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  1. I remember Batoeva's Gamzatti in DC; it really was a highlight for me, and my mom who was with me and is not really a ballet fan.
  2. I do not have the extensive knowledge and history of others on this forum, so I cannot really answer the topic question, but I am glad to see Obraztsova mentioned. When I think of a "complete" ballerina, I do not look for someone who excels equally in everything. I look for someone who is sublime in much and excellent in all. I believe she is that. I also look for someone who is never awkward or unsure in the management of her limbs, light in movement, has body positions that appear harmonious and fluid, and it neither wooden nor overly affected in acting or stage manner. To me she is all of these. I have not found all of these qualities in some other ballerinas mentioned, who often receive more attention from management and who have much merit also. I disagree that she does not have the dramatic acting ability for many classical roles, and I do not think long limbs are necessary; it it how one uses what one has. I do not understand how she is not more used at the Bolshoi. I also think Cojocaru ranks highly and is exceptional.
  3. Meow

    Olga Smirnova

    I have been eagerly waiting for reviews, and am sorry your experience was not positive. I thought her SL at the Stanislavsky was superb as far as characterization, and was really looking forward to her developing more in the role.
  4. Meow

    Marcelo Gomes

    Thank you! That particular performance of the Onegin dream pdd is one of my favorites.
  5. I thought Obraztsova was incredibly effective as Odile. Evil, but with nuance. In the youtube video, her fouettes look secure and centered. I'm not sure I understand the criticism of them, but I am also not a dancer.
  6. Obraztsova at the Kennedy Center would be a dream.
  7. Meow

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Ahh...how wonderful! Someone put a lot of work into making those subtitles. Thanks for alerting!
  8. I absolutely cannot wait to see Evgenia Obraztsova in this. Here is a youtube video of her discussing it: I hope videos show up, many and soon.
  9. I also attended the Saturday, May 25 evening performance and thought that Riho Sakamoto, Kanon Kimora, and Hyuma Kiyosawa were standouts. Riho has been consistently impressive for years, and I am looking forward to seeing how her career develops in the future.
  10. Thank you for posting the videos of Irina's ABT farewell. I really wish that I could have gotten to NY to see her in Onegin. This may be more appropriate in another conversation, but here is a lengthy and interesting interview with Irina, including some of her reasons for retirement: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/dance/ballerina-irina-dvorovenko-talks-about-american-ballet-theatre-and-on-your-toes-1?intcid=leader
  11. Meow

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    So incredible. Thank you.
  12. Meow

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    It looks like there is a new, lengthy documentary of Evgenia available on youtube: (part 2: ). Would any Russian speaker be able to provide a summary, please? I can only understand the broad outlines. Thank you in advance.
  13. I thought the dress was a burnt-orange. Alexandra, thank you for the interview. I think the problem may just be that I have been watching too much Evgenia Obraztsova on youtube.
  14. I saw the mixed bill this evening. Most of the people who post here are more educated about the ballet than I am, so it was interesting for me to read the mostly positive reviews. My reaction to Symphony in C was that is was not the pristine, classical dancing I expected. To me, it did not seem sharp and clear. The Moor's Pavane was the high point for me, and I thought Simone Messmer was the standout. I wondered if the men could have given it more force. In Symphony No. 9, it seemed to me that Ratmansky threw in everything but the kitchen sink. Everyone was moving all the time, there did not seem to be much purpose or even beauty to a lot of it, and then there were these moments that I guess were supposed to be coy humor, like the repeated falling to the floor in jerky steps, that just made me say What??? And why???
  15. Thank you abatt. These are my thoughts exactly, but you articulated them better than I! I second you both.
  16. This conversation is very interesting to me, and I wish I had seen the performance. I recall seeing videos of Gelsey Kirkland's Juliet, and the consensus was that she was passionate and inspired, but I thought it was over the top and affected. I do not have much ballet education and so enjoy reading the reasons why viewers think as they do. So -- thank you for sharing!
  17. Thank you for the reviews, and I look forward to many more! I was actually in tears because I could not get to NY to see this ballet. The youtube clip of Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg in the final scene is one of the most powerful pieces of performance I have ever seen, and I would so love to see this in person. I am keeping fingers crossed that ABT will bring this ballet to DC.
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