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Sarah Lane

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1 hour ago, angelica said:

Thanks so much for posting this, vipa! I have always loved Sarah Lane's dancing, and whether rightly or wrongly, I have always blamed McKenzie for the pauses in the trajectory of her career.

That's my opinion too.  He never really appreciated her dancing or valued her.  Same goes for his sour attitude toward Veronika Part.

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On 12/28/2023 at 10:23 PM, vipa said:

Sarah Lane is a quality dancer. I'm sorry she isn't with a company. She's made her own decisions for whatever reasons.

She looks lovely in that video, thanks for posting vipa. As for Brooklyn Mack, the only time I saw him was when he guested with ABT several years back. I liked him a lot and was sorry he didn't return. I haven't followed his career since then, and while some of the partnering here looks awkward (maybe partly the height difference), he has a wonderful nobility and great springy quality in his legs. 

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