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  1. Holy price inflation for Jewels. I just bought my one (and only) ticket for the Saturday matinee. 150$ for 3rd ring side! Would have liked to have possibly seen two casts, but I'm not paying for another performance. Lots of good seats still available though.
  2. Just saw the matinee with Baca as Conrad, Maslova as Medora, Weil as Ali, Soca as Lankedem. The most memorable performance of the day was Weil's Ali. He was fantastic, and had no problems with the overhead lift today. Surprisingly, he was my favorite Ali of the three I saw (Soca and Baca were the other two). I look forward to seeing more of him. Baca and Maslova both started off a bit shaky to me today, but I forgave them during their stunning pas de deux. It was perfection.
  3. One other dancer I'm looking forward to seeing next weekend is Oksana Maslova as Medora. I loved her Cinderella. I believe she was also partnered with Baca and if I remember correctly, the two of them had fantastic chemistry. While her technique isn't as strong as Pineiro and DiPiazza, she has those beautiful Russian/Ukranian arms and back. Next year, I believe her white swan will be a revelation.
  4. I agree, while beautiful, the sets and costumes were a bit over the top. I'm happy to hear they were rented, because all I could think of was how expensive this production must have been, and I'm not sure how the finances are at PAB (or at any arts institution these days).
  5. Thanks for your reviews, California. I also caught a few performances and completely agree with you about Pineiro. She was a fantastic Medora. I think she has grown so much over the last two years and has has really become the star of the company. Corella has brought in some very strong male dancers- I was very impressed with Soca, Baca and Babayev. And though at PAB before Corella, Jermel and Craig Wasserman also turned in very strong performances. Overall a very successful first run. Wish that it was selling a bit better though.
  6. Generally (outside of the Nutcracker), I feel like there usually is quite a few seats left over for PAB performances. I always buy tickets to extra performances at the last minute, and I never have a problem securing what I want. I will say that the Academy of Music (while historic and beautiful) has A LOT of bad sight lines. Many of the seats are not really useable due to the way the building is constructed. When the orchestra and parterre and balcony are filled up, that's a pretty good crowd.
  7. While I like many of the choices, I feel like this company is becoming quite ABT-esque. It will be.. uh interesting... to see all of these new dancers tackle T&V and Jewels.
  8. Per her Instagram, Lauren Fadeley has been promoted from soloist to principal soloist. Congrats, Lauren!
  9. I've done that, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Maybe I'm a crappy actor, or maybe people just don't care. Who knows. But this is one of my biggest pet peeves in the entire world. I don't know why candy wrappers rankle my soul so much, but they do. I get agitated, which then means I miss a portion of the performance, because I'm thinking about how annoyed I am. The funny thing is that I can tolerate more during some performances versus others. Kids yapping during the Nutcracker is ok, because I've preconditioned myself to expect it. But when I go to the Philadelphia Orchestra to hear Tchaikovsky's Violin concerto in D Major, and some person is sucking down a bag of sweets, the death star stares start. I think I need to learn relaxation techniques, because proper manners are a thing of the past in this country.
  10. Thank you for your wonderful reviews, Birdsall. I greatly enjoyed reading them.
  11. Yes, the first picture is Fadeley. We miss her in PA. I have to say, I also don't find Messmer visually compact (I find her quite petite, frame wise in the video), but I haven't seen much of her dancing, so I can't speak for whether she dances like she's bulky or compact.
  12. Appreciate reading the reviews, but I'm still hoping to see this at some point. I know I was not looking forward to Ratmansky's Firebird because of the bad reviews. Then I saw it an loved it. So I'm going to keep and open mind, but I do enjoy reading everyone's opinion. From the W&P video, I liked what I saw.
  13. Here is the link for the YouTube video of the Guggenheim talk:
  14. On the Guggenheim's Works and Process facebook page they have the video of Ratmansky talking and some of the dancers dancing excerpts from A Fairy's Kiss if anyone who can't make it to Miami is interested. I also can't wait to hear feedback from those who attend!
  15. Not to get off topic, but I have seen Misty's Juliet live last year at the Met with Simkin and I thought she did a fine job. I find her much more suited for Juliet than O/O, though.