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Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

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15 minutes ago, balletlover08 said:

I found this interview of Alena where she speaks about her time at the Bolshoi. I don't speak Russian but if you do it might be a nice interview to watch. Her part starts at around 37 minutes. 

Balshoye Spasiba !!   :wub::wub::wub:  

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49 minutes ago, Fleurdelis said:

Some interview. All the insightfullness of saying that Volga flows into the Caspian sea.

Hmm...Just a handful of questions answered by a still very young ballerina at the beginning of her career--what would one expect? I thought the stories about how she found out she was a soloist -- and also about getting lost at the theater her first day and asking directions of someone else who turned out also to be lost were charming enough.  As for her refusing to go into more depth when asked a personal question about disappointments in love -- that seems very sensible.    


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4 hours ago, Drew said:

She is what...21?

I think she is closer to 20, but even so this interview sounds too much like kindergarten chatter. If you are too young to have something substantive to tell the world, why do these interviews? The same goes for the interviewer who is asking ridiculously banal questions.

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I see on Instagram (Grishkoworld posted) & on the official Bolshoi website that Alyona has been promoted to first soloist & Jacopo Tissi to Leading soloist! Congrats to both ❤️ . 

I'm pretty sure Alyona has been promoted because she was a soloist last year correct?  


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Alyona Kovalyova — remember her (or any other favorite long not seen on video) ?  It’s been several years since I’ve seen a video clip of her in Swan Lake. Care to see some footage from about nine months ago ?  She first appears at 3:10, but mostly after 5:40.

I missed two tries seeing her this year, Moscow and Chicago, but I’m determined.


(posted by one of the leads on stage)



Added: Sort of a nice out of the corner of my eye sort of thing. As she and 'Rothbart' (the bad guy) are coming on from the back of the stage at 5:40 you can see them helping each other. Even if she is the 'bad' swan at this time, it's a nice change of sentiment.



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