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  1. Well, there are choreographers who prefer to ignore the music or not be constrained by it.... so I suppose describing a choreographer as musical/not musical isn't always a case of personal affinity... and there are choreographers who prefer not to be too obviously musical. I've found myself disagreeing with friends about musicality itself... with some friends thinking dancers who are precisely on the beat as being musical, where as I find dancers who play with leading/chasing the beat to be more musically sensitive and therefore more "musical"... And then there are choreographers whose wor
  2. Pretty interesting! Thanks for posting. So much turn-out in the feet... And cane still in use. I wonder if any ballet masters today still use a cane...
  3. May be... but it's "private"... not accessible anymore.
  4. A friend passed this on a few weeks ago, from John & Carol Gaston: Subject: 100th anniversary of the Ballets Russes. As most of us know a number of U.S. ballet companies are celebrating Diaghilev's Ballets Russes this year. ...[snipped...] One-hundred years ago this Tuesday, May 19th @ 1:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time (8:30 p.m. Paris time), Diaghilev's Russian Ballet performed for the first time in public @ the Theatre du Chatelet to the social, artistic, and intellectual elite of Paris. From that day forward began the rise of ballet as a twentieth-century art form. Many great ballet f
  5. My memory is poor and so are my note taking skills, so please keep in mind I may not be wholly accurate in my account. Please correct any gross errors if you find them. I will not be offended. Thank Heavens Lynn Garafola has had such a long and productive career with so many significant achievements, and that the Wadsworth had that trick step on the way up to the stage, or I would have missed the opening of her wonderful lecture. I would have missed her opening story of James Joyce & Marcel Proust meeting and their discussion of various topics avoiding discussing each other’s work which
  6. And what does it mean to regional companies who've been shuttled to unpopular dates to make room for touring for-profit Broadway shows... What does it signal for places like SPAC? I think a Broadway producer is an odd choice for the NEA, even if he did produce Angels in America... Well, at least he'll have a different idea of how much performing artists should be paid per hour, no?...
  7. Is there a public backstage tour of the Paris Opera? Obviously one wouldn't get to go everywhere those cameras did, but still... is there a tour? I've heard mention of some such thing from time to time, but don't know they still are given.
  8. There are some wonderful Life Magazine photos of leClercq in Metamorphosis http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?img...sa%3DG%26um%3D1 http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?q=m...4ad5973b12a0dd0
  9. Thank you!!! That's not quite the average tour! Loved the fish!
  10. I don't understand. The dancers aren't supplied with shoes from the company? Or do they try things on in the store and then tell them what to order? It still seems strange to me. I understand coming in to buy leotards, etc... but shoes? Is it a different system and the dancers are expected to supply their own shoes?
  11. I understand a memorial service is being held tomorrow (March 30th) at Symphony Space. Does anyone know what time? I have 9:00am, but don't know if my calendar invented that or I heard it.... [Ooops... I can't keep my weeks straight any more... it's NEXT Monday].
  12. Glad to know it wasn't just me! Thanks.
  13. I seem to be having trouble with today's links updates... When I click on them, I get sent to a Ballettalk error page instead of the articles.... but if I click on older links on the same thread, those links still work... I notice when I view the link before clicking on it, that the new links seem to send me to Ballettalk instead of outside... Could someone check to see if they have the same trouble? Thanks
  14. Slight Correction: The Wadsworth is in Hartford With Lectures by Alistair MacCaulay (Wed. April 15 & Lynn Garafola Sun, May 17) and videos of the ballets projected on the walls next to the costumes & set designs
  15. ... must... not... say ... it... must not...
  16. Sure that was Aeschylus? We're talking the bald incident, no?
  17. I was at the Wadsworth today to meet some friends and watch the movie Ballets Russes again. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time, but for different parts (must have been lost in thought first time around, I guess). They did a wonderful job on the exhibit this time. I went the last two times they've had some of their archive out, and it's really nicely done this year. They've gone to the trouble of projecting reconstructions of the ballets on the walls of the galleries showing costumes & designs... it makes the experience more accessible to the general public, I think (if you h
  18. ... sounds more like a notator than what we now think of as a choreographer...
  19. Thanks, rg, that's very enlightening... And in answer to the much valued photographer: various & sundry... It's interesting how a ballet becomes sort of a living entity on it's own... here is Paquita.. no longer much attached to it's creator and yet attached to it's earlier selves all the same... ballet as virus.... ideas morphing through generations... surviving almost by morphing... At what point do they just give up and die off? When no one remembers the good ones? Do they shed their original choreography like old skin? Or did they die long ago and we now value the ghost mor
  20. I only recently noticed how early in Petipa's career he staged Paquita. Whenever I see Paquita, I find myself thinking it looks like so much fun to dance, but very much like classroom exercises... (perhaps teachers just like to incorporate them and the music into class?).. so I'm not surprised that he would have made this while his own performing career was still current or not far gone... it seems like something a dancer would enjoy making... perhaps I'm wrong in this, but I sense that it's is perhaps more fun for less experienced dancers to tackle than say the Sleeping Beauty choreograph
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