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  1. I am a fan of Julie Kent and had been considering going down to OCPAC to see a Giselle, knowing she hasn't danced a full length since the MET in 2008( given her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter in June). So, after reading reviews in the Times and the Register that were diametrically opposed, I flew down to OCPAC for Thursday night's performance. Jose Manuel Carreno was out for a reason not given and Marcelo Gomes was Albrecht to Julie's Giselle. I learned that this was the first time they had danced these roles together. Marcelo had just danced Albrecht the night before. When I arr
  2. Thanks, Ray, I netflixed it and moved it to the top of my queue. I remember this in performance from a Loooooooooonnggg time ago! Will be interesting to see if memory holds up.
  3. Reading the earlier posts set me to thinking of the first dancer who stunned me with his looks..it was Victor Barbee when he was in ABT's corps almost thirty years ago. But back then the corps also had the presence of Frank Smith and Richard Schaefer and George de la Pena. Thought serendipity takes me to other names mentioned the Danes: Peter Schaufuss, Ib Anderson, Arne Vilumsen, and names not mentioned: the RB's Jonathan Cope, Stephen Jefferies, Julian Hosking,David Wall, and Stephen Beagley; Hamburg's Keven Haigen But time moves on and I can't quibble that Jared Mathews, Gonzalo Garcia, a
  4. Leslie Brown, Ethan Brown, and sister Lizzie who didn;t use Brown were in ABT at the same time.
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