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  1. Review by Robert Johnson in the NJ Starledger didn't much care for the company's "Carmen" http://www.nj.com/entertainment/ledger/ind....xml&coll=1 Oh well. Maybe he would have liked the Giselle better. I now have tickets & will post a review.
  2. And who are the principals that aren't returning next year?
  3. There's a review in the Washington Post about the company's performance of Giselle at Montgomery College: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...8031403866.html
  4. (putting the text in bold was my doing, not ABT's) http://www.abt.org/insideabt/news_display.asp?News_ID=217 And I'm wondering... how does March 22 come to be "year-end"? It seems so early.
  5. I haven't seen this video in a while... but I remember being struck by how... when the director wasn't absurdly over-doing special effects.... when the director wasn't trying too hard... how good the camera work and editing actually was... The bad is so bad you can't miss it, but the good is so good that you only notice how vibrant the dancing is. When it's bad, it's not bad in the standard "were they blind?" way... it's bad with truly innovative levels of mistake The peasant pas de deux is one of those jaw dropping moments! (come on, there must have been a story behind that decisi
  6. Giordano brought a lot of talented dancers into the Chicago area, many of whom stayed on and worked in other companies... the Chicagoland dance world owes him much gratitude. RIP.
  7. Always a tough town for dance... and just as things were starting to look up with Thordal Christensen & Colleen Neary's company getting going. (fingers crossed against a trend... let's hope NY Times is setting the new trend and LA is just lagging on an old one)
  8. I wonder if this thread has started in another forum... (do we really not have a thread yet on the Tudor Centennial?) Listening to Chicago Public Television's interviewer refer to "Anthony Tudor", I wondered if she realized the choreographer's prominence. It seems to me that there are many companies honoring Antony Tudor's centennial this year, but I couldn't list them off hand. Could we make a list here? (I'm a little shocked that ABT doesn't seem to be doing anything, although their site shows a picture of The Leaves are Fading on their blank fall repertory page.. perhaps they're plann
  9. He has his own website... perhaps there is news there? http://www.daniilsimkin.com
  10. There's a rather remarkable looking Snow White being presented by the Estonian Ballet if the clips on the unmentionable video website provide enough of a view to judge... choreographed by Gyula Harangozó. I don't know how well the choreography would stand up without the fabulous set and staging, but it certainly looks like it would hold itself well for a "family ballet" evening. Has anyone on this forum seen it live? Does the company tour much? There don't seem to be any photos of the work yet on the company's website: http://www.estballet.com but in the video it looks to have high pr
  11. I'm in favor of marking transitions with ceremony... births, weddings, deaths.... A principal dancer retiring is a pretty big transition... as an audience, I think we need it... I hope it helps them as well, but I'd love to hear whether it's as well received at their end as it is meant from by the audience. I think it must or Peter Martins wouldn't have been so proactive in staging them. I guess in the old days there was such a thing as a "benefit performance" at retirment where the box office went to the retiring artist? (I know there were other benefit performances, I think Beethoven h
  12. Capezio's flagship store at 1650 Broadway(at 51st St.) 2nd Floor has an interesting collection of dance shoes on exhibit... (I think it's a permanent exhibit, NYers here on the board could perhaps confirm...) I can't remember now who they have slippers from... but if you're in the Times Square area it's worth a visit.
  13. I have been given to understand the expression (and consequences of)"faux pas" started to have significance in Louis XIV's court
  14. I fell in love with ballet at age 3.5 watching the men in Princeton Ballet's first Nutcracker, particularly in the Russian dance.... It was decades before I had much use for the ballerinas in the pink tutus...
  15. Mary Tyler Moore, Grace Kelly, Picasso, Steve Wright, Edward Gorey and some major economist, was it Keynes? Does being married to a dancer or having a dancer girlfriend count as being a fan? Parents with kids in the ballet, I don't know if they are fans themselves, but Michael Jordon's daughter took classes with Ken von Heidecke. I think Martin Scorcese might be a fan, Are you only looking for living celebrities?
  16. RIP George Thomal. I grew up at NJ Ballet, and like anyone's childhood teachers, George Thomal looms large in my memory. His classes taught one how to dance a phrase. His adagios were reveries. Will probably always remember him off in the corner gesturing away at an imagined adagio as the pianist played for the stretch between barre and center. He was one of those teachers who, although they may have been a perfectionist about corrections, just doing his combinations of steps themselves made one a better dancer, somehow they reinforced one's skills. Perhaps it was just the musicality of th
  17. I don't recall making any adjustments or subscribing to any threads... just one day it happened, all the threads were in outline format... Would I know if I had accessed Ballettalk through Google? I have the site favorited and don't go through Google to get here. It's not transparent is it? Would it have happened if I searched Google for something else and followed a link to Ballettalk (not an unusual occurence), would it then reset Ballettalk for any other time I accessed it? Curious situation. I'll experiment a bit.
  18. Looks like there have been issues at other venues: http://www.azstarnet.com/metro/224821.php
  19. Phwew! Thank you! Thanks Mel for the post number (which doesn't show up in outline mode but at least I could count about 30 items down and hunt) and Helene for the short answer..It took me a while to find "options"... I kept looking at all the menu items on the Balletalk banner.... but it's in the top right hand corner the thread "box". (Added in case anyone else finds themselves in the same predicament). I wonder why it switched on me. Anyway, a big thank you! And Happy Lincoln's Birthday!
  20. Perhaps this problem isn't boardwide, but as of today suddenly threads aren't displaying in their old manner for me. Instead of the topic being followed by all the replies until a new page is necessary, every reply is now only accessible through some sort of links outline. It's extremely cumbersome and makes following the discussion or backing out to the forum level quite a chore. Is there a way I can adjust my personal settings to get threads to display as they always have in the past? Or is this some sort of transitional state like the Apache thing that will clear up in a few days?
  21. Tiny and grimy though it was, Fazil's was a very significant rehearsal space in NYC for dance forms that weren't welcome on regular floors... Occasionally as a videographer I'd be called there to watch a rehearsal, and it was such a rich experience... one of those hidden NY world types of things... studio ringing out with the sounds of middle east dance competing with flamenco guitars in the studio across the hall.... I wonder where these groups will rehearse now... Ballet Hispanico? This is a ballet newsgroup, but in the interests of those who follow other forms of dance as well an
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