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  1. vagansmom

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    Do these ballet dancers videotape themselves? I'd love to see them work with an acting coach who tapes them. Sometimes, people think they're showing emotion because they're feeling it inside, but their faces are masks. A good acting coach can show them the footage and work with them to maximize their facial expressions.
  2. vagansmom

    ABT 2018 promotions

    And I always thought those speedy promotions for Herrera were to her detriment as an artist.
  3. vagansmom

    ABT 2018 Swan Lake

    I'm in that group too. I don't get into NYC much, but I do make the trek each year for one ABT SL (nothing like Tchaikovsky's music for that ballet!) and one other classical ballet. I didn't go at all this year. As others have stated, the casting was the reason. I won't attend a ballet featuring Whiteside as the lead male. I love both Cirio's and Cornejo's dancing, but they are/were so often paired with Copeland, whose dancing I can't tolerate, that it hasn't been worth the pricey ticket. I don't have much money to spend on performances, so I need to carefully choose. Instead of ABT this year, I attended NYCB performances several times. I miss the classics though. I just don't want to be thinking, while watching the performance, that the highest level dancers in my daughter's former pre-pro can dance better than that.
  4. vagansmom

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Cirio is doing what I wish some of the women at ABT had done. Young, talented artists that are underused lose technique. My hat is off to Cirio for recognizing that he needed to take his future in his own hands and go where he'll get to dance a lot. Who knows? Maybe ABT will finally realize his worth and pay him big bucks to guest for them.
  5. vagansmom

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    The ones that got away: Jeffrey Cirio, Sterling Baca.... I'm personally heartbroken over Cirio. Saw him in Whipped Cream and loved him. Hated that he was relegated to partnering Copeland because her audiences are there for her, not whomever she's dancing with. I felt like he didn't stand a chance of truly being noticed.
  6. vagansmom

    Sarah Lane

    Sarah Lane performed the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet with Cervilio Amador as Romeo at a gala at the Winspear Opera house in Dallas, Texas, in 2012. She was a last minute substitute for Janessa Touchet.
  7. vagansmom

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    I can't help but wonder if Kate Spade's suicide influenced him. Such tragedies!
  8. vagansmom

    Coppelia 2018.

    I also attended yesterday's matinee. I didn't know what to expect as I'd never seen Pereira perform. She has a lovely lightness and very, very expressive body. She blew me away! Gorgeous technique, musicality, acting: her mimes were crystal clear. My 6 year old granddaughter understood nearly all of what she said with her body; since we were in the 4th. ring and couldn't see faces, that was critical. She carried great energy from the very beginning to end, never showing any tiredness. The audience certainly appreciated Pereira. Often at matinees, especially involving so many adorable little ballet students, the female principal gets a shorter shrift than if she were performing at night. But this audience recognized Pereira's dancing as masterpiece and gave her a loud, long, thunderous applause with much cheering. She deserved it all. It was a triumph.
  9. vagansmom

    ABT 2018 Firebird / AFTERITE

    I agree with those who said that the McGregor piece should have come with a warning. Back in the day, I was one of those ignorant moms who would have taken my daughter (beginning at 6 or 7 on up) to any ballet performance, particularly one that included Firebird. But children that young, and even up to age 12 (some a bit higher) are not developmentally able to handle that gassing scene. Well, my 6 year old wouldn't have gotten the context and I probably could have fooled her if she was even paying any attention at all, but not the same child at age 8. This is not the age group that is reading The Lottery or Lord of the Flies, but this IS an age group that attends ballet performances. This performance should come with an advanced warning to ticket buyers.
  10. vagansmom

    Washington, DC - Spring 2018

    When I googled Tiler Peck's height, the first thing that came up had her at 5'5", but that felt seemed wrong to me as I've seen her standing next to other dancers who are not tall but definitely have at least a couple inches on her. So I continued searching. Every other site alluded to her being a short dancer. Certainly 5'5" doesn't qualify as short. One site was written by someone whose dance school hired Peck for a workshop. This dancer said repeatedly that Peck was short, not much over 5". That makes sense to me. I'd have pegged her at 5'1"-ish.
  11. Just saw this on my fb feed: " WMS Presents an Evening with Patti LuPone." Monday, April 16, 7 pm, New Preston, CT. Call Washington Montessori School, 860- 868-0551 for details. WMS periodically offers these nights with mega-stars. Don't know if it's true of this evening, but actor Jack Gilpin has interviewed guests in the past. I'm bummed because I teach that evening and can't attend. LuPone lives in CT and I've attended interviews with her in the past as well as a workshop where she critiqued high school students who sang for her. They are always a lovely glimpse into Sondheim and other greats of Broadway as well as her own mighty self.
  12. vagansmom

    ABT in Detroit, Feb. 8-11, 2018

    I feel so awful for the dancers. Has it passed through anyone else's mind that it could be related to the recent contract negotiations?
  13. vagansmom

    John Curry Biography

    Ah, Robin Cousins. He was one of the Big Three in my mind: the triumvirate of male artistic figure skating from a bygone era. First, to my mind, there was Toller Cranston, then John Curry, followed by Robin Cousins. I adored Curry's work, but as someone else stated, I liked Curry skating to his own choreography best. Looking forward to reading your book, Mr. Jones.
  14. vagansmom

    Winter 2018

    Thank you for this, Vipa: I have attended several performances by Mearns where she has ignored the music, and I couldn't put my finger on it because in her first year of dancing solo roles, I thought she was lovely and very musical. In fact, I was a big fan. But I haven't felt like that about her in a long time. I think she's doing exactly what you state, Vipa: going for the big dramatic moment, while disregarding the music. To me, the "music is always the boss," as I tell the dancers I coach for musical expression. Suzanne Farrell was a disciple of the music, and she knew how to interpret it dramatically - how to make "things as big as she could" - in such a way that it exposed the music, translating it for the audience. That inability, or, now I'm wondering, disregard for the music is why I've not been a Mearns fan in a while. After reading about her histrionics on stage (apparently it wasn't just once, according to another post in this thread), I'm even less inclined to want to buy tickets that feature her in roles.
  15. vagansmom

    Joy Womack

    VIpa, that's what I've always thought: that she's talented and is certainly an extremely hard worker, but that she lacks social communication skills, and that deficit, of understanding that compromise and at least some degree of humility will get you much farther in life than an arrogant persona, is her downfall.