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  1. How Nouveau? We can't mix eras? If we could time travel it would be... Bouder, Lacarra, Fonteyn, Ulanova with an alternate for contrasting ballerina styles: Whelan
  2. To get back to what she talked about, I'm putting a rough paraphrasing down here... [is this more or less what you heard her communicating?] Totally paraphrased by me, nothing is a direct quote..THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT!!! ... one of you others can give it an exact transcript if you like... [secretary? I think she looks beautiful, she's not 23 after all] This is what I "understood" her to answer to Charlie Rose's questions: Was it hard to write with such candor? I originally wrote it just to write it down, not for it to be published... so candor wasn't any more difficult than writing i
  3. I don't know... I think writing is a very different discipline from talking extemporaneously... I remember seeing some footage of Allegra Kent at a lecture demo when she was much much younger and thinking she was so ditzy, and then being stunned when I read her book at what all was going on in that mind. Not everyone thinks linearly in words and grammatical sentences... in fact, perhaps the kind of brain hard-wired for that sort of linear verbal thinking isn't particularly well suited to dancing which requires a multi-focused sensory consciousness? Not that they are mutually exclusive or
  4. ... and hasn't she always been? this way, I mean? She seems in wonderful shape to me!
  5. Oh! Thanks! Somehow with all the talk of her departure, I thought it was this season!
  6. Are you perhaps confusing her with Nina Ananiashvili who is retiring from ABT this season? I'm sure you wouldn't confuse the two dancers, but rather notice of the farewell...
  7. Someone else with admirable trajectories!
  8. Each of those sites caters nicely to geographic audience transportation vectors... The Connecticut & Upstate NY fans would travel easily to Purchase... the Long Island fans to BAM... the NJ & Philadelphian fans to NJPAC... Manhattanites would make the trek to BAM without too much complaint.... Choosing one venue would be a mistake, but hitting all three could possibly increase their audience.
  9. Come to think of it, there are a couple Balanchine masterpieces that started of with rather unlikely costumes... I wonder what this one would have looked like in practice clothes? I suppose the music would have been the kicker... Kay Swift? http://www.kayswift.com/bio.html Also interesting: http://www.kayswift.com/alma.html Should I be able to find "Boula Boula" somewhere?
  10. Too bad Jerome Robbins wasn't on the scene to be the one called in to choreograph this.... I can't quite see Balanchine taking this on happily, can you?
  11. Whoa!!! The Messerer gala is fascinating!! Many of these dancers do not look young to be dancing this well... I guess in 1982, Vladimirov would have been 40... (at what age does one give up on rivoltade?) one can accumulate a lot of injuries by that age... includes Vladimirov's variation. (by the way, there are a lot of lovely videos in this member's collection!) Who is the one with the knee brace who does Acteon? What lovely sissones in the men's section of class... It's nice to see Andris Liepa dancing so well here, there was another clip on Youtube from later in his career t
  12. Yes, it does seem like with all that effort going up, he could have been coached to exert equal determination in the landing... but maybe he's so focused on going up that there's no room left for the landing.. ? I'm beginning to wonder if jumping wasn't more a 19th century hallmark than a 20th century choreographic element. I'm not sure why... whether the demand for increased flexibility initially came with a cost in elevation or what... What has become of the Soviet heroic style... has it turned into dance-drama like Eifman? Or has it been thoroughly rejected with the rest of the sovie
  13. I can't imagine Balanchine having a use for him, though... What western 20th century ballet choreographer would have employed those leaps? (Tharp?)
  14. Yes, he's got that hypo knee thing happening, the tension in the neck/shoulders, some not quite stretched ankles, etc. but the focus on elevation is admirable... How similar was his form to his Bolshoi contemporaries? (Answers.com has him as born in 1942, graduated the Bolshoi's school in 1962) http://www.answers.com/topic/yuri-vladimir...t=entertainment Those black & white videos make the footage look older, almost as if he were Ulanova's contemporary... but obviously not (she was born in 1910). Erik Bruhn's form was far better and he was born in 1928. Is Vladimirov's style resp
  15. I understand the "line" comment, but I actually think, given his physique, that he had quite a sense of line, just not of the type we see now... no reticent danseur noble, of course, but there is a very definite sense of line in his sissone failli and in his port de bras in the entrechat six. I've seen many male dancers with more plastique and yet less sense of line of the jump... I do think there is a masculine line and it is different from feminine line... Still, the question remains... who today displays that kind of line in the sissone failli? (I'd buy a ticket to see it) (or e
  16. Does anyone out there do those sissone failli in the Bluebird Variation the way Vladimirov did in this youtube clip? With the virtuoso male dancers we have today, does anyone else get the same seeming illusion of flight out of this simple step? There's something in his line... the way he waits until the last instant to open the arabesque and the line he acheives in it when he does... it's beautiful and impressive, even these many years later...
  17. I have to agree... it's one of the most beautiful photos of Markova I've seen... and so I'm surprised it isn't in all the books... Is it because the feet are slightly cropped that it got less distribution? Or was it posed and not actually from the ballet?
  18. Somewhere (where?) I read that Tchaikovsky, broken hearted by rejection of his affections by a young man, had wandered around the city in the winter, not appropriately dressed for the weather, caught pneumonia and died... I want to say I read this in Balanchine's Tchaikovsky but I loaned that book out to a much admired non-native-english speaking accompanist and it somehow never returned... Does anyone have a copy and could check? Or does this version ring a bell with any of you? Perhaps I've gotten the cholera/pneumonia mixed up... one doesn't catch cholera from wandering around with out
  19. When I saw this thread pop up, I thought "Oh, what's that? and then Oh! I started this? What??"... no memory whatsoever these days... but... I've been thinking about Carbo's response again... I'd would have to differ... before I want to know the composer, I want to know the choreographer... it makes a big difference to me if it's Balanchine or Bejart... then I want to know the ocmposer amd the dancers.
  20. How about stats on how many times a performer has done such & such part... or how many times per year a particular ballet is performed... Or how many performances a year a principal dances vs. how many times a corps dancer dances... Or it might be fun to do stats on ballets rather than on dancers... how many arabesques penche does the first dancer in the Shades scene do?
  21. Of course, rg... it just seemed as if we were veering off to the outskirts, with us all seeing non-existant ribbons & elastics... (I'm still having trouble not seeing an elastic attached at the heel on the supporting leg, and do realize how inane that is)
  22. Have we reached the silly season yet?
  23. Dancers need to sleep, dancers need to be in class... but they also need art unless a life in the corps is all of anyone's ambition for them... and there isn't much room in the budget for dancers that have no future beyond the corps, is there, really? Isn't the corps full of dancers the artistic director hopes will one day evolve into principals? They won't all live up to that hope, of course, but if they never had the potential would they have even been hired for the corps? I'm not sure if dancers should be watching peer's dance performances so much as they need to know their art from the i
  24. It really looks to me as if Youskevitch is wearing tights over his slippers... could be a conceit for the photographer? And it does look as if there's elastic under the tights of Roudenko's supporting ankle. Is that a small hole in her tights near the ankle on the other foot? Or is it a speck on the photo? Very odd... looks like it's airbrushed, but then the shoe on the supporting foot is loose around her arch. Maybe Youskevitch is just in tights, they look much thicker than what we get nowadays.
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