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  1. And, same here. I’m not interested in any of the female leads, but Forster is my big draw. And, very curious to see Granlund.
  2. Back to Tharp Trio: Last night was a great night. I thought a lot of dancers, especially some corps men, did very well with the tricky and difficult partnering in all three pieces. Brahms-Haydn stand-outs were Lane and Pogossian (they looked very good together, and he is another one to watch), Brandt and Scott, and one of the soloist couples McBride and Lyle. This was my first time seeing Deuce Coupe. In general I liked it, but I wouldn’t fall over myself to see it again. I thought the graffiti backdrops looked a bit amateurish. Abrera was her usual glamorous and stylish self.
  3. ABT’s school hasn’t been around that long (I can’t remember how many years and that info seems absent on their website). In recent years they’ve greatly expanded their curriculum, student body, outreach, and I’d argue, their reputation. Also, Cynthia Harvey, a former star who is known for her teaching ability is now in charge. It takes time to establish an international reputation and produce great dancers. But, if you check the bios of some of their current dancers including principals and soloists, many of them attended the school. There are a lot of (former) star dancers who never studied a
  4. There is a separate thread for the Tharp Trio, not specifically for In the Upper Room.
  5. I totally agree. And, he HAS been given opportunities (Romeo, Nutcracker Prince, The Poet in Les Sylphides, Prince Desire - which he doing again this season - and others). Romeo he has never done again. And, last time they did Sleeping Beauty he wasn't cast as the Prince, but this year he is (out of necessity or has he improved since last time?). Last year his Bronze Idol was extraordinary, but that is a role that requires no partnering or acting and is very short. I always look forward to seeing him dance, but I agree that there appears to be a lack of growth.
  6. I cannot wait to see this program. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen In the Upper Room.
  7. He's medium height and usually partners the shortest females - Lane, Boylston, Copeland, etc. Copeland replaced Murphy in Manon, once Murphy's pregnancy was announced, and I think I remember a bunch of other roles (for others, as well) getting switched around at about the same time. So, I wonder if her debut as Manon essentially "replaced" her Gulnare.
  8. I think the AD hiring Mack is a strong possibility. I disagree regarding Baca. Given what I saw of him in PA Ballet's Swan Lake, he wouldn't make it past soloist. Forster, Hoven, Royal have more all-around goods than he does.
  9. I've been thinking about that too, and, I agree that there's a huge bottleneck. I'm sure they can't afford to swell the soloist ranks with many more. The only soloist who might have principal potential (maybe) is Royal. My personal opinion is that Forster does, but he's not being given the right opportunities that would demonstrate management thinks so too (no leads in the classics). So, how are they going to get around this bottleneck? Just wait for the current ones to retire, which will take years? Or, are they going to not renew a contract, or two, to get a few out of the way? Separate
  10. Swan Lake's Purple von Rothbart's have now been cast, and as a first, no principals. Long time corps dancer, Jose Sebastian, gets a debut (2 shows). The rest are split amongst Forster, Hammoudi, Royal.
  11. Cornejo has been replaced in Brahms-Haydn Variations and In the Upper Room. Prayers to the ballet gods that he’ll recover for Corsaire and his subsequent performances.
  12. I was there Thursday night and what a fabulous evening! First, Veronika Part was in the audience sitting close to me in the orchestra. I did a double-take. How fitting that I saw her right before On the Dnieper started. I’d have loved to known her thoughts. I didn’t like Songs of Bukovina when it first premiered, but this time I loved it. I saw Boylston/Shayer (a last minute replacement for an injured Lendorf) two years ago and thought they were mismatched, though Shayer did a commendable job given the circumstances. Also I thought the choreography was too folksy, but not this time.
  13. Is anyone going? I’d be curious to hear how Klein and Maloney are as The Boy.
  14. Which begs the question, why wasn't she re-cast sooner? Or better yet, why was she cast at all? She's appearing in enough already for "ticket sales", however, with the exception of Swan Lake, none of her other shows sell out anyway (or are even close to as of right now), so that's why I doubt the purposeful bait and switch. It doesn't make sense.
  15. A "schedule conflict" is face-saving to some people, but clearly not to her fans and others who know full well that a scheduling conflict, if it is indeed that, is completely avoidable. Her posting this on her Instagram only two days before her originally scheduled show is disrespectful to her legions of fans, and clearly many of her fans don't check, or know to check, ABT's website for casting changes. As mentioned upthread, this recasting happened by May 14 at the latest. Sure, they still couldn't have gotten their money back for their tickets, but a week and half's notice is MUCH better tha
  16. Actually, Lane replaced Seo (if you're thinking of their fall season last year), and they kept Stearns in. Hopefully, Cornejo will recover, but, as abatt already pointed out he is frequently injured, so I hope they have been rehearsing understudies just in case. As much as I'd hate to NOT see Cornejo, if he's out it could be a great opportunity for someone else (provided they are already being rehearsed and won't be thrown in last minute.) Would Simkin get his debut as Prince Desire? Or, Hoven, Scott, or Gonzalez? Des Grieux is another story......Let's hope it doesn't come to a replacemen
  17. OK, good. Thanks. I guess I missed that.
  18. Also, speaking of Cornejo, this season marks his 20th anniversary, yet I see no date marked as his celebratory performance. Kinda crappy, no?
  19. They almost never replace the uninjured partner, so I wouldn't worry. We have 3 weeks till his next major assignment (Corsaire), so hopefully his injury is minor and he'll be back in full swing. (fingers crossed!)
  20. Oh no! I hope Cornejo's injury isn't serious. I've really been looking forward to seeing him and with Lane in Manon and Sleeping Beauty.
  21. Really looking forward to the return of On the Dnieper later this week. I didn't care for Songs of Bukovina when I first saw it, but perhaps with a second viewing (and a different cast - Shevchenko/Royal) I'll like it better. And, eager to see the new piece, The Seasons.
  22. I was there last night and agree with the others regarding Gonzalez. Lots of promise, and for his first principal role (he hasn’t even done a soloist role yet) he did extremely well. Very good technique, beautiful and clean jumps and good partnering of Lane. But, he lacked projection and energy. He is very young and inexperienced so I hope with more opportunities and good coaching he will improve in these areas. (I also hope we’ll see him as Bluebird or Benno, etc.) Teuscher smiled a lot and her dancing was fine, very good even, but she lacked the wit and charm (and overt personality) tha
  23. Sarah Lane just posted an Instagram story (public facing, but you can't link a story here) that says "Last chance to see Whipped Cream coming up", and then lists her performance dates. So, it seems that the company has already decided, and told the dancers, that they're not doing it next year.
  24. A lot of casting updates/additions. Casting for Brahms-Haydn Variations has finally been posted, plus changes for the other two Tharp ballets. Also, Young Jane in Jane Eyre is now listed - Brandt, Hurlin and young corps dancer Breanne Granlund alternate (Granlund is also listed for principal casting in Ratmansky's The Seasons. This is the first time she's being featured). Ahn has been the given the last TBA for Ali on 6/15. Birbanto's are now listed. https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  25. It's opening night. Hard to believe the season is finally here! I'm looking forward to seeing the debuts of corps dancer Gonzalez as Harlequin and Royal as Pierrot. But, most of all, seeing the ever glorious Lane again as Columbine.
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