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A fiend from another part of the internet posted a link to this extensive obituary in "Variety":


In 2015, Tork discussed his illness with UK Music Reviews, prior to a London Monkees show. “It is pretty common knowledge that I had a surprise gift from a cancerous growth a number of years ago,” he said. “They carved it out of me and I have recovered solely from all of that. However it still requires attention on a regular basis; it doesn’t interfere terribly but that’s life. What I am trying to say is that I am as well as could be hoped for; life goes on like this. In fact I have to say that I am an extraordinarily well favored human on the face of the earth, and I am very grateful for that.”
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RIP Peter.

There happens to be a Carole King Bio on PBS right now, and the daughter of King was telling the story of how cool her mom seemed when one of her songs was recorded by The Monkees (who were the greatest thing going at the time for a 6 year old girl). And she got to meet Davy Jones because of this - she mentioned that Davy was just the right height for a 6 year old.  ;)

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