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  1. I'm not so sure this is PA Ballet's first Forsythe... I saw archival footage years ago of Lisa Sundstrom dancing Step Text before 1990... I'm pretty sure she was performing it for PA Ballet, but I'm not positive... I really don't remember hearing it was for another company though....
  2. Didn't he start with Kansas City Ballet? Or was it Missouri State Ballet then? I thought he started with somewhat smaller companies... and Ailey wasn't so big when he saved it as it is now... artistically, perhaps, but budget wise, surely not...
  3. The money situation with the New York State Theater being renamed is understandable, but so are the feelings of being sold out... "state theater" sounds much more populist; named after a person who after all didn't found it but seems to have "bought" it, well... I don't know... shouldn't we all have known of Mr. Koch for years & years & years before the theater was named in his honor? If he goes broke too, perhaps they can change the name back some day...like the Mariinski/Kirov situation.... For how long was "in perpetuity" defined this time?
  4. Thanks so much for posting this info... a little digging on the Wadsworth site produced this: Also, it seems that this week , February 18-20, there are free “discovery” events from 1:30-3:00 for kids aged 7-12 (with adult): .And there's something being done by Full Force dance theater, but as I try to find it again, I can't... perhaps someone else will.
  5. Very very sad news. The world is lucky that she took so many wonderful photographs in addition to dancing, teaching, raising a family and supporting her husband in his many endeavors.
  6. http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?img...l%3Den%26sa%3DN Does anyone recognize this dancer? There are several photos of her on Life's collection of photos on Google. She faintly resembles a teacher of mine, but only faintly... still, I'm wondering...
  7. I don't know if it would be helpful to you or not, but there's a blog for animated dance: GreatDance.Com
  8. Please excuse my ignorance, but why are they called "herald" skirts?
  9. The stage froze??? No way!! (That must rank up there in performance from hell stories).... Love the rehearsal & class footage!
  10. I'm not sure why, but there seem to be two threads on this... So I'm putting a link here (even though the other thread is not so very long) http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=21135
  11. Saw it last night down at Quad something on 13th street in NYC... Some of the footage I had seen before on youtube... but it was interesting all the same. I didn't quite buy the toe shoe store bit... wondered what that was all about. Alina Samova looked better here than in the recent photographs. Made me want to see Obraztsova dance live, though... Interesting to see them in some Balanchine Rep... the Rubies looked mushy but Diamonds looked more like it... Lopatkina looks like good Balanchine raw material, after perhaps spending a year at NYCB to absorb more of the coaching. There w
  12. Can anyone explain to me why anyone would want to do a jeté like this? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...hpid=artsliving Is it just an example of the "more must be better" school? Or could some poet here illuminate the aesthetic value of it enough for me to appreciate the line?
  13. Is there anyone out there who kept visualizing Gorey style illustrations while reading A Series Of Unfortunate Events? (children's literature)
  14. Miliosr, do you know, is the structure of the dance related to a traditional Pavane or is it Limon's invention? I can't quite remember what I heard about topic, and Wikipedia's entry on Pavanes isn't terribly enlightening...
  15. I bring it up a little from time to time if I can relate it to a technique... say bouree and Taglioni... but in my experience most dance students seem totally bored by dance history (I don't mean my version of it, but when I've watched in other classes).. I know in my class that if I mention the name of a famous dancer, (like say "Baryshnikov" or "Nureyev"), they tend to give blank looks. Beyond Nutcracker, they've little clue. Perhaps it's because I teach in a backwater and most of them have never been to a ballet. However, I do bring them pictures I've cut from magazines/articles and h
  16. There are some comments about ballet partnering vs. Broadway partnering in this Robert Johnson article on NJ Ballet about a piece Patti Columbo is working on with them http://www.nj.com/entertainment/arts/index..._guarantee.html
  17. Yikes... I never knew realized anything happened to the male partner... miscommunication is a terrible thing... though I had been under the impression it was some sort of running leap was involved.... perhaps he was caught unawares and attempted too late to pull it off...
  18. There are some lifts that are dangerous if the partner isn't attentive. I had a teacher whose performing career was ended early because a partner wasn't ready to catch her. Perhaps these are called catches not lifts? I wonder. Mel, were you with the Joffrey at the time of the Green Table filming for Dance in America (she was in traction at the time). Do you know who I'm talking about? (I'm thinking if you do, you might know the lift in question)
  19. I love it! How wonderful!! What a great way to donate to a company, and help build audience as well!* I wish the NEA would do this all over the country... (* I'm sure NYCB fills it's orchestra all the time, but the more people see good dance, the more they want to see more good dance, so it plays beyond the single ticket sale.)
  20. One thing that hasn't been said... a good partner can make a not so good ballerina look great and and able to do things she could not on her own... a bad partner can make a good ballerina look awful and cause her to mess up things she normally has no trouble with unpartnered... Also, with some of the 19th century partnering, I think it was Jacques d'Amboise who told us, that the man was to always look at his partner, but she was not to look at him but rather out toward the czar... My modern dance friends used to object to ballet's tendency to haul women around like objects.
  21. 2009! We couldn't be more ready for you! May you bring as much financial bounty as 2008 brought financial ruin! (and may the Muse be bountiful too!)
  22. Well, if you're really interested in Denishawn, you really ought to open communications with the Humphrey Society. Stephanie Clemens, the president, is also a Denishawn reconstructor and grew up being babysat by Denishawn dancers. She studied at Julliard (under Tudor, I know, perhaps under Limon, but I don't remember her speaking of it). She worked a great deal with Karoun Tootikian, whom I believe held St. Denis' estate. I think they tried to donate the holdings to UCLA, but one day Karoun came in and found all those beautiful scarves and costumes thrown all over the floor of the dancers'
  23. You'll find all sorts of things! I recommend going to Lincoln Center if it's not difficult.
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