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  1. Yes. I'd prefer her over Boylston and Teuscher in a heartbeat.
  2. Lane has done T&V (with Cornejo) since she was in the corps. I believe it was her first principal role. Shevchenko would be terrific. I'm sure Boylston will be cast as she's done it before. And, Murphy if she's returned and naturally Teuscher.
  3. I'm shocked. I guess ABT got some returns/exchanges or took back some seats they gave away, but as of right this second there are 12 seats available in Orchestra prime for Saturday night. Everything else is sold out. A short while ago when I looked (a week ago?) it was completely sold out. These seats are $250 each but they are terrific seats. I've never noticed this before. Is it common for a show to be sold out and then have some seats just appear? Anyway, if those seats remain available and it's announced by ABT or someone reliable that Lane is stepping in again.....I can hear th
  4. Possibly. Though, I have a feeling Stearns (ugh), Lendorf, Whiteside and Bell (I think he'd be great) and obviously Cornejo will be cast (it's getting 5 performances). Cornejo did this at Vail himself a few years ago. Since this is programmed the night of his 20 yr celebration, can we imagine Lane and Trenary as two of the muses? I have a feeling Boylston will be the third, as she did Apollo w/ Cornejo at Vail. I'm surprised that The Seasons is only getting 3 performances since it was such a hit this season. And, wish Deuce Coupe wasn't getting so many.
  5. I will be mad as h*ll if Cornejo (or Lane) has to withdraw next week from their SB because they have the flu.
  6. Well, she pulled out of WC due to “scheduling conflicts” which I believe is what caused the major backlash (just read the comments in her post). When she had to withdraw last fall from her Nutcracker pas due to a death in her family (and Lane covered her then too), many people understood. A “scheduling conflict” is avoidable, especially when announced two days before she’s due to perform.
  7. Yes! I'm eager to hear how they did as well, esp Bell.
  8. True, Lane could be paired w/ Simkin as well. Personally, I'd prefer her w/ Cornejo. Teuscher is the new AD favorite, ever since she was promoted. With the exception of Juliet, she's been given two of everything and has been cast in virtually everything. I like her in some things, but I find her a very incomplete and frustrating artist. Perhaps she'll grow into a more expressive dancer, but for now I find her boring and cannot understand McKenzie's obvious preference for her. Here is a photo showing the bows from last night on ABT's Instagram. I'm glad Lane was brought out for bows (
  9. Also agree. So now we’ll all be waiting to see what happens Saturday night. It sounds like Copeland is dealing with a possible injury. If that is the case, and although I don’t want this to happen again after this week, I’d understand them doing the same thing again since this is last minute and her fans would be crushed if she withdrew now. I can’t picture Lane doing Odile with Hallberg though. Boylston would be the obvious choice to me since they’ve danced together several times in other ballets. Separately, I’m utterly thrilled to hear that Lane knocked it out of the park! McKenzie, wa
  10. Thank you! I think it’s safe to say that quite a few of us are waiting with bated breath! Appreciate all of your reports on tonight.
  11. Connor Holloway, who is a corps dancer, manages ABT’s Instagram account. https://instagram.com/conholl?igshid=qb6i9bsx9te7 I wonder if we’ll find out what led to this decision tonight, though I think it will be unlikely.
  12. Hopefully. But, she was given what 2 hours notice?!?! I know that happens for when a replacement is needed for an entire ballet, but it’s not as if she’s cast for this ballet and is fully rehearsed already.
  13. I really can’t imagine what that would be. Odile has more forceful or “dynamic” choreography (fouettés!) but neither role is easy. I believe this is a first, though, with separating the roles, albeit at the last minute. (It was originally performed that way, but no longer.)
  14. That is so strange. I wonder why? Misty can’t be injured then?
  15. I think she only hashtaged blackswan to go with the picture. I seriously doubt she’s only doing the third act.
  16. I hope Lane can tune it out, but you know there will be very loud groans and what not when they make the announcement. I understand that they’re expecting to see their idol, especially for the young kids. But, as for the adults I’ve always found their vocal and negative reactions to these things (for whoever is replaced, not just speaking about Copeland) to be so rude to the dancer who is replacing them.
  17. OMG! Please someone report on this. Yeah, Copeland’s fans will not be happy.
  18. You're right - he did have some 21st century mannerisms. Still, I found his performance much improved. I guess that's saying something from what I saw of him years ago in this role.
  19. Yeah, it's too bad that Royal had such a hard time with it. I was sitting far on the right side, so he was partially cut off from my view (note to self, never sit so far on the side again for SL!). Just speaking from a dancer's experience, the arabesque balance is more difficult than it looks. It is supposed to be done slowly obviously, so to start from two feet, then have to shift your weight while raising your arabesque all while not letting your upper body and/or lower body lean back or sideways towards the standing leg, which your body is going to want to do to compensate, or coming off of
  20. Personally, I’m dying for Brandt to get a Kitri. It’s an obvious choice, but I think she’ll blow the roof off the theater. Hmm...and how about with Mack?
  21. Shevchenko was the ultimate O/O tonight. What a queen! I expected greatness from her and boy did she deliver. Such expressiveness and nuanced acting. Beautiful swan arms, great extensions, secure and fast pirouettes. My one quibble was that I didn’t care for her fouetté variations: at first singles alternating with a la seconds, then eventually all singles. The a la seconds looked odd and she struggled a bit maintaining speed and form. Otherwise, she’s a rare one in that both her Odette and Odile were equally fleshed out and developed. Hard to believe that this is only her second time performi
  22. You read my mind! And, we do have the A team for the pas de trois. I saw on Fang’s Instagram that she’s injured so she won’t be doing Big Swans. McBride wrote on her Instagram today that she’s debuting the pas de trois tomorrow night with Ribagorda (good to see them both getting opportunities). Ok, bring on the swans! 🦢
  23. An article in the Times on Bolle and his retirement. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/25/arts/roberto-bolle-american-ballet-theater.html
  24. Thanks for your thorough report, nanushka. I always look forward to seeing Graniero return to the Met from Washington every year, but I swear every time I see SL she's cast in the cygnettes, and every time she's the one who gets behind the music during the pas de chats. I wonder if she'll be cast again tonight. I'm also very much looking forward to seeing Shevchenko tonight. And, I'm curious to see if Whiteside has grown in this role since I last saw him in it several years ago with Part. He seems to be having a very good season, too. I'm less enthusiastic about seeing Hammoudi (I
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