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  1. vagansmom

    Eating disorders and ballet

    In the ballet culture, kids take in messages about thinness in various ways. This is why I fear having someone like Wendy Whelan as head of NYCB and, therefore, SAB. Her ultra-thinness, a skeletal look, could trigger eating disorders in young students and dancers. It won't matter what she might say; her physical presence alone, in a position of power, has the potential to do plenty of harm.
  2. vagansmom

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Yes, nanushka, thank you.
  3. vagansmom

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I avoid both Boylston and Teuscher for the reasons given above. I avoid Copeland for her technical deficiencies. I avoid Hallberg and did so back when he was at his technical height because I thought he had a wooden affect. Sad that there are so many dancers I avoid at ABT. It's rarer for me to avoid principal dancers at NYCB.
  4. vagansmom

    Former dancer Runsheng Ying

    Helene, you said the Kozlovs in the list of men, but I'm assuming - am I correct? -that one of them was Valentina Kozlova, who defected from the Bolshoi to join NYCB. So that makes 2 women that we know of, Sylve and Kozlova.
  5. I'd love to keep Cruise out of it entirely. And I don't think they look the least bit alike, ....well, they both have brown hair.
  6. vagansmom

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    If they substituted, I might be more interested in attending a performance or two. As it is, between the casting decisions ABT has made and the programs themselves, I'm not finding myself very interested. I'm not a Copeland fan; I avoid her performances because I find them too flawed. I'm not interested in AfterRite. In fact, I'm not much interested in anything that's not a classical ballet, but that has more to do with my pocketbook than anything else. I don't want to spend so much money on a risk at this juncture in my life. I AM interested in seeing Abrera, Lane, Trenary, and Brandt in principal and soloist roles.
  7. vagansmom

    Job posting for artistic director

    Volcano hunter, I think of what you describe as "highly exaggerated" is actually a stage some SABers go through in their first year or 2 at the school, and that it does, as you say, "get toned down," before most students, those lucky ones who get the contract, arrive at the company. My daughter, who trained year-round at a Vaganova school, but spent a couple summers at SAB, found it amusing to see how the newbies would adopt what they thought were Balanchine mannerisms in the first week or so of the summer program. I actually think there's been less of that in recent years. There WAS a time, when I first started attending NYCB performances a lot (what I call "the Yvonne Borree years") where quite a number of the professional dancers seemed to have some extreme hand mannerisms, but it's been so nice in recent years to see that it's not as ubiquitous as it used to be.
  8. vagansmom

    promotions 2018

    I also saw Pereira in Coppelia and thought she projected beautifully as I was up quite high. She owned that role. Technically, she was strong and had such lovely port de bras, something quite a few NYC ballet dancers are lacking. I look forward to seeing her again.
  9. vagansmom

    Joy Womack

    That's actually a nice article, the nicest I've seen by Joy. I don't really consider it an interview since the thoughts are so fully realized that she must have written down responses. I think that she must be realizing that she doesn't do well as a team member and it sounds like she's looking to do what lots of ballet dancers do: be a guest artist. It allows for an independence she is always seeking. This might be the route that will make her happiest, assuming she'll get the invitations (I think she will). I wish her the best. In my opinion, her personality is fraught with social communication difficulties that I believe tend to make someone feel quite alone. She may yet find that therapy will help her the most. In the meantime, assuming she hasn't gone that route, I do think she's choosing the best path for herself.
  10. vagansmom

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I assume (uh-oh, there's that word again) the only reason they "cast mature" for Manon is to give roles to older principal dancers who've lost technique. While I do enjoy seeing these mature dancers use all the skills they've honed over the years (it reveals how dancing is so much more than technique), I would also love to see a younger dancer cast as Manon every now and then just for comparison.
  11. I had assumed (very stupidly - forgetting there's an a-s-s in the word) that the statement was independent of management. I don't know where I got the idea that the dancers had together voted on presenting such a statement. But of course it would have to be approved by management at the very least. I do agree with those who say the statement was carefully worded, and I believe it's one that all people everywhere - whether dancers or not - whether incriminated or not - can support.
  12. DC Export, those are my feelings as well. I too am a survivor of sexual assault.
  13. vagansmom

    ABT in D.C. - Jan 2019

    And that might actually be McKenzie's design: Humiliate her till she leaves. She doesn't bring in the big audiences that technically inferior Copeland does, so he's not, sadly, going to care about Copeland's flaws. I wish Lane would go somewhere she's appreciated.
  14. In her book, Kent states that she was financially ruined due to her husband's drug addiction, and that Balanchine knew it and graciously kept offering her roles to help her out financially. I remember her mentioning how everyone thought she was so creative and avant garde to be wearing safety pins as earrings (and necklaces, I think), but the truth was that she no longer had any jewelry so she was making do.
  15. vagansmom

    Job posting for artistic director

    What gives me pause about Wendy Whelan at the helm (I know nothing about her qualifications) is her extreme thinness. She would also be director of SAB, and I shudder when I think of impressionable young dancers trying to look like her. And maybe not even just SAB students: I can imagine young professional dancers feeling an impulse to be thinner because the person who decides their fate is very thin. I worry that having her at the helm might trigger eating disorders. I say this with all due respect to Ms. Whelan. No matter what she might say to dancers about not trying to look like her, her physical presence, in a position of power, may hold greater power than her words.