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Ciaravola and Heymann promoted to etoile

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Fantastic! I have admired Ciaravola so much since she danced the Lifar LA BARRE in Delouche's film about Nina Vyroubova. Ciaravola danced exquisitely while Vyroubova coached her.

Congrats to both. Between this and the Veronika Part news at ABT, this is a good week for promotions.

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Thanks for the news, and congratulations to the newly promoted etoiles.

I've seen Ciaravola a few times, and so far she has left me really cold (and I've had no opportunities to see Heymann, who is much younger).

The promotion policy always is hard to understand- there have been years with almost no promotions, and now many promotions recently, and the number of females étoiles has changed a lot (without much rational explanation...) Also, there used to be nearly no promotions to étoile after 30 (I remember that when Carole Arbo and Fanny Gaïda were promoted in 1993 at 31 or 32, many thought it was a bit late) and now there have been several "late" promotions (Romoli, Moussin, Ciaravola...)

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Well, for once, I feel these promotions are deserved.

About the number of principals: there is total number, that includes principals and premiers danseurs(seuses), men and women mixed, that can't be exceeded. Within that total number, the dispatching between the categories is free. For example, we could have 1 premiere danseuse, 12 etoiles women, 1 etoiles men, and 6 men premiers danseurs (these numbers are totally fanciful!).

The news that you can be be promoted later in your career is rather good, but I wonder now about working margins of POB's new director.

And since premieres danseuses positions were distributed with so much fantasy during competitions, it means that the youngest will have to wait for a long time or to be promoted directly from sujet to etoile...

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Etoiles (9 women, 8 men)

Isabelle Ciaravola, Emilie Cozette, Aurélie Dupont, Dorothée Gilbert, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Agnès Letestu, Delphine Moussin, Clairemarie Osta, Laëtitia Pujol

Jérémie Bélingard, Mathieu Ganio, Mathias Heymann, Manuel Legris, Nicolas Le Riche, José Martinez, Hervé Moreau, Benjamin Pech

Premiers danseurs (7 women, 7 men).

Eleonora Abbagnato, Nolwenn Daniel, Eve Grinsztajn, Mélanie Hurel, Myriam Ould Braham, Stéphanie Romberg, Muriel Zusperreguy

Yann Bridard, Stéphane Bullion, Alessio Carbone, Christophe Duquenne, Karl Paquette, Stéphane Phavorin, Emmanuel Thibault

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I would have put money on Mathilde Froustey and Karl Paquette being the next couple promoted to etoile - just shows how wrong you can be. Heymann is wonderful though, I saw him dance Colas in Ashton's Fille a couple of years ago and I'm not surprised at his promotion: only surprised that it has happened so soon.

Looking at the list of etoiles, I do think that few are as deserving of the title as the stars of the past and some aren't really that good in classical roles at all despite being excellent in modern roles. The same thing is happening at the Royal Ballet as well, a couple of principals being poor classicists.

I've given up on hoping Thibault gets promoted, but would settle for just seeing him on stage occasionally, his only chance of becoming an etoile would be if a new director appeared with a commitment to the classical repertoire, but that now seems unlikely to happen.

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