telling of how Fancy Free was created. Separately, I noticed for the first time how Woetzel looks a lot like Ray Bolger.
  3. I'm logged into the app (works the same as on a computer or TV, I believe). It says it's only avail to watch with a Fandor subscription on Amazon. Oh well. I'll keep it on my watchlist in case it becomes available for me.
  4. I just looked this up on Amazon Prime and it's not available. I can add it to my watchlist but it's not avail for free viewing....
  5. Thanks for the head's up. I just added it to my watchlist.
  6. I agree, in theory, but if Stearns and/or Whiteside becomes injured and has to be replaced immediately, and for several shows across several ballets (we've seen that happen), not one of those three has done or is scheduled to debut as Siegfried, Prince Desire, Conrad, Manon. I'd hate to see one of them get thrown into one of those roles with only a few days rehearsal time (aka Lane in SL). Separately, there are two Conrad TBA's that will hopefully go to one of those soloists.
  7. As noted on the Met Season's thread, Lendorf has slowly been removed from all casting in 2019 (all of the tours and the Met season). I expect his bio to disappear from the ABT site soon. So, with Lendorf possibly leaving (not confirmed), Bolle retiring this coming year (but he only ever danced one/two perf's anyway), Hallberg only dancing about 3x at the Met and no tours, Simkin splitting his time with Berlin, we only have 3 full-time year-round male principals: Cornejo, Stearns and Whiteside (with Cornejo unfortunately injury-prone). At least Simkin is joining the winter tours and is sc
  8. I saw on Lane's Instagram that Gorak was replacing Hoven (but it was never updated on the company's site). I'm sure that's because Hoven was needed to replace Cornejo with Copeland (and how could he do five performances?). Gorak has done this role before, but not in a few years and he may not have had much rehearsal time. Even so, based on other's reports it seems that he always had trouble with the partnering and the torch lift, which may be why he was taken out of this role (except now, being needed as a sub). Who did Chinese and how were they?
  9. Depending on someone's family, that may improve things... I always have to watch White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life. Danny Kaye never fails to make me laugh, and I love the dance skit mocking Martha Graham.
  10. In addition to Murphy not dancing this Met season (though for a very happy reason!), Lendorf has been replaced in Harlequinade by corps dancer Carlos Gonzalez. Good for Gonzalez though. He’s also scheduled for a debut in Corsaire, so he’s a new one to watch. Lendorf isn’t scheduled for anything else during the Met, so is he leaving? Right now he’s still doing the winter tour. Also just noticed that Trenary and K Williams will be making their debuts as Gulnare (replacing Murphy and Teuscher, respectively) and Teuscher is now debuting Medora. I’m sure there are other changes (Manon, me
  11. Casting re-shuffling continues. Hoven has replaced Cornejo in all three of his performances. He's still dancing w/ Lane, so Hoven is doing five (!) Nuts.
  12. Aran Bell has been replaced in his debut. Whiteside fills in w/ Abrera at the matinee on the 22nd. I think Abrera/Bell had their first show at the matinee on the 16th (?), but Abrera is no longer listed there. Seo/Stearns now are.
  13. Boylston has replaced Murphy at the 7pm 12/15 performance (with Whiteside).
  14. I don’t see an announcement on ABT’s site about any guest artists so I don’t think we know yet. Either the Met made a crazy error or let the cat out of the bag.
  15. I'm relieved that Abrera has been "restored". Am hopeful that Shayer will get some (most) of the male TBA's.
  16. Her ceremony gown is absolutely stunning!
  17. Yikes, is right. I was considering getting a ticket. Glad I didn't!
  18. Yes, ABT's site is correct. It's the Met Opera's site that isn't, and what several of us are referencing: https://www.metopera.org/season/2019-abt/
  19. Not quite. Shayer is still listed for Gulnare and others. Maybe i need to clear my cache.
  20. Very disappointing evening tonight. Scotch Symphony - a ballet I never need to see again. No masterpiece. Why on earth did San Fran bring this ballet when there are so many greats to choose from? The Scottish accents became tiresome quickly. I don't understand what the story was. Who was the girl in pink and why did the corps men keep protecting her? Froustey was too girlish for my taste (perhaps she's suppose to be) and I found her hand mannerisms distracting. One corps woman took a nasty fall but recovered well. The ballet did answer one important question for me. Scottish men really *d
  21. I hope the issue isn’t because Shevchenko is replacing Abrera in a role or two, because Abrera was assigned so little to begin with, and someone mixed up the names. Hopefully, this site is fixed soon. I agree - it doesn't make sense to have a guest artist come in for so many roles, and some secondary roles to boot.
  22. I haven't received anything (oh, but I believe you mean only for subscription renewals, and I'm not a subscriber). I did just get an email from them about renewing, the upcoming season, etc. If there were any additional announcements to be made (i.e. Smirnova, more retirements), I'd think they'd be listed in there. But, then again.....
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