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joseph phillips


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Joseph seems to be generating a lot of interest in his first season at ABT.I'm not sure if this is allowed here(Moderators,pleases delete if not allowed) but there is a video of Joseph dancing the complete Star and Stripes PDD w/ Ashley Bouder( what a Kitri she would make) in Brightcove.tv.He did hold his own beside her. :clapping:

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Sorry, bingham. Brightcove TV does host videos on its own site, which can be found by clicking "Brightcove TV" fomr the tiny top menu or by clicking this link.

He dances the role, particularly the first solo, with his own style, unlike anyone I've seen do it at NYCB or PNB.

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My guess is that the Balanchine Police caught up with it and removed it.

I just checked the brightcovetv site and i could not find it either.I googled"joseph phillips dancing ballet" and the video appeared at the brightcove site again.

Why would the "BP" removed it? It seems like an official recording from the NCSA. :flowers:

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I saw Joseph dancing Diana and Acteon a few years ago with Sarah Lane at the YAGP gala, maybe 2005 or 2006. I know that he did "Stars and Stripes" last year with Ashley Bouder in their gala. I thought he did really well, looking very polished, and a good partner for her. He kept up with her high energy and bounce. I would love to see him partner Sarah Lane again...

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Thanks for the links and hints! I knew the guy is good, with huge presence; I've been admiring him with MCB's Mary Carmen Catoya in a "Sugar Plum" pas on YouTube, well shot and not among those on his blog.

Anyway, the Stars pas is a little idiosyncratic; maybe the BP don't think it's enough B to pull. Anybody know who's his partner in that? Or have I missed the obvious again?

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Mr. Phillips won the Senior Men's Gold Medal at the 5th Seoul International Dance Competition, apparently about five weeks ago. I happened upon this news on YAGP's site. These competitions (the famous Varna most notorious of all) just don't bother to let anyone know who won (I had to Google in Korean to see the winners list!).

There apparently was one news story in America. From the Greenville (S. C.) News:


Mr. Phillips's teacher (since his days at Governor's School) Stanislav Issaev, People's Artist of the Russian Republic, went with him to Seoul:

...He says that when Phillips performed the variation from "Flames of Paris" at the competition in Seoul, "It was a done deal. He showed the prowess of a finished, polished artist."

"I remember when he was 13 or 14 (Phillips was 10 when he started studying with Issaev), he told me nobody can stop him. It's part of his nature, which I can't explain other than he is in a constant search for perfection." He's also an exemplary ambassador for his country, Issaev adds. "A proud American blessed with grace and good taste."

Reached at home in New York, Phillips agrees with Issaev about the risk of competing in Seoul, nevertheless, he couldn't say no to his competitive side. "Of course you never know. You can always have an off day, and you only get one shot at it (the prize)."

Not only has this not been posted on ABT's site, I can't even find it in Mr. Phillips's blog.

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