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  1. Interesting lighting experiment in that Youskevitch Alonso Black Swan pas de deux! Not sure it worked... I imagine they were trying to make up for TV's flatness... Youskevitch make those supported cabriole's look like so much fun!
  2. The Magic Swan? ... okay, this time I did scan the net before asking... Curiosity strikes: Who choreographed this ballet? And did the story line involve making a princess laugh?
  3. And I thought 5'6" was tall for a dancer of her time... Was Nanette Charisse her sister or her sister-in-law? (I imagine in-law, but sometimes others in a family take on a stage name) ... okay... went & dug on the net (like I should have done first... sometimes I forget most answers already exist in cyberspace)... it's Nenette not Nanette... she was a sister-in-law.
  4. I was wondering what was going through the other dancers' minds just at the moment
  5. This isn't related to Glazunov... but in the interests of keeping info on Les Sylphides & Chopiniana together in one place, I'm adding my question here... Is the second kneeling girl from the left making a mistake in this photo of the Kirov performing Chopiniana, or is this an interesting little fillip in the choreography? (And have you heard of a name for this interesting linking pose?) http://blog.nj.com/entertainment_impact_ar..._chopiniana.jpg
  6. It has always made me think of troikas when I heard it too!! (Makes me wonder if it was used in some movie soundtrack that planted the idea in my head)
  7. Thanks for the clip, Paul. She reminds me of other Cuban balerinas, but I can't put my finger on why... what the cuban ballerina style is... something about how they register the line in the poses? It's so hard to describe a style without implying things not intended and unintentionally slighting other styles... and yet I think there is a recogizeable Cuban ballerina style... or is it a physique? What exactly is it?
  8. I think it's interesting that at a time when dancers were still Russifying (is that a word?) their names, she Americanized hers... ~ Wikipedia (as of 5/21 11:44pm)
  9. Did the Reisinger ever leave Russia before the Ivanov/Petipa version made waves in the West?
  10. Two reviews of Boston Ballet in Dark Elegies Karen Campbell in the Boston Globe: http://www.boston.com/ae/theater_arts/arti..._boston_ballet/ Jeffrey Gantz in The Phoenix (with photo) http://thephoenix.com/article_ektid61675.aspx
  11. I thought he was entirely self-trained... but for the life of me I can't remember where I got that info... (perhaps there's an interview somewhere?)
  12. What an interesting idea to have a modern dance company take Tudor into it's repertory... which of Tudor's ballets could suffer having the pointe shoes removed?
  13. And some of us were named "Amy" as a result...
  14. I can't decide whether to head this thread "Too Much of a Good Thing" or "No Swans were Injured in the Making of This Ballet" The company looks fabulous... so many good dancers in the corps... almost too many. They're so good, that the choreographer seems to have given them choreography more suited to the Prince. How wonderful to see the men of the corps look like a dozen principals, and all together too, such a strong statement... How could I possibly complain? But, somehow, this made the rest of the ballet less for me. The staging is listed as "after Petipa/Ivanov", but I th
  15. Another addition to this thread: Alistaire Macauley in the NY Times: Under Analysis: The Psychology of Tudor's Ballets (2nd page has a nice photo of Tudor in a 1942 performance of Pillar of Fire) Speaking of which, this week Boston Ballet presents Dark Elegies alongside Balanchine's Concerto Barocco & Tharp's In The Upper Room
  16. Oddly enough, I think the immediacy of broadcast television served ballet better than videos do... there's something about the "catch it now before it's gone" that keeps them watching in a way that "when I have time to sit back and watch the video" doesn't....
  17. I think that like CDs, they will only encourage even more attendence... do people not go to live rock concerts because they happen to have a studio recording of the music?
  18. (I'm sorry if this should be asked elsewhere... I took a guess at this forum for the query) It seems I'm headed to Boston Ballet to see Swan Lake for Mothers Day. I was wondering who would be dancing but can't seem to find the info anywhere on their site. This seems a bit odd, as last Fall I was able to find out the casting for Sylphide. Anyone have any leads for me?
  19. Cristian, dancing in those costumes must have been trying, don't you think?! (not to mention choreographing for them!) could even have inspired Wheeldon! (joking)
  20. She couldn't have been so very old? (or has time been flying again) We've lost another light.
  21. If this post needs to be removed because it violates the rules, it's okay... I'm just no longer clear on what the policy is about videos posted on-line as there seems to be open discussion of youtube videos lately. (and it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the Rules section here: http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=215 ) I came across a video of Pavane pour une Infante Defunte on something called DigidanceTv amongst a lot of other dance videos. Can anyone tell me who the choreographer and dancers are? Is this Christopher Wheeldon's piece? http://link.brightcove.com/service
  22. Well, I guess so... I have trouble getting around the choreographer's name as the company name, I guess.. but I suppose that's just my problem.... I didn't have any trouble with The Joffrey doing other work than Robert Joffrey's, after all... Somehow, though I was thinking more along the lines of Ririe-Woodbury, whom I've heard of but never seen, or when Baryshnikov did those Judson reconstructions.... I'll have to re-think Ailey & Limon, I guess. I remember seeing the Graham company do Stroman and really disliking it; it seemed like ill chosen repertory for Graham dancers... although
  23. Would there be a problem with different styles of modern dance... jack-of-all-trades, master of none? Still, I'd like to see it... the masterpieces out there that die when their parent dies sadden me... who might perform outside of their ghost companies? Beyond college students, I mean? We need a few good modern dance rep companies... can't they include dancers with strengths in different styles, just as a ballet company often has dancers with strengths in different types of ballet?
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