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Hallberg to guest with the Bolshoi


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Yes, Osipova:


Edited to add: I just checked one of the Bolshoi-centric forums and reviews are already coming in. All VERY postitive...one relays that Hallberg is ideal for Albrecht -- in style even more so than technique. Noted Hallberg's finesse as being very much a product of his training in France. He mentioned that it was apparent to him that "everybody on stage" was being extrememly understanding towards Hallberg. Tremendous praise for Osipova's Giselle.

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1. After seeing Osipova in "Coppelia", I never expected her to excel in "Giselle", but her jumping skills are so valuable here, even if used or displayed for a different purpose. Brava.

2. What muscles are used to pull up and jump, so as to create the puppet being pulled up/angel being lifted/bird flying appearance?

3. In another post from this performance of Act II, on YT, which I looked at after reading the above posting, in Act II, Hallberg lifts his leg in attitude, and I wanted to know if this is typical, instead of arabesque.

4. In Act II, after the entrechats, Albrecht starts to leave the stage and Giselle flies in and he lifts her. Typically, is Albrecht doing any lifting or is Giselle mostly jumping? I am thinking about Svetlana - her jumps do not look like they are assisted in any way - she is just lifting her legs and flying.

Random, persistent thoughts, sometimes vented here; sorry.

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