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  1. I've always hated it that dancers are supposed to wear one brand only simply when their company has some sort of deal with a brand, in this case Freeds. My daughter could never wear Freeds successfully. She tried and tried, but no Freeds, even the specially made ones she experimented with off and on for years, could accommodate her feet - exceedingly slender, extremely high arches, but with unusual toe lengths. Luckily, her company paid for her shoes even though they weren't standard. I wonder if the NYCB dancers who wear other makers have to pay some amount of money toward them since they're not Freeds. Bouder has such strong feet; it may be that her Blochs will last better through her performances than Freeds.
  2. Yes, I did. thanks. I think she would be lovely.
  3. I would love to see the Hyltin Titania.
  4. I just see Copeland listed once, on May 25 in Whipped Cream. Is she injured? guesting elsewhere?
  5. I was torn about these 2 men getting fired. Mostly, I thought it was premature. A suspension always made sense to me. Catazaro, I believe, was truly wronged. Yes, he was boorish, but from what I've read, didn't deserve to be treated so severely. I think Ramasar's situation is a bit different. From what I've read, I don't think he should have been fired, but a long suspension, such as what he's effectively experienced, along with the counseling requirement, makes very good sense. I also think that he now has to earn the respect of the other dancers. Some may refuse to perform with him. That's what happens when, no matter how it becomes public, people learn that someone has been a boor. I hope he's learned from this experience. I hope that, rather than feeling victimized, he's learned that being a man does not include the behavior he exhibited, outside of work or not. I hope he's truly learning how to respect women. If he can, his life will be enriched. The "bad boy" life wears thin eventually. He's been given a great opportunity. Let's see what he does with it.
  6. Regardless of whether or not he is good at what he does, I admire Misty for her decision to work on her technical issues by going back to the absolute basics. Such a hard thing for a principal dancer to do!
  7. vagansmom

    Kristina Shapran

    She certainly has extremely "broken" wrists! Not my cup of tea because I don't like the way they break the line from shoulder to finger tips, but I know others like this look.
  8. Looks more like bipolar disorder- mania followed by a downward crash. He needs help.
  9. I remember that article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wmagazine.com/story/sergei-polunin-dancer-actor-murder-on-the-orient-express/amp "He reached out to American Ballet Theatre after decamping from the Royal Ballet, but was not offered a contract."
  10. I believe that Martins had every right to not keep Bouder as first cast, but pulling her last minute was mean. Likewise, I think Bouder's partially correct: it IS the last minute part of it that's so problematic. Bouder was a breath of fresh air when she came on the scene, but since then there are many other highly talented dancers who equal her, but in each her own unique way. So many styles to choose from! Martins has several dancers to chose among, and Hyltin is certainly worthy of first cast. Bouder was ungracious and egocentric in mentioning Hyltin's name with abandonment, but that's no surprise because that is the way she's always been, right from her first summer at SAB. I applaud her for speaking out, but her ungenerous temperament always gives me pause. Definitely not artistic director material.
  11. Re any lackluster performing, I am always willing to give dancers a pass on a few performances, especially in February. I work in a school and we are riddled through and through with the flu, strep and a gastrointestinal virus. Add a dance environment and you've got just the right mix for illnesses to breed. Any time a bunch of people sweat together en masse in a warm environment, viruses and bacteria run rampant, especially in deep winter.
  12. In the ballet culture, kids take in messages about thinness in various ways. This is why I fear having someone like Wendy Whelan as head of NYCB and, therefore, SAB. Her ultra-thinness, a skeletal look, could trigger eating disorders in young students and dancers. It won't matter what she might say; her physical presence alone, in a position of power, has the potential to do plenty of harm.
  13. I avoid both Boylston and Teuscher for the reasons given above. I avoid Copeland for her technical deficiencies. I avoid Hallberg and did so back when he was at his technical height because I thought he had a wooden affect. Sad that there are so many dancers I avoid at ABT. It's rarer for me to avoid principal dancers at NYCB.
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