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  1. I wanted just to say, that after Bolshoi Tour in Paris, Maria Alexandrova became the new idol of French audience. Everyone who saw her said she was absolutely wonderful in Swan Lake, as Ramze or Aspicia or to finish as classical ballerina in The limpid Stream where she was absolutely amazing. Everybody dreamt to see her in leading parts in Paris !
  2. I post a because I change my sentence and forget to delete it. I write before I don't recognize women face and I write what someone else write and I think oh yes I recognize two girls who was good, sorry for this
  3. My favourite one are at POB Fanny Fiat, Muriel Zusperreguy, Isabelle Ciaravola, Christophe Duquenne, Hervé Courtain who was soloist with Boston Ballet last season, Stéphane Bullion just passed sujet. I love as Estelle Jean-Marie Didiere who is a wonderful actor and when he dance, was a really good dancer. I love also Julien Meyzindi, Bruno Bouché, Sébastien Bertaud, Dorothée Gilbert, Juliette Gernez. When SFB went to Paris two years ago, I appreciate in corps Michael Eaton, Chidorie Nzerem, a black dancer who was now in Harlem dance theater and whom I forget unfortunately the name :confused:
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