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  1. Here it is: http://www.operadeparis.fr/cns11/live/onp/pratique/abonnements/abo_individuduels/Quel_abo_choisir/champ_libre.php?〈=fr Ballets CATÉGORIE DE PRIX OPT/1 1 2 3 4 4/5 PHÈDRE / PSYCHÉ LIFAR / RATMANSKY - 92€ 70€ 47€ 25€ - PHÈDRE / PSYCHÉ AVEC DÉFILÉ (22⁄09⁄11) 130€ 110€ 90€ 70€ 45€ - LA SOURCE BART - 92€ 70€ 47€ 25€ - CENDRILLON NOUREEV (SAUF LE 31⁄12⁄11) - 92€ 75€ 62€ 50€ 35€ CENDRILLON (31 ⁄ 12 ⁄ 11) 150€ 140€ 115€ 95€ 85€ 70€ ONÉGUINE CRANKO (SAUF LE 31⁄12⁄11) - 92€ 70€ 47€ 25€ - ONÉGUINE (31⁄12⁄11) 180€ 145€ 125€ 105€ 80€ - BALLET ROYAL DU DANEMARK NAPOLI ⁄ COMPAGNIE INVITÉE - 92€ 70€ 47€ 25€ - ORPHÉE ET EURYDICE PINA BAUSCH 180€ 140€ 115€ 70€ 45€ - LA BAYADÈRE NOUREEV - 92€ 75€ 62€ 50€ 35€ SPECTACLE DE L'ECOLE DE DANSE - 56€ 42€ 30€ 18€ - DANCES AT A GATHERING ⁄ APPARTEMENT ROBBINS ⁄ MATS EK - 92€ 70€ 47€ 25€ - L'HISTOIRE DE MANON MACMILLAN - 92€ 70€ 47€ 25€ - ROMÉO ET JULIETTE SASHA WALTZ - 140€ 115€ 90€ 75€ 55€ TOKYO BALLET KABUKI ⁄ BÉJART ⁄ COMPAGNIE INVITÉE - 75€ 55€ 40€ 20€ - LA FILLE MAL GARDÉE ASHTON - 75€ 55€ 40€ 20€ -
  2. Thanks a lot for this wonderful review, Amy. An answer to some of your questions: -Daphnis and Chloe is danced by POB's school -POB's school pupils take class at Garnier before their performamnces or when they perform with the compagny, eg for the Nutcracker ou Paquita. -There aren't any connections between POB's school and Rudra, but there were a strong friendship between Miss Bessy and Maurice Bejart. Some of his works have been danced by the the school, the last one being seven greek dances a year ago
  3. None were promoted...Several ladies competed and some of them deserved a promotion to my mind (I don't have enough time to write a review since I'll defend my PhD soon...°
  4. yes, sister of and daughter of...Juliette Hilaire is daughter of, too and sister of a POB's school pupil..
  5. Quadrilles 1. Sylvia Cristel Saint-Martin (promoted) 2. Marion Barbeau 3. Leïla Dilhac 4. Léonore Baulac 5. Marine Ganio 6. Juliette Hilaire oryphées 1. Valentine Colasante (promoted) 2. Eléonore Guérineau 3. Daphné Gestin 4. Charlotte Ranson 5. Laurène Lévy 6. Fanny Gorse Sujets: No ranking The men are competing tomorrow
  6. Too funny indeed! Here we're used to say that our "mamy Brigitte" (mamy=granny: she's old enough to have grandchildren) is turning POB into another "Theatre de la Ville" (that's a theater in Paris very famous for the contemporary works that are featured there). As for Elisabeth Platel, I'm really worried by the current overall level of POB's school. It's worse each year. Claude Bessy was criticized a lot but the level was so much better during her long tenure.
  7. The answer is yes for the ones of them who are not 18 years old on August 31st
  8. Because they have temporary contracts of one year, not a permanent position. They have to audition again each year in order to have another one-year contract, until they won a permanent position.
  9. According to POB, the average for the corps de ballet is 25 years old. Calista just turned 19 years old. She's going to begin her second year with the corps de ballet. She repeated twice the first division, because she was 15 years old during the first one. As for the others: Camille is 21, but is a graduate from the National Conservatory of Paris, Alice is 19 (graduated from the school in 2009) , Melissa (graduated in 2008) 20 and Juliette 18 (graduated in 2009). They will be with the compagny for the second or third year. Victoire is 17, Caroline is 18 and Clothilde is 16. They were part of this year graduating class, and did dance some performances with the compagny while being pupils of the school. Clothilde will probably repeat her year. I don't know the others girls. I've heard that Miss Tirabassi is coming from Milano's Scala's school.
  10. No, she graduated from the school in 2006.
  11. Results Women : 1. Lucie Fenwick, won a permanent position 2. Camille de Bellefon 3. Alice Leloup 4. Mélissa Patriarche 5. Calista Ruat 6. Jacqueline Tirabassi 7. Bérénice Baza 8. Juliette Jacq 9. Victoire Debay 10. Clothilde Tran Phat 11. Caroline Osmont 12. Dalila Sapori Men : 1. Mathieu Contat 2. Mike Derrua 3. Maxime Thomas 4. Antonin Monin-Cesse 5. Neven Ritmanic 6. Thomas Biezka 7. Irlan Santos Da Silva 8. Joseph Gordon 9. Natan Bouzy 10. Nans Pierson 11. Claudio Coviello 12. Elio Clavel
  12. A lot of POB graduates who don't make it to to the compagny choose to go for another track, because for them it's either POB or nothing else. One of my friend who did that is now a very good lawyer, and another is a pedatrician.
  13. Only POB's graduate class of this year could compete. Emma, Amelie, François and Florent won permanent positions with the compagny. Results Girls : 1. Emma d'Humières 2. Amélie Joannides 3. Clothilde Tran-Phat 4. Victoire Debay 5. Caroline Osmont 6. Ambre Chiarcosso Boys : 1. François Alu 2. Florent Melac 3. Mathieu Contat 4. Neven Ritmanic 5. Nathan Bouzy 6. Niccolo Balossini Congrats to them all !
  14. Well, there will be a ballet lesson teached by a POB's professor, probably Elisabeth Maurin. The first round is the barre, the second round the center work and the third round is Cleopatra's variation. Most of the dancers are eliminated after the first round. FRom what I've been told, the experience is quite intense, but it could be worth the trip if she's only competing for the experience. A lot of very strong dancers will be there (about 100) so if were you, I just would take the opportunity as a learning experience!
  15. The compulsories are: Women : Faust, Cleopatra's variation, Leo Staats' choreo Hommes : Paquita Act II, Grand Pas, Lucien d'Hervilly's variation, Pierre Lacotte's choreo Links to videos: http://www.operadeparis.fr/cns11/live/onp/...hp?〈=fr I'm under the impression that Cleopatra's variation which is danced by Dorothée Gilbert has been filmed when she was still a POB's school pupil!
  16. All the informations are here: http://www.operadeparis.fr/cns11/live/onp/...hp?〈=fr
  17. Well, I'm happy to finally see Flammes of Paris, but otherwise, I will be saving money for sure !!! Except for the Bolshoi, nothing is exciting. And two coppelias during the same season ! By the way, the one performed the school is so much better than the one of the main compagny. And of course, tickets will be more expensive! I wonder where we're going....
  18. http://www.leparisien.fr/flash-actualite-c...2010-840227.php It's what we will be seeing next year. The good news is the Bolshoi is coming back !!!
  19. The documentary will soon be available for sale: http://video.fnac.com/a2816443/Aurelie-Dup...Mn=-1&Ra=-3 It was broadcasted on TV last week, and I haven't like it at all. It's just too much common, and uninteresting.
  20. Sorry, I haven't seen the links . Leonid, I was speaking about the quality of the film, not about the dancing, although there would be a lot of things to say on that, too.
  21. You can watch it here, it was broadcasted on january 1, 2010: http://programmes.france3.fr/musique-class...id_rubrique=161 It's not very good, but it's better than nothing !
  22. Karl Paquette was promoted tonight to the rank of Etoile. Kudos, it's well deserved as he is known as POB's saviour !
  23. Hey Estelle, the lack of time is killing me right now, but I'll try to write a review of the women's competition this week-end. And, no, I won't attend men's, just too much work to be two days away in a very short time! I don't have enough hard words to criticize Ludmilla Pagliero's promotion. The problem isn't the fact she's a foreigner, I wouln't have had any problems with Kora Dayanova's promotion. She just doesn't have POB's style and her dance is boring. And there are some many beautiful sujets to promote... On the other side, I was particularly happy for Aubane Philbert who truly deserves what she got this year. I have also been delighted by two others promotions to the sujets ranks. Well done, Ladies!
  24. Women Are promoted: Première danseuse: Ludmila Pagliero Sujets: Amandine Albisson-Pivat Héloïse Bourdon-Noury Séverine Westermann Coryphées: Laure-Adélaïde Boucaud Aubane Philbert Valentine Colasante Some results are really scandalous More later ! Congrats to everyone !
  25. They will be in Paris in April 2010 http://www.chatelet-theatre.com/2009-2010/...er-wheeldon,421 I have to say that right now, I'm going see to them not because I'm convinced of CW's genius but because of the dancers.
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