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ABT 2020 Promotions.

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9 minutes ago, Victura said:

For what it’s worth, the “Dancer” shows up as the category of the page, which appears if the profile is a business account, similar to the way a business might be able to designate themselves as a restaurant or cafe. It’s not part of one’s written bio. The category appears on the app but it may not necessarily appear if you’re looking at Instagram from a browser.

Up until a day or two, however, it was in her written bio.

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It’s disheartening to see that Sarah has erased the “Dancer” from her written bio. She worked so hard to earn “Principal Dancer @abtofficial.” But Sarah is clearly still dancing/putting in the studio time, as evidenced by her recent posts. I know that Misa Kuranaga just joined SFB. So despite COVID, there are still seasoned dancers joining other companies. (I bring her up because I believe that she and Sarah are around the same age.) I just want to see Sarah dance again in the future. I’d travel anywhere to see her, as I’m sure many of her other fans would as well. Even a regional company! I’d be so happy if Sarah announced that she was joining a regional company, because that would mean I could still see her dance. A Juliet from her on a regional stage would be just as magical as it would’ve been at the met. It will probably be a good while until we can experience live shows, but I’d gladly wait if I knew that Sarah’s dancing was on the other end. Wistful thinking perhaps, but until Sarah indicates otherwise, I’m going to hope that her SL last Feb wasn’t the last time I’ll ever see her dance. 

(I will say though that she seems happy to be teaching. If she has indeed ended her performing career, I do think that she’d make a wonderful teacher.) 

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4 hours ago, naomikage said:

Kaho Ogawa, former corps de ballet has announced she passed the entrance exam to a medical university in Tokyo to become a medical doctor. Great achievement after only a year and half after leaving ABT.


Christine Shevchenko is announcing on Instagram that she was admitted to Harvard, postponed admission, and is now taking classes on-line. I wonder how much of her degree she can finish that way before she needs to attend in-person. She's someone I'm really eager to see again in the theater.


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