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Bolshoi 2005 Met Season

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ABT will end its Met season on 7/16/05 while Bolshoi will end its OCPAC run on 7/17/05, so Bolshoi will most likely start its Met season a few days later.

Although I don't mind the usual suspects like SL or DQ, I'd like them to bring something that's seldom performed in the West. I hope they'll bring Pharaoh's Daughter and I'd like to see their Beauty.

What'd you like them to bring? May be they'll listen and grant our wishes. :rolleyes:

Were standing rooms available when Maryinski was here?

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Has this been officially announced?

Not in a sense there's a press release. I got this from a friend in the Times so it's pretty accurate. Lincoln Center won't release any information regarding the 2005 Lincoln Center Festival until early next year. There's special 'New Season' section in the Sunday Times usually published the first weekend after the Labor Day long weekend, it'll list all the events in the up coming season: opera, dance, theater, B'way, museum exhibits, architecture, TV, movies....etc. If it's published in the Times, it's pretty much semi-official.

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So, it hasn't been published. I'm only questioning because several years ago everybody was saying the Royal Ballet was going to be at Lincoln Center in 2002, then 2003. Finally, it was 2004. The same thing with the Kirov - they were supposed to come 2001, but it was really the next year. When the rumors about the Royal were circulating, everybody said this year (2004) was supposed to be the Bolshoi. That's why I'm questioning.

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Not to add to the speculation too much, but evidence surrounding the Bolshoi's currently anounced summer engagement for 2005 does make it certainly look likely that the Bolshoi might be headed for the Metropolitan Opera House for the summer. They have an anounced engagement in Orange County in July, and after touring the US extensively in the fall, it would seem unlikely for them to return solely for Orange County next summer. So it must be Orange County plus something - and the Met certainly seems like a likely choice. But I guess we'll have to assume nothing until an anouncement comes...

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I would be careful about planning to see the Bolshoi at the Met w/ SR tickets. But, it is the Bolshoi!!!!!!! I work at the Met. As soon as I find out how the advanced ticket sales are going, I will let everyone know. Advanced ticket sales were very poor for the Ashton at the Met. The Ushers were not notified about the no standing rm. policy until opening nite on 7/6!!!!!! I will now start asking around earlier in 2005- since this was the 1st time in my time there, that no SR was sold for a Ballet

run. Of course, my memory could be faulty!!!!!!!! :blink::wacko::blushing:

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Anyway, Mikhail said the Bolshoi is touring the US in the fall (put together by ICM).  They are doing Don Q. and Raymonda.

Well, currently they're scheduled to perform their new Romeo and Juliet in Seattle October 27-28 (following up with Don Q for three nights). The dates seem firm right now, but it's certainly possible that the programming could change.

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but let's hope they don't bring R&J!

Do you mean the latest version? Don't forget they currently have three Romeo and Juliet's at their disposal.

Unfortunately I'd bet that they will bring their newest verion, which I have absolutely no desire to see. I just scheduled a trip to Boston to see Raymonda & Don Q, so my wishlist for NY would be Swan Lake, The Bright Stream & Pharoh's Daughter

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I've never seen Spartacus, so I would love to see them bring that with. Pharaoh's Daughter - was this Petipa's first ballet? What is the ballet about?

I've never seen Pharaoh's daughter, but my curiosity has been piqued by what I've read on other ballet boards. I'm still not clear on the rules for quoting from other boards so I'll paraphrase a little from danze.co.uk and criticaldance.com (moderators please feel free to delete anything you find to be inappropriate)

According to what I've read, Petipa choreographed Pharaoh's daughter in 1862. I believe the original ballet is lost, the current Bolshoi version is by Pierre Lacotte and I don't think it makes any real attempt to "reconstruct" the original choreography. It has been described as "a sumptuous extravaganza" and tells the story of a young englishman who dreams that he elopes with a pharaoh's daughter. I know I read more about it but can't find the info right now, maybe someone else can elaborate. They're scheduled to perform it in London later this week so there should be new articles & reviews showing up soon.

I saw Spartacus back in the 70's - it would be great to see it again, also the Queen of Spades (about which I know nothing!) I just don't expect anything like the 3 week season they are enjoying in London, or like the one they had recently in Paris, and I'm trying not to hope for too much!

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Jean-Luc gave an excellent review of the "Pharaoh's Daughter" on the Bolshoi in Paris thread. You can find it here: Bolshoi in Paris

Interesting to note also that "Pharaoh's Daughter" has now appeared on DVD with the Zakharova/Filin/Alexandrova cast. For the moment it seems only available at the Royal Opera House Shop in London, but wider distribution will certainly follow soon.

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Official press release from the Met:

The Bolshoi Ballet to Open 2005 North American Tour at Metropolitan Opera House on July 18

Engagement features four full-length ballets: North American premieres of “The Bright Stream” and “The Pharaoh’s Daughter,” as well as performances of “Don Quixote” and “Spartacus”

April 27, 2005

THE BOLSHOI BALLET, Moscow’s world-famous ballet company, opens its 2005 North American Tour on July 18 with a return to the Metropolitan Opera House for a two-week, 14 performance engagement, featuring the North American premieres of “The Bright Stream” and “The Pharaoh’s Daughter,” as well as performances of “Don Quixote” and “Spartacus.” The company of over 200 includes the full Bolshoi Theater Orchestra. This will be the company’s first performances at the Metropolitan Opera House since 1987 and its first New York appearance in five years.

Joseph Volpe, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera commented, “I am pleased to welcome to the Metropolitan Opera House the return of one of the world’s greatest ballet companies. The Bolshoi Ballet is justly famous for its grand traditions and on this visit the company has chosen four ballets that are uniquely Bolshoi, two of which have never been performed anywhere in North America. This engagement is an extraordinary opportunity for ballet lovers in New York to see this wonderful company in exciting new repertory.”

“Don Quixote” opens the New York engagement on Monday, July 18, and is followed by three additional performances (July 19, 20, and 21). The work, a showcase of bravura dancing, has been the calling card of The Bolshoi since its world premiere in Moscow on December 26, 1869. With choreography after Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky, and music by Léon Minkus, The Bolshoi has revived the work in a new choreographic version by Alexei Fadeyechev.

Yuri Grigorovich’s definitive 1968 staging of “Spartacus” receives three performances at the Met (July 22 and matinee and evening performances on July 23). This tale of the slave-gladiator who led a rebellion against the Roman Emperor Crassus and his fight for freedom features the company’s male soloists and corps de ballet. With its exuberant, muscular dancing, and expansive music by Aram Khachaturian it is a signature ballet of The Bolshoi.

“The Bright Stream” (performed at the Metropolitan Opera House on July 25, 26, and 27) joined the repertory of The Bolshoi in 1936. Set in a Soviet era collective farm, this comic ballet was soon attacked and suppressed by the Soviet authorities as not being representative of Socialist reality, with the result that the composer Shostakovich was never to write another ballet. The original choreographer, Fyodor Lopukhov, was fired as director of The Bolshoi; and the author of the scenario, Adrian Piotrovsky, disappeared into one of Stalin’s gulags. This important historical work received its European premiere in Paris in 2003 in The Bolshoi’s recreation with choreography by Aleksei Ratmansky, and its performances at the Met will be the first in North America.

“The Pharaoh’s Daughter,” never before seen on this continent, closes out The Bolshoi engagement at the Metropolitan with four performances (July 28 and 29, and matinee and evening performances on July 30). From its creation in 1862, Marius Petipa’s grandiose ballet with music by Cesare Pugni was a sensational success. With an exotic flavor, it is filled with romanticism, drama, and virtuoso dancing. The Bolshoi’s production has been lavishly reconstructed by Pierre Lacotte and tells the tale of a young Englishman who dreams he elopes with the daughter of a Pharaoh.

Tickets for The Bolshoi Ballet at the Metropolitan Opera House go on sale at the Met Box Office, online at www.metopera.org, and by telephone (212) 362-6000, on May 1.

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