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  1. ENB is streaming Manon tomorrow as part of their Wednesday Watch Party. Cast: Cojocaru, Calley, Cirio. From ENB’s archives, circa 2016-17. Wednesday 24 June at 7pm BST on Facebook and YouTube. Remains available for several days.
  2. Ms Bouders partner in her Instagram photo looks much like Damien Woetzel who retired ten years ago. Would someone on this Board please enlighten me as to the correct identity? In any case, even one who may have excelled in a role several years ago sometimes “outgrows” it. A somewhat polite way of saying that they just do not look as good as they once did. In the case of SB that means being somewhat able to convince the audience that she is sixteen.Techicnical proficiency is not everything, especially in a story ballet.
  3. Margaret and Kathleen Tracey Zippora and Romy Karz Roy sisters
  4. I still cannot choose Parterre or Orch seats when using an iPad. This is also true for the Met Opera performances.
  5. Someone at ABT must have read Ballet Alert or sales must be abysmal! This is an email I just received from ABT. Note the last paragraph. Sent by: American Ballet Theatre Reply to the sender Dear Subscriber: American Ballet Theatre looks forward to its 2016 Spring Season at the Metropolitan Opera House, and we are very grateful for your support as a subscriber. We hope that you have been able to take advantage of this week's priority subscription exchange privileges continuing through tomorrow, Saturday March 19 at the Met Box Office. Subscribers may exchange subscription tickets for any 2016 Spring Season performance, excluding the Gala on May 16 evening. If you would like, subscribers may also purchase additional individual tickets before the Box Office opens to the general public this Sunday March 20. Additional individual tickets may be purchased at the Met Box Office today or tomorrow from 10am-8pm or by telephone at 212-362-6000. Cordially, American Ballet Theatre
  6. In ye olde days, think the Kirkland, Makarova, Baryshnikov, Gregory , etc, years, ABT would have many shows almost completely sold out before the box office opened.
  7. I think you got a wise guy. I exchanged five tickets, ending up with nine tickets. I "traded down" to less expensive seats and then had a minor additional amount to pay, something like ten dollars. It is a shame they were not helpful, if for no other reason than PR. From what I can see nothing...not Ferri, not Copeland, is well sold, other than center orchestra which has been "pulled" for those performances.
  8. Ms. Lopatkina appeared in Swan Lake in Tokyo with the Mariinsky on 5 December and took a detour through New York on her way back to St Petersburg. The evening, as Alina said in her post performance comments, was truly friends supporting friends. Terribly sad however for both those who, if they only knew about the Gala, would have loved to have seen it, and for the consequential loss of financial support for the ONB that the lack of publicity led to a less than full house.
  9. ABT has finally posted Monotones casting.
  10. ABT has updated its Fall Koch casting. Zhurbin has picked up one of the three previously TBA Green Tables. Lendorf has disappeared from the previously announced casting wiith Whiteside filling in for several of his shows.
  11. There are also orchestra seats (first 8 rows, extreme sides) at $22 after the 25% discount. You do miss the rear corner of the stage on the side where you are seated but they are quite good.
  12. For many years the POB casting was listed very far ahead. If I recall it was for each on sale period. Then injuries became a problem and for the past few years casting was last minute. The principals, however, have always know their dates months ahead, except for injuries/replacements.
  13. Has anyone heard who will be replacing Shapran and Bondareva on the NY tour? They are both still listed on the State Theater casting.
  14. I was told by a company administrator that they will be at BAM, doing only Cinderella, the week before the Kennedy Center season, but as we all know too well, nothing about the current Mariinsky is certain until the performance has begun.
  15. I was at a q and a given by Filin when he was in NY for the YAGP. Filin made it very clear that the Lincoln Center Festival people dictated the repertoire and his choices would have been very different.
  16. Hallberg is out and Cornejo has been out...it is not, as seems to be assumed by those on this board, Cojocaru who "bailed." Last year she was out, and gave advance notice that she would be out, because of a broken foot. This year she has done an incredible number of shows throughout the world and has not missed even one. Bolle had rehearsed with Seo for Saturdays show...maybe one should ask whether he could/should have stepped in and danced with Cojocaru on Friday. For those who have not seen it Alina's Swan is extraordinary. She has a melting Odette and a strong, sensual Odile. Hoping for next year......
  17. If you have not yet seen Olga Smirnova get thee to the Met on Wednesday. Vaganova trained, immediately taken into Bolshoi as soloist, still only 22. Some faults but always improving and definitely on the path of greatness. A marvel in all that she does. Muntagirov, to me at least, runs hot and cold, but is always an excellent partner. Act II should be brilliant..her Nikya in London was extraordinary. Copeland is, well, Copeland, Not my cup of tea but possibly yours.
  18. Tickets arrived today. Subscriber exchanges March 23 to 29. Then resume April 7.
  19. For ABT you cannot choose exact seats for any type of subscription. If you are a subscriber you can exchange for almost any performance ( not opening night and not a gala if there is another). Day of week or performance does not matter, but you will have to pay any additional cost or contribute any refundable amount.
  20. Over the years I have found that many who are announced are no shows. Sometimes the artists do mot even know they have been listed. This years gala seems to have many interesting participants so, if I were you, I would presume that several who you are looking forward to seeing will not appear and if that leaves enough then go.
  21. I agree that Dances at a Gathering is too long ...which leads to the question...what part or parts would we be willing to give up? After much thought, over several years of Dances watching I cannot come up with an answer. Thoughts?
  22. The Ratmansky Nutcracker will have ended before you arrive but there is so much available anyway. Be sure to check Goldstar.com asap. A brief, free registration is required but their discounts for performances and NY "experiences" are often excellent. They do add fees but they are much less than those of most theaters. As of this morning they had nicely discounted seats for the Rockettes for dates you are in NY. Since you are visiting during our most popular tourist season this is the one time I strongly suggest you get your tickets in advance.
  23. Frousty was brilliant. Having seen her as a soloist in Paris many times i thought she was nice but not quite there yet. Today she was a revelation. Her lyricism and musicality stood out. It was like watching the music. ...moving as part of it, not to it. Techincally excellent. Will definitely be at tomorrows matinee. Very disappointing that we will not get to see her do Cinderella.
  24. Drew, If you do not mind paying a markup your hotel in Petersburg will always be able to get ballet tickets. Various hotels have never, in the past twenty years, failed me, even when asked the day before a "sold out" performance, including during both the White Night and International Ballet Festivals.
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