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  1. Did anyone catch the final round on Tuesday? I went to the YAGP Gala and just LOVED this kids! I am surprised no one has mentioned them yet, as there were so many good kids on the program as well...I don't really know which kids performed...If someone has a list, I have many notes! As nice as it is to have these stars come back and dance, I am curious about who the future players will be
  2. After seeing "Sleeping Beauty" and "Bayadere" at ABT, it was nice to see something very light. I must say that the costumes and sets for "Merry Widow" were beautiful, probably one of the most visually interesting productions that ABT has to offer. While over the top, it fits with the mood of the ballet. The music was so lavish and fun, you couldn't help but want to sway a little bit in your seat. I went on Monday night, with Julie and Jose dancing the leads. For me, this comedy hinges on the fact that both the leads, Hanna and Danilo, have a duality to their characters. Hanna is a cold-heart
  3. I thought Sarah Lane's Rose Adagio was excellent. She WAS 16. You could also tell that she was so excited and happy and passionate and, finally DOING IT. She was giving so much in the first act, and I think that is what made it one of the best Rose Adagios I have seen. She really was Aurora for me. I didn't find her size to be a problem until the vision scene, where she would run in and out of the corps, and I would completely lose her. Unfortunately, she was still 16 in the third act - to me at least. I didn't see a radical change in the way she approached the role. She did command a lion's s
  4. I saw Joseph dancing Diana and Acteon a few years ago with Sarah Lane at the YAGP gala, maybe 2005 or 2006. I know that he did "Stars and Stripes" last year with Ashley Bouder in their gala. I thought he did really well, looking very polished, and a good partner for her. He kept up with her high energy and bounce. I would love to see him partner Sarah Lane again...
  5. So I just got out of ABT's "Sleeping Beauty" - with a completely different attitude than when I went in; I overheard one person muttering to a friend, "Less Disney, More ABT." I think he was correct on that note. The costumes were toned down (except for the King and Queen, who still looked like they had popped out of a deck of cards), I would even go so far as to call the 4 prince's outfits tasteful. With many of the saccharine details removed, I found the production quite palatable. Let's start with the dancing - the corps was excellent tonight, much more rehearsed that last season. The fai
  6. Don Q. is a shameless flirt of a ballet, and I was not disappointed last night. Paloma was amazing, holding balances and then rushing through the music to get back on track. She would look at the audience and just smile - she was excellent. She embodied a jealous, fiery, yet soft and lyrical Kitri. She owns this role through her ability to play with the texture and quality of her movement, which I think is one of her biggest strengths as a dancer. Angel was also amazing, very cheeky and playful, and also technically stunning - how he can do 8 pirouettes off-balance and then land smoothly defie
  7. The program opened with Harald Lander's Etudes - a bravura "classroom" ballet demonstrating the work and effort that a student puts into the classroom, which culminates into a virtuosic firework spectacle. The curtains parted to reveal 5 little dancers, demonstrating the 5 positions of classical ballet. The next section was a series of synchronized barre exercises - this was a disaster. This section is supposed to be about the corps moving uniformly, and instead, some dancer's legs were higher than others, stress on the exercises was different for each dancer, and the dancers differed on HOW t
  8. I went on Sat. I thought Jose was very good, he is always a very classy dancer, so smooth. I am glad to see him back in his form. I thought that Gillian's black swan is fantastic, she is such a spit-fire! She is cold, sexy, and very solid. Her white still should be softer, and that is the real challenge of the role. Maria was WONDERFUL in the pas de trois in act one, and Gennadi was good as well.
  9. Here are my two cents, I have been really sick, so this is getting up a bit late - I thought Gillian was unusually soft, especially in the second act bedroom scene. Her "pas de trois" was still a little wooden for my taste, but no one can argue with solid technique and her fierce fouettes. Gennadi started out a little slow, but warmed up in the second and third acts. I love it when he does that trick where he flips his leg around himself in the air, anyone know what those are called? His acting was light and playful too. Xiomara had her usual charm and humor. Jose felt a little more reserved t
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