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  1. Thanks so much for your help, everyone. I just called the box office and they told me that the front row will be Row B for these performances. Really looking forward to it!
  2. I have a question for those familiar with this venue. I found a seating chart (link to PDF) on their website, but there are 2 different seating charts shown for the orchestra seats - one with an orchestra pit (where the front row is Row B), and one without (where the front row is Row BB). I would guess that the first seating chart applies for the Royal Ballet's performances, since the listing on their website says it will have a live orchestra. But when I go to book seats, the seating map shown starts at Row BB. There aren't any seats available until further back from that, but I wasn't su
  3. Is anyone else going to this? I wasn't planning on it but they've just announced the cast and it looks great so I've purchased a ticket. Here's the info: http://www.eno.org/whats-on/other/russian-ballet-icons I'm really pleased to see Alexandre Riabko & Silvia Azzoni together with Vadim Muntagirov and Daria Klimentova on the same bill - and I'm looking forward to seeing Sergei Polunin, who I haven't seen yet. In fact, there are quite a few names there I recognize but haven't seen perform yet, so I'm very excited. If anyone's been to the past galas, I'd be curious to hear what you made
  4. Yes I'm seeing this in July and really looking forward to it. Would love to hear everyone else's thoughts.
  5. There's a great feature on this program from CNN, if anyone's interested, with several clips from the ballets performed: http://edition.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2014/02/06/spc-art-of-movement-ballet.cnn.html
  6. I love it (and many of these Ballets Russes pieces, too. I think there are quite a few good Spectres, but not so many great ones. But Muntagirov was really perfect. Too bad it's only ten minutes long!
  7. ENB have announced that Daria Klimentova will retire after performing in Romeo and Juliet in June: http://blog.ballet.org.uk/daria-klimentova-farewell-performances-romeo-juliet-royal-albert-hall/ Vadim Muntagirov will return for her three performances, including her very last one on 22 June. I'm very sorry to see that she's leaving, but I'm looking forward to seeing her in June (I have tickets for the 14th and 22nd) - I'm sure they'll be really special. And I'm glad I'll get to see Daria and Vadim dance together, which I haven't seen yet.
  8. I went to see this on Thursday night and really enjoyed it - some performances more than others (there were 15 different pieces), but overall, really liked it. I especially enjoyed Vadim Muntagirov in Spectre de la Rose - I enjoy Nijinsky's ballets and I couldn't have asked for a better performance from him. He really has extraordinarily beautiful arms. The other Ballets Russes items on the program - L'après-midi d'un faune and an extract from Petrushka - didn't fare as well, unfortunately. But I appreciated that they were there. Other highlights for me included a new piece by Javier de F
  9. Welcome, Ilona! I am a huge fan of the Hamburg Ballet and there's not that much in English online about them, so I read your blog posts avidly. It's really wonderful to hear someone else's opinions about them. I would like to see some other companies in Germany at some point, Stuttgart especially - I just saw Marijn Rademaker in a performance here in London and he was wonderful. I'd love to hear more about your ballet travels!
  10. I'm a little saddened to hear this, although of course I can understand why he would want to go and I wish him all the best. I appreciate what ENB is trying to do and I enjoyed seeing him dance with them. He's only 23, though, so there's much more to come. I am actually seeing him dance later this week, in this.
  11. What a wonderful video! Looking at where the shop is located, I must have walked past it many times - I'll have to stop in someday. Great article, too. I didn't realize the Royal Ballet had so many rules for these things, though! I feel bad for the male dancers not being able to get any flowers. Oh, and thanks for the tip, kbarber!
  12. I'm curious about how different companies approach casting. For companies you follow, what's their general philosophy? For instance.. Do dancers seem to be cast according to certain "types," or do they often dance a variety of different parts? How often do lower-ranked members of the company dance lead roles? And how often do principals dance minor (or at least non-lead) roles? When a ballet is announced, are you usually able to guess which dancers will be cast in which parts? Or do the casting choices surprise you? Have there been times when you were particularly surprised by a piece
  13. I've come across a recording of the Royal Danish Ballet performing John Neumeier's Romeo and Juliet, from 1987, with Mette-Ida Kirk and Ib Andersen, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this? I can't find any references to a video or DVD online, which is unfortunate, because the copy I saw looks like it was recorded from a TV broadcast and the quality is not great. The performance is absolutely wonderful, though. There don't seem to be any clips of it online, either, so I posted one on YouTube if anyone's interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sa1N4gvvyU
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