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  1. I haven't seen it mentioned, but I watched the ABT livestream last Sunday with John Meehan hosting it. Did anyone else catch it? Lovely interview with Stella Abrera and Aaron Scott! Any thoughts?
  2. Watching the NFL draft today, I got to thinking, wouldn't it be interesting if there was a "draft" process for Ballet companies!
  3. Are there any plans for another "meet and greet" for ballet talkers. I will be there every night from June 11 - 16th if anyone wants to meet1
  4. I agree That stage dosen't give them much room to "go all out" like They could have. Don't get me wrong I think it would be great to bring in some men from other companies, but at the same time I am happy some current members are FINALLY getting some more opportunities
  5. I just noticed that another talented Corps member, Thomas Forster has been added to the Opening night Gala. So glad to see more opportunities from within at this critical time! I do not know if he was originally cast for that evening or, if I am just seeing this. He will be dancing with Veronika Part.
  6. Just watched her! Very inspiring story! She did a beautiful job!
  7. Does anyone have a guess as to what they think about about him still performing in the YAGP Gala (if this has been asked already, forgive me) (Maybe I should have posted this under the Gala category?)
  8. Can't really comment on my choice, but let us PLEASE give mention to one of my favorites, Roman Z, when we are bringing up the Character Dancer category. Even though his hard work and tremendous talent maybe won't land him at the Principal's table, He is a vital part of their program, and I too think there should be some sort of promotion possibilities when considering, the many "solo" character parts he so brilliantly plays!
  9. Thank you! I am more excited than ever to see all 3 casts and experience all 3 of these women and their different styles. I am a huge Alexei Ratmansky fan and I get his sense of style and enjoy his humor and creativity. I know it is a matter of taste, but it is MY taste I Think he is a genius!
  10. Ok feeling nauseous now ( May be getting "food poisoning") I"ve checked "Links". Has anyone heard or read ANY feedback or reviews, of last night's "DANCING" ? So interested in knowing how Misty's Firebird Debut went. I knew I should have gone to California and see for myself! I know it takes a day or two sometimes for print reviews, but someone please report something!! We are used to instant reviews on here on the East Coast!
  11. I ve been waiting all day to hear about Misty's Firebird last night....Please someone give us your thoughts!!!!! Aren't there any BA West Coasters??? We are counting on you! I have my tickets to all Firebirds in June!!!
  12. The only Male "Principal Problem" ABT has is NOT developing the talent they have. It is almost a crime!
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