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  1. Wow. I see it’s now on ABT’s site. I wonder why Shevchenko and Royal were not given that slot for their debut prior to the Met season. That’s usually how they do it. The coaching staff will really have their hands full this season preparing so many soloists for major debuts in the classics.
  2. Forster has now been cast as Prince Desire opposite Hurlin for the matinee on 6/17! I really think this could be his year to be promoted. Debuts as Albrecht, Siegfried, Romeo AND Desire! (OMG, that's a lot in a short amount of time....) Lane and Brandt's Desires are still TBD.
  3. Who are you thinking of, I’m curious?
  4. I’m really surprised Brooklyn Mack isn’t returning as a guest artist. I’m no advocate of guest artists (with the exception of a well-placed one or two, like Kim), but after his successful and popular appearances last summer I assumed he’d return. But, looking at the numbers alone, since three other guests are scheduled to appear I suppose one more would be too much. I’m wondering if Simkin won’t have a much larger plate once more casting is released. He may very well have a lead in the new Ratmansky, who chooses him regularly. And, maybe he’ll debut as Desire with Lane. The fast footwork
  5. He and Ferri danced together for weeks this past January, in something she had put together in London. He posted countless photos of that on his Instagram, which are still there. And he got married either in January or February. So he apparently found a way to keep dancing with her. Separately, I remember Hammoudi was initially cast in Time There Was opposite Seo in the second cast, but he didn’t dance Friday. He name wasn’t even in the program (Forster danced instead) so clearly it was not a last minute change. It’s possible he’s injured again, but that was the only ballet he was schedul
  6. Yep. Seo and Teuscher are dancing in tomorrow’s matinee so it’s understandable why they weren’t there. Plus, neither are partners with Cornejo. I didn’t see Stearns either.
  7. Lane did not come out onstage, but the only person who presented Cornejo flowers was McKenzie. The others were just standing at the back when the curtain rose and threw single flowers. I didn’t see Seo or Teuscher either. Lots of confetti and the audience went wild. Ghosts was better this time for me since I just focused on Cornejo’s magnificent dancing. His solos are so personal and constructed for his singular talents, I can’t imagine anyone else doing it if a sub was needed (maybe Simkin, but him subbing is so unlikely). Royal (wow), Shevchenko, Trenary, Bell and Hurlin were the other
  8. Intermission. Cornejo isn’t an ideal Apollo, which is fine, but I didn’t love him in this. He looked like he was in a jazz class part of the time. Just didn’t really work. He doesn’t have the lines or extension that I feel is needed here. Trenary looked like a Greek goddess. Brandt was secure, and no big smiles. Terpsichore should have been Lane. Short little film on Cornejo followed with video of him dancing in his Ghosts costume. Pretty much the same montage that is on their website. The tango with his sister was nice but very short. He had some terrific jumps and spins that h
  9. Tonight was.....interesting. New American Romance: Meh. Some nice, creative choreography, but too much cutesiness: broken wrists, swirling hands, hand-to-forehead a la I’m gonna faint, bobbing/nodding heads. Hurlin and Bell were the best part. They also had the best choreography. The ladies trio part was cringe-worthy. Garden Blue: my first time seeing this and I liked it. Not love. What the dancers did with the props was cool and it worked. Some really beautiful moments, mostly with Hurlin and Bell again. They are the newest power couple. (I cannot wait to see her O/O someday soon).
  10. Lane had two "saves" that season, both to replace an injured Kochetkova. One, was her second Giselle with Cornejo, days after her debut with Simkin. And, the second was her O/O debut (with about 4 days notice) with Simkin. I also wonder why she was promoted, nanushka, to be used so little.
  11. I didn't notice the social media scrub until others pointed it out above. I'm not on Facebook, but I follow Lane on Instagram, however, I didn't pick up on him being absent in her feed and didn't go back in time to notice that he had been removed. That is glaring. Whatever happened, this is very upsetting and so, so disappointing. They had one of the greatest partnerships. I always imagined that once it came time for him to retire (assuming he'd retire before her), they'd dance together one last time, probably in Giselle. Now, it looks like they'll never dance together again. I guess it's alwa
  12. Well, this combined with them not following each other on Instagram is telling I suppose. I find it hard to believe after all of these years, but s--- happens.
  13. Going back to Hoven. I still can't believe he has no main lead debuts. I can't see him as Albrecht or Siegfried (maybe Siegfried), but he'd be worlds better as Romeo vs Gorak with Lane. He's an exceptional actor. Maybe he'll get a Hilarion debut, I think he'd be terrific, and one of the 3 Prince Desire TBA's. He's very good with quick footwork, so I could see him with Lane or Brandt. I'm sure he'll get to reprise his Benno and Bluebird. But, after such a successful Met season this year, I can't believe how he's been left out (too).
  14. Well, that is bizarre that they don't follow each other. Hmmmmm. Does Cornejo follow Trenary? I'll be there Saturday night.
  15. Yes, but when they’re rehearsing together. They have no performances together this season..... I guess I just have a hard time imagining a rift between them given their history vs the ongoing dislike the AD has for her. If Cornejo now dislikes her so much she shouldn’t even be understuding Copeland for Apollo or SL.
  16. As someone mentioned upthread already, Cornejo’s partnering request may have been fulfilled somewhat in having his sister return. I think that’s a big deal. I doubt anyone, even for an anniversary, would get a complete blank check. If it was a full length I assume he could choose that partner, but we have 3 pieces. I also assume he chose the piece he’s doing with his sister since that ballet is what brought them to ABT. Also, he probably didn’t have say in Tharp creating Ghosts for him. He may be thrilled, but I’m sure the AD made that decision. Lane has gotten the short end of the stick f
  17. Lane is what, 34? The other thing that doesn't bode well for her, is that fact that Simkin (one of her two most frequent partners) is now barely performing with ABT now. And, Cornejo is being saved for Copeland (and I guess now Trenary and Brandt). I don't have high hopes she'll get T&V this time. There are only four performances and Murphy will be back and that's one of her roles. Teuscher will undoubtedly get two performances. So, unless Murphy only gets one, I bet Lane won't be cast. I could also see another dancer get a debut in the role over Lane. I do hope she gets The Rose agai
  18. I'm going to be at Lane's Juliet with massive worry and hesitation, due to Gorak. I used to think they'd be dream casting for R&J (but also her with Cornejo), but that was before he showed a lack of improvement in the partnering area. Lane had an exceptional Met season this past summer and mostly performances with Cornejo. It's inexplicable why she's not being given more opportunities and, and I'll say it again, nothing with Cornejo?! I'd rather see Trenary be promoted if there's only one principal spot right now. She has an elegance and old-school grandeur and is naturally charm
  19. That's correct. It's as if McKenzie sees a great thing, but decides, Nah!, for inexplicable reasons. Hurlin and Bell do need time to grow for sure. But, McKenzie is now sacrificing the dancers in their prime, though he's clearly never been a fan of Lane (I'm not against Hurlin or Bell getting opportunities, quite the opposite.) Hoven's absence is perplexing. He's been dancing exceptionally well. Paris, is really a solid soloist; she's never been on the principal track IMO. I'm not surprised she wasn't given any lead roles. Her debut as Princess Praline last year was only because
  20. Geez, where to begin. So many surprises, and disappointments..... Lane: gets screwed...again (why am I surprised?). She FINALLY gets a Juliet, but not with Cornejo??? And, with a terrible partner instead? No Nikiya reprisal. One Giselle and a matinee, again? One Aurora. Shevchenko: gets a Giselle?! I would never have thought of her for Giselle. But, who is her partner? I guess she will take the TBA on tour in February. I'm thrilled she gets two SL's, and with Forster. Abrera: it's too bad we won't get to see her Lilac Fairy again. Hurlin: wow, gets a Gamzatti debut and Auro
  21. Yes, Sasha runs the studio co. Of course, she could work with him but I’d personally rather see her teach/coach with the main company where I think the need is greatest.
  22. I really hope she stays as a coach or something similar as well, for the same reasons mentioned above.
  23. Hammoudi is cast so infrequently anymore, I’ve been wondering if he’ll retire soon. Management has sent him a strong message.
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