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  1. I adore Marguerite and Armand, I love this style of dance, the music. I love Sylvie Guillem in this part more than in the classical ballet, against I prefer Massimo Murru as Armand than Nicolas Le Riche. Against the opinion abouth this ballet is very shared in Parisian audience, some people adore other dislike very much this kind of ballet. It's a French Tradition to dislike English ballets and English dancers, for me I don't know very good english dancers, but I know I adore the English repertory of Ashton, MacMillan !
  2. At Paris, september 29 will be a gala to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Entente Cordiale, it will be with POB etoile and ROH principals. Program will the following, cast are under modifications as usual ! Etudes (Czerny, Lander) with Agnès Letestu, Jean-Guillaume Bart and José Martinez Entr'act Ashton's pdd and pd3 Midsummer's night dream : Cojocaru, Kobborg Thais pdd : Galeazzi, Legris Monotones : Gillot, Bonelli, Watson Five Brahms dance : Yanowsky (but Tamara Rojo announced on her official website she was dancing this one, is she injuried, or does exist a mistake in this programm, I don't know) Sleeping Beauty : Bussell, Hilaire Cinderella, act II pdd : Dupont, Cope Deux pigeons : tba Voices of Spring : Benjamin, Acosta Entr'act Marguerite and Armand with Sylvie Guillem, Nicolas Le Riche and Anthony Dowell For Deux pigeons, pdd, I don't know if they will make a mixed royal/tnop pdd or a roh pdd alone. Laetitia Pujol and Mathieu Ganio are not cast as well as Elisabeth Maurin and Clairemarie Osta but she just have their baby and Kader Belarbi !
  3. Thanks Naoko for these wonderful reviews. I regret to can not be in Japan to see them. Dorothée Gilbert is the most impressive ballerina I saw in Tchaïkovsky pdd, she makes me forget all the others !
  4. I read in a Tsiskaridze interview that Bolshoi could take "Queen of Spades" of Roland Petit to allow to him to dance in next fall.
  5. I don't see the premiere but according to what I heard, Aurelie Dupont is a wonderful Sylphide, she is brilliant, light, and understood completely romantic style. Mathieu Ganio seemt to be very good technically and the opinions change concerning his acting, some find him wonderful, other too scolar. I hope you will enjoy your performance with Mathieu and Isabelle. I know that I saw Isavelle when she just entered in corps in Taglioni/Lacotte version of Le papillon and I was completely charmed by her way to dance, her light, her style. I think she could be interesting in this part !
  6. José Martinez should be replaced by Stéphane Phavorin but perhaps not on all his dates. Stéphane Phavorin is sujet of POB and replace some years ago Manuel Legris injuried on stage at the end of the second variation in act 2. But he never dance the full part. It's a good news for a bad news !
  7. It seems that José Martinez won't dance James in La Sylphide, he doesn't seem injuried as he is always previous on the Diamonds part in Spain. The information is on his own website :green: !
  8. I think it's completely Mathieu's technical possibilities. And I suppose that Direction will cancel the movie or Pierre Lacotte himself cancel the movie if they suppose that Mathieu will not be good as James. It sure that he never dance this part, but I have completely confidence in him
  9. I don't understand why people are shocking because a young dancer is recorded in a movie. It's sure that in Paris it's unusual to have young "principals" but in all the other countries, principals are young and they're the star of the ballets. For example Polina Semionova who is 19 year is Cinderella in Malakhov version. I think that Pierre Lacotte agrees for this choice. He dislike Letestu's Paquita, and Martinez never dance with Aurélie Dupont very strangely. Mathieu is not too tall for Aurélie as he was a bit small for Agnès :rolleyes: ! Jean-Guillaume Bart will dance Diamonds in the Spanish tour with Marie-Agnès Gillot. As you said, Estelle, Kader Belarbi and Laurent Hilaire don't dance this part from a long time. I don't believe that Kader danced James, and theorically Laurent Hilaire has left his Etoile career for a Ballet master one ! Nicolas Le Riche don't dance the part this year and was already recorded this year in Ivan le Terrible. I don't think that James is his best part too. Mathieu Ganio was by fact the only one etoile able to dance this part. I don't think that Pierre Lacotte wants to cancel the movie because of him. He wants absolutely have Aurélie Dupont in one of his production since Paquita. Aurelie should be filmed in Paquita but she injuried herself and the recording was postponed, it's for that Agnès Letestu and José Martinez were filmed in Paquita, but it was not the choice of Lacotte. We must not forget that Lacotte made record his own Coppelia with POb School of Ballet and with Charline Giezendanner and a young pupil called.......... Mathieu Ganio !
  10. Manuel Legris injuried will be replaced by Mathieu Ganio in James instead of Aurélie Dupont, he continue to dance also with Isabelle Ciaravola, and the movie will be record with him !
  11. He is director of the Ballet of Youngs of Europa which is different from Europa Danse. But I don't believer he is again dancer.
  12. It's sure that it will be just for a night but you know perfectly that ballet amators loves to see this kind of problem and own material to record it :rolleyes: . It will be better to diffuse the great galas that some other people who never go to Ballet can see and can go after than never diffuse it. In Russia they broadcast too many Bolshoi or Kirov Ballets on Kultura channel and it's good to can see Limpid stream, Notre-Dame de Paris, Bayadere, Eifman's ballet or other productions like that even if they don't make video after. For me it's also interesting to have the both thing !
  13. Without make commercial video, they can broadcast gala on TV as they do for the Royal Ballet cloture or opening Gala of Royal Opera House of Covent Garden or some other galas. It's not because they broadcast it, they will not fill the show room :shrug: !
  14. Concerning Claude Bessy, they made a special documentary about her career called "Claude Bessy ou la Force d'un destin". We saw her when she was rehearsing Béjart's Concours where she was Miss Maud, the ballet teacher who discovered the young Ada. But it's sure that they should record the gala with all the "pupils" as well the Nureyev's one. I think the French video market is not hungry about these kind of documents. We must recognize that they make several recording since some years, as Hurlevent, Clavigo, le Parc for the contemporary works. Signes by Carlson should be issue very soon I suppose as it was recorded with Marie-Agnès Gillot and Kader Belarbi, Ivan le Terrible was also recorded with Eleonora Abbagnato, Nicolas Le Riche and Karl Paquette, they must recorded Sylphide with Aurélie Dupont, Manuel Legris, Mélanie Hurel as Effie and Isabelle Ciaravola and Mathieu Ganio as scottish pdd. Next year they must record Neumeier's Sylvia with the cast which must be film next year (Eleonora Abbagnato, Manuel Legris, Nicolas Le Riche, Delphine Moussin and Wilfried Romoli),, they must also record Jeune homme et la mort with Nicolas Le Riche and I presume Marie-Agnès Gillot and Carmen with Clairemarie Osta, against we don't know who must dance Don José with her !
  15. Audric Bezard replace Hervé Moreau who is injuried till the end of the year. Concerning Who Cares, Manuel Legris will dance it with his "etoile" at Massy in next january (22 of this month exactly). Massy is in the neighbour of Paris !
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