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  1. Marchand is 192cm tall (sorry I have difficultly calculating into feet/inches)
  2. Charles Jude will retire at the end of the season after 20 years of directorship.
  3. Some information and news of Lincoln Center Festival Saburo Teshigawara will bring his "Sleeping Water" with his company KARAS and also with Aurelie Dupont.
  4. NEA

    Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments
  5. I saw Nicoletta Manni as the Queen of the Dryads in La Scala's tour last year and she is a very very beautiful dancer with good technique.
  6. A simple question, what does "Zvezda" mean?
  7. Yes, absolutely. And the official Bolshoi website's URL is So at least they also call themselves Bolshoi.
  8. Thank you Josette and Katherine, so the male principal roster is rather thin now.
  9. The Playbill article says "Maddox, a former Principal Dancer with The National Ballet of Canada" but I don't think he has left the company, I thought he had taken sabbatical.
  10. Please correct the title of the thread to Bolshoi. Why Balshoy?
  11. Video of his nomination
  12. it is in Japanese, but with some photos, report of the nomination of Hugo Marchand. (by the way, he replaced an injured Mathieu Ganio. Marchand was not supposed to be in this tour because he will be dancing in Balanchine's Midsummer Night's Dream in Paris next week)
  13. I was at the performance and he was surely magnificent, I was thinking why he is not etoile during the performance, and at the curtain call Aurelie Dupont came on stage to announce his nomination. He deserves this title.
  14. Also a report by Ilona Landgraf on this conference.
  15. A very short video on this conference.