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  1. Small note, here, that the current AD's correct name is Natalia Akhmarova. Danced with Boston Ballet from 1993-1997. Beautiful dancer, sweet and lovely person. So glad she is so successful back in her home turf.
  2. I agree with so many of the previously mentioned favorites but I am surprised no one has mentioned either the dream or letter pas de deux from Cranko's Onegin. I particularly love the letter pas de deux. Of course the cast is crucial as well. I have seen them live many times but there are some great ones to be viewed on UTube.
  3. This is upsetting news. Send positive thoughts for his recovery. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20182300,00.html I knew a number of dancers that knew him from his ballet days and therefore always followed his career. Moderators please move if it should be posted elsewhere.
  4. Joanne Woodward has been mentioned by others but it is a fact that she was the primary funder of Dennis Wayne's company Dancers that he started in 1976.
  5. "Beehive" by choreographer Jim Self.
  6. Alina


    Your Tanny is truly beautiful!!! My Audrey aka Audrey Hepburn is equally elegant, special, and spoiled! From one dog lover to another- is there anything better than our faithful canine companion!
  7. I did not know Jennifer Alexander although I probably have seen her dance. However, I am so sad for her husband, her immediate family, her ABT family, and all of the dance world. She was obviously a very special dancer, who loved her profession. It is a terrible loss for all of us.
  8. Alina

    James Dunne

    I have lately been thinking about an old friend of mine, James Dunne. He danced with Harkness and then Joffrey back in the late 60's to early 70's. He then danced with Dennis Wayne's company when it first began eventually moving into teaching. He met a tragic death in 1994 in Hawaii. He was an interesting, complex person and wondering if any folks here have any recollections about him. From what I know his life was a pretty interesting story.
  9. Odile---Tatiana Terekhova Odette--- Markarova Odette/Odile--- tie: Nina Ananashvili, Larissa Ponomarenko- Boston Ballet
  10. To me Larissa Ponomarenko is one of the finest dancers of the times. Dramatically she is always so real and tremendously moving. Technically she is so pure and clear. While her Russian roots give her so much she has expanded herself to be good in anything whether it is classical or contemporary. Her Tatiana in Onegin is amazing. She is truly Boston Ballet's treasure. I wish more people could see her.
  11. I am deeply saddened to hear this news. I never knew Mr. Smuin but knew many, many dancers that worked with him and thought so highly of him. I have also seen a number of his works over the years and enjoyed them. I suppose the fact that he died doing what he loved most is a good thing but it seems to me it was pre-mature. He seemed to be still in a vibrant time in his career and life. May he rest in peace and his children, former wife, and countless dancers have my deepest condolenses.
  12. I am a dog person. I like cats too but unfortunately am allergic. I think most dancers are more likely cat people because of their long hours, touring, etc. I do remember fondly, back in the 80's when there would be a whole line-up of dogs sleeping in the corner of the room during Maggie Black's class!
  13. I put this on the other link but I am so saddened especially for Maria and his family I am repeating my post here. I was dancing with Boston Ballet when Fernando met Maria. Their relationship was truly a great love story. Two people meant for each other. My heart goes out to her-so soon and young to lose the love of your life. The same to his daughter that he loved dearly. Dad should be there to see you graduate, marry, have his grandchildren. Seems so unfair, tragic, and unexplainable. It is a huge loss to the dance world and a monumental one for his family. We as his dance family shall never forget all he has contributed.
  14. I have NEVER seen a take over of the artistic side of a company where there are no changes. The Artistic Director has to have the support from the Board for he or she to have some ability to put their imprint on the company. The Board may select an AD with similar vision but it is not fair to expect a carbon copy. It is 9 times out of 10 painful for some folks involved. Change is hard but in my experience usually is positive. But of course there are those exceptions where an AD has ruined a good thing! A year or two of adjustment is usually necessary before it is fair to judge.
  15. Alina

    A Special Bond??

    Having worked with a variety of dancers and been a dancer myself I do not think sexual orientation has anything to do with "chemistry" or as we call it here "that special bond". I have seen "the bond" and had it equally- each in it's own unique way- with different partnerships. So much is involved in the final analysis. Similar to marriage it is a blend of personality, physical compatibility ( in this case, as dancers), working habits (pretty important-I find), sense of humor, timing (both musically, in reflexes, and in life in general), and numerous other small details that make it work. It is hard for me to explain or understand why the magic reveals itself or not. I have seen wonderful partnerships between people that were not on the surface at all compatable. I have had great experiences with a few partners that my only relationship existed in the studio and on the stage. Our life together grew only in that environment, but was quite profound in that context. There were for me and as I witness- other times that the work is just that- professional but with no spark, try as the dancers do. To me the mystery remains as to why it happens and is part of what makes this art form and the beauty of live performance so endlessly intriguing!
  16. Yes it does. Also, wonderful stories of their life together and friendship in later years.
  17. Have any of you read the book by Kelly's former wife, Betsy Blair "The memory of all that". The first half in particular is a fascinating and her referances to him are always with great respect and love. I personally thoroughly enjoyed this book. Her later life is very interesting in it's own right!
  18. I am not sure how Christine Temin got those numbers. My calculation has new dancers as a total of 23. 14 new company dancers (3 principal, 4 soloists, 7 corps) and 11 Boston Ballet II dancers. Seems she calculated former dancers being promoted as a new dancer. BBII (the apprentice group) always has a big change year to year. Some join the company, others are given a second year. This past year all but one BBII dancer got a job elsewhere if they were not hired at BB. 3 of the former BBII dancers joined the corps and 2 have been retained for another year. Incidentally, Michael Cusumano danced with Boston Ballet during Nutcracker some years ago while he was with ABT and on lay-off.
  19. Okay!!!! so I am Petipa and Stravinsky!!!! Bizarre by my account!!! I have very little aptitude or drive for choreography. However, l am greatly ispired by music. Shostikovich and Prokofiev, is more my taste and heart. I greatly respect Stravinsky and am quite enthralled by his relationship and collaboration with Balanchine. However, to come out as this mix gives me a little boost!!!
  20. Very clever! I am a pathetic choreographer. Only do it out of need! But I turned out to be Petipa, which was a little surprising. Fun to explore, but I'll stay with teaching and occasionally "crafting" something when I have to!
  21. One of the most tragic I know of, mostly because extremely horrible circumstance was James Dunne, a former Harkness, Joffrey dancer who was murdered in Hawai in 1995. He had retired but was gaining reputation as a teacher. Very sad for me, he was a good friend with a lot more to give.
  22. Alina

    Where is GLAZE

    Jennifer Glaze is still in Boston. She is Artistic Coordinator for the company, teaches in the school, and will be teaching this summer in SDP.
  23. Sadly, he's been out with an injury since Nutcracker. I hear he is back in class but not ready to perform.
  24. Mary J, Violette Verdy's partner in Giselle years ago in Boston was Edward Villella. It was one of my first live Giselle performances and it still stands out in my memories.
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