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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Relief Funds

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Following is a list of links I've found so far to Coronavirus relief funds.  If I've missed any that have been posted to date, I'd appreciate if you would add them to this thread.

From @pherank:

SFB has sent out a notice regarding the creation of a SF Ballet Critical Relief Fund "to support our dancers, musicians, students, and staff during this uncertain time".


From @LadyBubbles:

Some of the ABT dancers shared this link on IG a few days ago (Alexandra Basmagy has it linked in her bio) https://pages.donately.com/dancersemergencyfund/campaign/dancers-emergency-fund

From @California posted the letter from ABT, with the following info:

Send an additional gift to the ABT Crisis Relief Fund here.


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On 3/24/2020 at 8:47 PM, California said:

Washington Ballet sent out email today about their emergency fund-raiser. Here it is on their web site:


Pacific Northwest Ballet has a fund: https://www.pnb.org/support/special-projects/relief-fund/

Update:  The Kennedy Center is included in the potential Stimulus Package for 25 million and  hopefully NEA funds will go to ABT.  https://www.kennedy-center.org/our-story/message/ https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/25/politics/trump-kennedy-center-funding-stimulus/index.html https://support.abt.org/ABTCrisisReliefFund   

Rutter appears to be proud of her 50% pay cut down to an estimated $600,000 and  CNN states about 800 people were laid off.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/arts-groups-have-never-been-very-flush-with-cash-now-theyre-facing-an-even-bigger-battle-for-survival/2020/03/22/5c308dd8-6a1b-11ea-abef-020f086a3fab_story.html?utm_campaign=wp_main&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter#comments-wrapper

“We have to figure out how to make it to May 10, and if we have to [close] longer than May 10 what does that mean?” says Deborah F. Rutter, the Kennedy Center’s president. “We have to be responsible, make sure everybody is healthy...

 At the Kennedy Center, Rutter hasn’t had time to calculate the cost of an eight-week shutdown, but it could top $20 million and more if this summer’s 14-week run of “Hamilton” is affected. The arts center depends on its box office, which accounts for more than half of its $279 million annual budget...Rutter said she has taken a 50 percent pay cut (she earned $1.2 million in 2018, according to tax filings), and her senior-team salaries have been cut, too."

3/28/20 https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/arts-groups-have-never-been-very-flush-with-cash-now-theyre-facing-an-even-bigger-battle-for-survival/2020/03/22/5c308dd8-6a1b-11ea-abef-020f086a3fab_story.html?utm_campaign=wp_main&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter#comments-wrapper

Rutter is laying off NSO [effective 4/3/20 ]with no benefits [effective 5/31/20] and now not taking her salary.  Union grievance filed.  "Rutter told her staff earlier in the week that she was suspending her $1.2 million salary until the crisis ended, saying she needed to be the first to sacrifice and that more cuts were coming. Weekly payroll for the musicians is $400,00o, an arts center spokeswoman said."

The Met/Lincoln Center used to not show ABT [renter] as existing events for purchase under dance.  KC doesn't show TWB renter. NYCB benefits as a member of the CIG-Cultural Institutions Group.





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I thought it was interesting how SFB is describing their budgetary needs:

How to Help While We Shelter in Place

Company Class $50

$50 is equivalent to sending one member of San Francisco Ballet's Corps de Ballet to Company Class each morning. With your support, our artists can continue to take class online with our Ballet Masters. As special thanks for your gift, you will receive a special video message from one of our Company dancers.

Behind the Curtain $75

It takes a committed staff behind the scenes to keep us together during this time. From extending immigration status for our artists to making sure we prepare our company to work remotely from home, your gift will support the unsung heroes of this crisis. In gratitude, a member of our staff will walk you through how to use the videophone product of your choice, i.e. Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Skype and/or FaceTime. We will also give you a shout out on our Instagram account!

Online Classes at San Francisco Ballet School $150

For $150, you can pay a teacher to create two 30-minute pre-recorded dance classes to send to our students. Help us not only keep our students active but also keep our teachers employed! As special thanks for your gift, you will receive a music file download featuring our very own SF Ballet Orchestra.

A Midsummer Night's Dream $200

Opening night on March 6 was also closing night, and SFB lost $672,000 in revenue for tickets that we were unable to sell for the rest of the cancelled run. For your gift, we are happy to mail you a beautiful copy of the program book from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Let There Be Music $250

Our stage may be dark and our orchestra pit empty, but ballet thrives on having live music. Keep our musicians working by helping to subsidize their instrument maintenance and preparation. In recognition, you'll receive a personalized thank you video from one of our SF Ballet Orchestra members.

Continuity for Artists $500

With no performances to rehearse for, we still need your help to keep our Dancers paid during this time. As special thanks for your gift, you will receive a special video message from one of our Company dancers.

Online Creative Content $1,000

With the enthusiastic partnership of all of our artists and creators, help us continue to provide you content that will remind you that there is still joy and beauty in our world. Your gift will help us pay the royalties and hosting fees to keep this content coming and our artists employed. As special thanks, you will receive an invitation to virtually meet with one of our Company dancers.

They are also listing the donors on the fund page (presumably if those people agree to be named).


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Short interview with James Sofranko:

Grand Rapids Ballet goes online with virtual programs

Available online starting May 15 at 7pm for 72 hours only.

A donation to GRB will give viewers access to the online video content:



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Dying Swan marathon


This fundraising event, organized by Misty Copeland and Joseph Phillips, features a multitude of dancers from Sarah Mearns to Precious Adams, benefits dance related relief funds.

Here is the full description from the Go Fund Me page.  I had trouble formatting the copied text.


Swans For Relief 

In these unpredictable times, ballet companies - like many organizations - are fighting to survive.  

Ballet companies are largely dependent on revenue from performances to pay their dancers and fund their operations, but we are now confronting the uncertainty of when we will return to the stage and once again fill performance venues. Some estimates are that large gatherings like concerts and performances will not be able to resume for another 18-24 months. The live performance aspect of what we do means so much to us, and this time away from the stage has proven difficult as performing not only provides us with a means to live, but it also is what keeps us feeling alive.   

Consequently, many dancers are unable to depend on paychecks and are facing the hardship of paying rent and/or buying food and other necessities.   

We are coming together to help fellow dancers who are struggling financially. The 32 ballerinas featured in this special video performance represent ballet companies from around the world, including the US, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Norway, Russia, Cuba, France, the Philippines, Canada, Austria, Mexico, Denmark, and China.    

For us, the idea of 32 beautiful and strong women from different walks of life coming together to speak the common language of dance felt so unifying and empowering in these uncertain times.    

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different, especially in these precarious times, but we would be so grateful to those who are able to donate, no matter the amount. If you are not able to donate, please consider sharing the link to this fundraiser so that it might reach more people who are able to give and share in turn. The arts are vital in bringing people together and helping us process the human condition, and in these very unusual times it is dancers who can truly use the support.    

Thanks to seed funding from K Period Media,  funds raised will be distributed to each dancer’s company’s COVID-19 relief fund, or other arts/dance-based relief funds in the event that a company is not set up to receive donations. Distribution of funds will be administered through our partner, Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as a gateway to giving for the entertainment industry, creating and supporting groundbreaking campaigns that raise awareness and funds for issues that affect millions of people around the world. EIF has the capacity to distribute multiple grants globally and provide the due diligence and reporting necessary for the many dancers, ballet companies and countries involved in Swans for Relief.   

We thank you and hope to see you all again when it's safe for us to come together.   

Misty Copeland and Joseph Phillips   

Below are the featured ballerinas and their respective companies:  

  •Stella Abrera 

American Ballet Theatre, USA  

 •Precious Adams 

English National Ballet, England   

•Nathalia Arja 

Miami City Ballet, USA   

•Isabella Boylston 

American Ballet Theatre, USA   

•Skylar Brandt 

American Ballet Theatre, USA   

•Misty Copeland 

American Ballet Theatre, USA   

•Monike Cristina 

Joburg Ballet, South Africa   

•Ashley Ellis 

Boston Ballet, USA   

•Greta Elizonda 

Nacional de Danza Mexico, Mexico   

•Nikisha Fogo 

Vienna State Ballet, Austria  

 •Angelica Generosa 

Pacific Northwest Ballet, USA   

•Sarah Hay 

Freelance Ballerina, USA  

 •Francesca Hayward 

The Royal Ballet, England   

•Robyn Hendricks 

The Australian Ballet, Australia   

•Whitney Jensen 

The Norwegian National Ballet, Norway  

 •Yuriko Kajiya 

Houston Ballet, USA   

•Maria Khoreva 

Mariinsky Theatre, Russia 

•Ako Kondo 

The Australian Ballet, Australia 

•Misa Kuranaga 

San Francisco Ballet, USA   

•Stephanie Kurlow 

Freelance Hijabi Ballerina, Australia    

•Sara Mearns 

New York City Ballet, USA   

•Ginett Moncho 

Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Cuba   

•Katherine Ochoa 

Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Cuba   

•Hannah O'Neill 

Paris Opera Ballet, France   

•Denise Parungao 

Ballet Philippines, Philippines  

 •Tiler Peck 

New York City Ballet, USA   

•Tina Pereira 

The National Ballet of Canada, Canada   

•Ida Praetorius 

The Royal Danish Ballet, Denmark   

•Jemima Reyes 

Ballet Philippines, Philippines   

•Ingrid Silva 

Dance Theatre of Harlem, USA   

•Bianca Teixeira 

San Francisco Ballet, USA   

•Xu Yan 

The National Ballet of China, China   

Le Cygne (The Swan) with music by Camille Saint-Saëns, performed by cellist Wade Davis (USA)   

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As I suspect many of you did, I just received a black face mask in the mail from San Francisco Ballet with their distinctive typeface and another fund-raising plea. What a great idea! We're all getting numb to the endless emails from everybody and her cousin pleading for donations. This is a new twist and I'd love to see other companies follow their lead. The need for facemasks isn't going away anytime soon!

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