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  1. Does she have any solos in the Nutcracker?
  2. Canbelto's tastes generally are similar to mine: Hyltin as SPF and Peck as Dewdrop are my favorites. Like Leah, I would be thrilled if Emma Von Enck got SPF or Dewdrop. I think she can dance almost anything. She's such a natural onstage too.
  3. Nanushka, I read that article in full and came to that same conclusion: that she's moving away from classical ballet. I believe its demands are just too much for her body. IMO, she moved too quickly through the ranks, arriving at principal dancer with too many technical imperfections and not enough time (all those endorsement opportunities?) to work through them. I wonder if they, along with her age, have contributed to her recent spate of injuries. However, she chose a route that has brought her more financial security than she would have received otherwise. Make hay while the sun shines. I wouldn't begrudge her that if it weren't that other, better dancers have suffered from lack of roles. I lay that at McKenzie's feet, though. He too was taking advantage of quick money. In his case, though, I believe it's detrimental to the company longterm and to current morale, no matter how much dancers may like Copeland personally.
  4. I'm left to conjecture that her injury has prevented her all summer from learning the role, but that she kept hoping it would improve enough to get some rehearsal time in.
  5. Very disappointed in this news also. I generally avoid Kourlas's reviews. Oh well.
  6. She's listed on the Boston Ballet website as a "Coming Soon" artist, which is the corps member level.
  7. Musician, former dancer, educator and author, Michael Limoli has recently published a biography of Marina Svetlova.
  8. vagansmom

    Kathryn Morgan

    Hmmm, I can think of at least one dancer at another major company for whom there is "bad press," but who continues to get plum roles.
  9. I've always thought that McKenzie had done his best to dilute Lane's career and that it has something to do with her Black Swan comments years ago. Up through two years ago, I wasn't a big Lane fan because I thought she "sat" in the music which, despite beautiful technique, I find bland. But after having seen her a couple more times last year and reading the comments from this year, I believe her growth has been astounding and she is full-tilt international star level. I don't understand why McKenzie casts Teuscher over Lane. I've never been able to get the least bit excited over her dancing; I'm always disappointed. As someone said upthread, she hasn't shown growth in her weak areas over the past 2 years. And here is Lane on fire! McKenzie should capitalize on that and give her an SL. I would feel badly for whomever he would remove from her second SL, but perhaps that could be a good motivator to that individual to work harder on expression or technique (depending on which is the weakness). What kind of director of a supposedly world-class ballet company in financial difficulties would sit out the dancer with the biggest buzz and momentum?
  10. I've always hated it that dancers are supposed to wear one brand only simply when their company has some sort of deal with a brand, in this case Freeds. My daughter could never wear Freeds successfully. She tried and tried, but no Freeds, even the specially made ones she experimented with off and on for years, could accommodate her feet - exceedingly slender, extremely high arches, but with unusual toe lengths. Luckily, her company paid for her shoes even though they weren't standard. I wonder if the NYCB dancers who wear other makers have to pay some amount of money toward them since they're not Freeds. Bouder has such strong feet; it may be that her Blochs will last better through her performances than Freeds.
  11. Yes, I did. thanks. I think she would be lovely.
  12. I would love to see the Hyltin Titania.
  13. I just see Copeland listed once, on May 25 in Whipped Cream. Is she injured? guesting elsewhere?
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