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  1. I do not understand. Here it is 2010, we have a ballerina with a more extravagant leap than any in previous history, a ballet with hauntingly beautiful music introducing one of the world's most celebrated 20th century composers... a ballet that took Paris by storm on it's premiere... (what is more representative of Ballets Russes' splashdown in Paris than "The Firebird"?)... And yet we are hearing very little about it. I do not understand. I realize that NYCB had it on the program in January, the Australian Ballet did it in 2009, but it seems very underplayed for a ballet of its fame in
  2. Frankly, I suspect keeping ABT running might well add a few years to one's age....
  3. Considering the quality of the clips from last season that they posted on YouTube, I couldn't be more pleased! The Giselle clips were so sensitively and beautifully framed, I hope it's the same people working on this...
  4. Meant to post immediately after performance, but couldn’t get to it… Connecticut Ballet presented 4 premieres at Riverfront Recapture in Hartford, an open air theater on the banks of the Connecticut River. It is wonderful to have a free performance, but this venue has very steep seating for the audience, with reserved seating of folding beach chairs for donors, which were graciously opened up to us hoi palloi when the donors didn’t fill them… however several of us had trouble with them sliding down the hill at inopportune moments. Didn’t know what to expect and had invited several dance st
  5. With an earlier PA Ballet generation, I was surprised by Tamara Hadley in it... she was so vibrantly in control of the space that everything seemed larger than it could really be... quite beyond her underlings and victim... sounds like overacting, but it was more "dangerous" than "oversold". Other's in that run may have been more seductive, but none had the fatale down so well...
  6. Such worrying news... I so hope the surgery is successful and we & Mr. Wong can enjoy his airborne excursions again!
  7. I wish someone would ask Jacques d'Amboise about this... my memory is lousy, but I thought I remembered his son Christopher saying it had been made for Jacques, but he didn't premiere it... would it have been Adams & d'Amboise and when Verdy was switched in they also switched in Ludlow? If I remember the story right (it was a pre-performance speech, so I wasn't the only one to hear it...), Balanchine offered the rights to d'Amboise and he bashfully didn't accept them... ...but confirmation would really help here.
  8. Olga Preobajenska is very private... Some of these pages you can peruse and decide if you would like to friend, but Olga allows no previews! :^)
  9. I'm betting it was Cecchetti too... ballet master for the Ballets Russes... would make one consider the technique "Russian".
  10. More power to them... I think it's great that they're all lending their celebrity to bring attention to the Ellington school, a very worthy school. It's not a threat to the Kirov Academy, apples & oranges, and I agree that it's an odd complaint.
  11. Thanks for bumping this up... had forgotten and there are some nice clips.
  12. I'm interested in your analysis... did this seem shot to encourage the moment to be uncomfortable?
  13. Well... there does exist this video of Cojocaru balancing just fine on her own:
  14. The slide show is enlightening regarding the costume design for those of us who haven't seen this production. I do wish they had done something a little different on the Bluebird.
  15. Leonid, this is wonderful! One can almost see it and hear it in the music, it explains why the variation starts off so cloyingly sweet... as if she's describing being a tiny princess... and finishes brilliantly as the now fully grown princess. ...Cute to ravishing... Makes me wonder if once upon a time the steps & port de bras started lower and grew larger as they repeated...
  16. I find the whole thing rather hard to swallow... first that she was walking alone... she's a mega-star after all and this is NY... no one around Lincoln Center recognized her? With all the cameras everywhere, seems like there'd be a shot of it. Someone punch a girl in the face and no one around her object? Must have been awfully fast. I'm suspicious. But I hope she is okay!!
  17. I was very sorry to see this today in the news Links: http://www.dailyrecord.com/article/2010060...g+to+Morristown .. I hope NJ Ballet doesn't fall victim to the same troubles other companies have suffered... they've done their Nutcracker at the Papermill since the beginning... I pray their story will read like Boston Ballet's rather than like Hartford Ballet's. Is it so necessary to bring in a Broadway road show at the expense of the local company?
  18. Well, I did go... to the afternoon event... taking my daughter and at the last minute a friend of hers as well... The dance was free w/ admission, but museum admission & parking add up. Originally I was interested because I heard Hartford's best dance physical therapist was going to speak... but there were no sports medicine or science professionals (what is a science professional?) present... Apparently that was only for the Evening by invitation event. The treat was that the dancers were very good, particularly considering the small size of the troupe and it's funding... They br
  19. CT Ballet Hartford Office had the answer... Dancers will be there doing workshops in the afternoon, but the performance isn't until the evening and is for donors.
  20. Too bad this wasn't more clearly organized (by the museum?)... No one mans the phone on Saturdays at the museum. It's expensive, 40 miles away, and we've been there in the past year more than once, so I'm not inclined to go if the program isn't happening. I'm going to see if I can reach anyone at Connecticut Ballet. Seems they would know.
  21. I don't understand... the CT Science Center has this: But you seem to have it down as 6:00-8:00pm When is it? Would like to come.
  22. Funny you should mention this just now... I've been considering the beautiful Igone de Jongh's portrayal of Myrtha as seen on the Dutch National Ballet's promotional clips on youtube.... a Myrtha who didn't take to being victimized lightly... so much more interesting! &
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