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  1. There’s a more thorough description of the New Ratmansky on ABT’s website. And, we have a separate thread on here about it for those who want to know more.
  2. Casting has been announced. Ahn gets a Prince debut opposite Lane. Bell also gets his Prince debut opposite Boylston (he has only done the pas de deux previously). Cornejo and Whiteside are not cast (I imagine they have other commitments or plans). https://www.abt.org/events/the-nutcracker/
  3. I see your point, and it's possible (please no), but Osipova could also make a guest appearance, per usual, to dance with Hallberg, leaving Murphy with need of a partner. Or, if Osipova doesn't guest, there are only 6 principal women (and no soloists) who currently dance Giselle, and there are usually 8 shows (frequently Seo gets two...). So, there is room for a Giselle debut and she'll need a partner. The current pairings could get switched up by then anyway, but at the moment I still see room for Forster. I'm cautiously optimistic (fingers and toes double-crossed!).
  4. BIG NEWS! Tommy Forster gets his Albrecht debut in N.C. opposite Murphy on 3/29! He hasn't been cast with her in DC though, but perhaps that will be updated shortly. So, we should get to see Forster's Albrecht at the Met next summer!! (Side note - disappointingly, Lane hasn't been cast as Giselle in N.C., but I have a feeling that may have to do with Simkin's availability.) https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  5. Since they’re doing these on tour in 2020, it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll do them at the Met: Bayadere Giselle Swan Lake New Ratmansky full-length (it was already announced that this will be performed at the Met).
  6. I agree. Murphy has been a principal for 17 years (!), although the role of Giselle came late to her. It’s time to retire a role or two. For the DC run, I’d rather see Lane/Simkin get a second performance (Murphy’s show), and give the Sunday TBA to Brandt or Trenary.
  7. So I wasn’t the only one grimacing, then! At least most of them were wearing sneakers. But, still.
  8. Gia Kourlas weighs in. It’s not just Spencer who bullied and disrespected a child and an art form, her on-air colleagues also laughed away (including George Stephanopoulos) as well as the audience. She needs to issue a proper apology as well as GMA and should spend some time educating herself in the arts and in how to behave like a mature adult. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/23/arts/dance/lara-spencer-ballet.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
  9. Assuming Brandt is cast as Giselle (which, judging by the amount of rehearsal footage she’s posted to her Instagram, looks like a strong possibility), who do we suppose (or wish) may be her Albrecht? It would have to be another soloist as the principal men (excluding Hallberg) have already been cast. Hoven? Forster (I think he’d be too tall for her)? A corps dancer? Is Mack coming back as a guest artist or has he been left on the roster in error? Hmmmmm.... Also, for the past few years, a Giselle debut has been followed by a principal promotion at the end of the season (Boylston, Abrera,
  10. I really hope no guest artists, which would be unusual on a tour anyway. Never considered Hallberg, but when was the last time he joined the company on a tour? I am still praying to the ballet gods that Forster is given a debut. I don't see him with Murphy, though. He'd be better with Boylston. It's early though, so casting can certainly shuffle.
  11. Casting is up! Hurlin debuts as Myrtha opposite Lane/Simkin. Hurlin should be incredible. Bell debuts as Albrecht opposite Boylston. Murphy is scheduled as Giselle with her Albrecht as TBA. The last performance on Sunday is TBA for all 3 principal roles. Brandt has recently posted on her Instagram rehearsal footage of her rehearsing Giselle w/ Irina/Max. Will she get a debut? However, she frequently posts rehearsal footage of her in principal roles that she isn't currently cast in, like during the Met season (maybe she was an understudy, or just working on it for herself).
  12. Thanks, Dale. Casting is still not listed on their website. I LOVE how they release this the day AFTER their special ticket sale is over. Mostly pleased with this. Glad Lane and Gorak got T&V. Nicely surprised that Ahn gets Apollo and T&V, but shocked that Bell didn’t get one of those because I thought that was a no-brainer.
  13. If I remember correctly, last year in Detroit for SL Copeland both opened and closed the run. Of course, this year could be different, but you may want to hold off if you can.
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/09/arts/dance/sara-mearns-jacobs-pillow.html
  15. Programming change. Michelle Dorrance's piece, Dream within a Dream (deferred), has been dropped from the schedule and has been replaced by James Whiteside's piece, New American Romance, which just debuted at Vail. And, the Women's Movement program is now called The New Romantics (which is comprised of Whiteside's piece along with Garden Blue by Lang and Gemma Bond's premiere. I wonder what happened? https://www.abt.org/events/2019-fall-repertory-new-romantics/
  16. ABT has updated their roster online, and Lendorf is now gone despite being included in the Fall season announcement. I'd guess someone added him to that announcement in error. So, we have 3 principal men and 7 principal women for the Fall. All of the other expected (or announced) departures seem to have been removed, too. Strangely, Mack is still listed as a guest artist. Another error? Ahn and Bell are now listed with the soloists, ahead of Sept 1.
  17. I just noticed that on ABT's homepage, in the lower right corner under ABT Highlights "Fall Season Announced" it states that casting will be announced in late August. However, in true ABT form, I'm sure that announcement will contain only a partial casting list (which will undoubtedly change anyway 😐). Granted, for the premiers they need ample rehearsal time before deciding on the casts, but I find the dribbling out of the cast lists to be annoying. I'd rather they wait till they have everything sorted out.
  18. They're currently filming all over Harlem, and you can see several photos and videos of the action below: https://gothamist.com/2019/07/30/west_side_story_spielberg_videos.php
  19. That was my point! 😊 (Since others were wondering whether or not Cornejo would be cast as Apollo...).
  20. Since Apollo is programmed the night of Cornejo’s 20th anniversary celebration, I’d expect him to be cast. He debuted this role at Vail a year or two ago. And, yes Lane has done T&V before, many times. Her photo in the lead role is on both the ABT and the Koch sites for the fall season.
  21. The 2019 Honors were awarded to: Earth, Wind & Fire Sally Field LInda Ronstadt Michael Tilson Thomas And, Sesame Street No dancers/choreographers https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/18/arts/kennedy-center-honors.html?action=click&module=Latest&pgtype=Homepage
  22. Yes to all of those ladies. Also Shevchenko.
  23. I’d be biting my nails before the flying fish dives. His partnering has improved but I’d be nervous watching that part. Unless they simplified it.
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