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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKkrvZ-hOFm/ No word on what's next. "Stepping down from the stage". Best of luck.
  2. I haven't even looked for anything bigger, because I was under the impression that they all were being cancelled (the main ballet I attend here in San Diego did, as with a few others close by). From this thread, it seems that's not true at all. But thus far (both last night! lol), I have seen two 2020 Nutcracker productions. Both are by smaller companies (River City Ballet, in Louisville [?]) and Highlands Ranch Community Association, in suburban Denver. Production's a tad bit rough, but I was in a Nutcracker mood, so I went for it. They were both free, and worth my time. Good to support the b
  3. I went to the Indy 500 in 1989 (have family and family friends in the Midwest). Completely unaware of the schedule changes this year and missed half of it. Maddening (though it had to happen). I'm kind of looking forward to the Nutcracker all year. I'll image search and go onto YouTube any time of year. But there is indeed a "warmth" to seeing it in December (falling on or at least straddling my birthday, anyhow).
  4. I decided to start a new thread, since '19 seems so long ago. Also, just today on IG, there was a statement that Magda O'Neill is the new Executive Director and Raul Salamanca is the new Artistic Director, replacing Jared Nelson. More news forthcoming.
  5. So Tokyo is pushed back to '21 for now. Will it even go off at that point? I've kind of lost track of how gymnastics (WAG) is being qualified for. Surely things have changed?
  6. California Ballet Company has a relief fund (scroll down a tiny bit): https://www.californiaballet.org/support
  7. Can't really add much that hasn't been said. I follow Betsy McBride, Zimmi Coker and others on IG, since I'm 2500 miles away from ABT. I'm a fan of the dancers. Of the theater. Of the city. But I'm limited in how I can see ballet on this level. So I've always been happy to watch ABT. But this was choppier than the post I'm making! I am missing the actual ballet (out here, that's California Ballet Company for me). Also, I know the companies to rely on varying levels on donations, but that part of this seemed almost like begging.
  8. I've always been a big gymnastics (WAG mainly) fan. Started out watching when Kim Zmeskal was herself a gymnast. Now that she coaches, I tend to root for her girls. But as of late, my attention got turned to the Larry Nassar scandal due partly to connections with that university. But with college season around the corner, I want to get watching that again. College meets are a lot of fun. Ragan is going off to Oklahoma, so I want to see her do well. Miss Val and Ohashi have also retired from UCLA, so there's that. And then Tokyo 2020 isn't too far away, so at that time, I'll be able
  9. https://www.californiaballet.org/artists New headshots. Looks like Elizabeth Kenyon has moved on (married? anyone know?) to a dance teaching job in DFW (Frisco, TX). Lauren Anthony and Tylor Bradshaw are new this year. Didn't the company have more than two soloists? I dunno. The website change was so sudden. Nutcracker next!
  10. I know I titled this thread for the 18-19 season, but it occurs to me that no one else has limited company threads to a single year, so I'll just carry on here. Here's the link to info for the Nut and Beer and Ballet as well as the Rock + Blues Project. . https://www.californiaballet.org/season-2019-2020
  11. @Marta That I don't know. I'd be guessing corps. I know she has had a few injuries, IIUC.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/powi295/ Pauina Waski has arrived in Boston. Not sure when she starts.
  13. Good luck to Paulina Waski as she moves to Boston. I think her sister is out that way, so that'll be nice.
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty geeked about the next Nut. I actually skipped out on Cinderella. Never been to it, and wasn't sure if it was a bit overly family friendly (that is, likely dull for a single 43-year old, no kids). I've never found the Nut to be that way, but Christmas has its own traditions. I guess I just didn't care for the pics in the ads. But having read a review, it seemed well done (again, Cal Bal, but i need to try City).
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