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  1. Fleurdelis

    Blackface in the Bolshoi's La fille de pharaon

    It would be really great to have Bolshoi cast a black dancer as Spartacus on its next US tour. It would add a new connotation to the plot and make Americans see it as an eternal hymn to freedom, rather than condescendingly dismiss it as "communist propaganda". Carlos Acosta was the most amazing Spartacus I ever saw. I am so glad that his performance will live eternal as among the definitive ones, having been recorded and released on DVD.
  2. Fleurdelis

    2017/2018 season

    She already is one and has been for some time. A true jewel with some of the most beautiful arms and hands in classical ballet. Probably equaled only by Lopatkina. That is, to those who know a thing or two about classical ballet. Starting with the great upkeepers of the tradition such as Pierre Lacotte himself.
  3. Fleurdelis

    Yasmine Naghdi, Principal, The Royal Ballet

    The Gamzatti debut sounds very enticing. She is one of my favorite characters. And to see a rising young star in this role may be too good of a chance to pass. Looks like it is time to splash some of my savings on a London adventure.
  4. Fleurdelis

    Yasmine Naghdi, Principal, The Royal Ballet

    It is unfortunate that because of ROH's tougher policies towards videotaping of performances their wonderful young dancers do not get as much international exposure through the Internet as many of their mostly Russian counterparts of whom there are lots of videos on YT. I am so curious to see Naghdi or Hayward, but will have to go all the way to London, or hope and wait for a guest stint in NY.
  5. Fleurdelis

    2017 -- 2018 Season

    If one prefers a more lavish, ostentatious, Moscow-style production, then, yes, it was an absolutely smashing spectacle. The old graduations, the filmings of which can still be traced on the Internet, may not have been as richly produced, but were prominent for the quality of the performances that possessed that unique pure, chilly, ethereal and flowing (like the Neva River itself) mystique that is so unmistakeably St. Petersburg. Whatever St. Petersburg style and amazing graduates that Vaganova still produces is entirely thanks to a few dedicated teachers, who are persevering on and staying true to their teaching methods and tastes.
  6. SImply not true. Smirnova has the best arms, shoulders, cantilene and musicality of virtually any ballerina active today, and posesses the most refined and polished technique. This is what makes her look alive, flowing and captivating, her every movement and every position are profound and pronounced, not rushed and unfinished that one sometimes sees even from Vaganova graduates these days.
  7. Fleurdelis

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Getting back to Shipulina and Vaziev. Shipulina has been the Bolshoi's best Gamzatti and among its three best Aeginas in the last fifteen years or more, she was among the original five most accomplished Moscow Academy ballerinas chosen for the Cinque program by Bigonzetti (alongside Krysanova, Semionova, Kochetkova and Osipova), she completely stole the show as Ondine in Possokhov's Hero of Our Time, overshadowing Zakharova's Princess Mary, a more prominent character of Lermontov's novel. Moreover, if we are to esteem the opinions of choreographes and ballet scholars with knowledge of 19th century ballet, then look no further than Pierre Lacotte, who selected Shipulina for the lead role in the upcoming revival of his and Petipa's Pharaon's Daughter at the Bolshoi. I don't think Lacotte really cares about who may be Putin's friend, but he is very discerning about who dances his ballets, so this is a most compelling recognition of Shipulina's undoubted merit and accomplishments. Everything Shipulina has achieved is thanks to her talent and hard work, not marriage to Matsuev. On the other hand, it should shield her from being pushed into retirement before she is ready to retire herself.
  8. Fleurdelis

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Plato may not be my friend, sed magis amica veritas. In the article under the link below, a prominent Russian conductor Roudin also complains that it is notoriously well-known that the Mariinsky theater library does not give anything to anyone. Can't tell whether it is because of Gergiev's supposed malicious whim, or simply a reasonable precaution to protect the library's collection of rare and fragile antique sheet music. In any case, it was also publicized that the library recently acquired a scanner to convert its collection to digital format and make it easy to access. https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2310500
  9. Fleurdelis

    Promotion of May Nagahisa

    This is wonderful news, obviously an impressive achievement. I can't wait to see her on the Bolshoi Ballet TV show, I'm dying to know what she is about.
  10. Fleurdelis

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    I think the bit that needs substantiation is the allegation that Kuznetsov had an informal agreement with Asylmuratova to push his kids into the Vaganova Academy. As for Asylmuratova's condition, one only needs to watch the video footage of her and the previous rector's removal from the Academy, it is still floating around the internet.
  11. Fleurdelis

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I don't see any evidence that Shipulina started getting major debuts only after associating herself with "a friend of Putin". A quick stroll down her biography on the Bolshoi's website tells us that she debuted as Gamzatti at 22 in 2001, Odile-Odette at 23 in 2002, Classical Dancer from Bright Stream in 2003, Kitri and Aegina from Spartacus at 25 in 2004, Cinderella at 27 in 2006. She married Matsuev around 2006 according to the article at the below link (in Russian only, sorry). The lead debuts she got since then were Mehmene Banu in 2007, Medora in 2009, Fleur de Lys in 2011, Marchesa from Marco Spada and Giselle in 2013, and Carmen in 2018. Hardly looks like acceleration. Filin promoted her to prima in 2011 upon becoming artistic director, it was a well deserved promotion, but she was already 32, once again, hardly an acceleration, as most other Bolshoi primas achieved that rank while in their 20s. http://ego-zhena.ru/blog/denis_macuev_zhena/2016-12-26-159
  12. Fleurdelis

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    That of a lame duck
  13. Fleurdelis

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    I am not sure fuller-bodied and more muscular is something I would like to see more of, I would prefer more Lopatkinas, Zakharovas and Vishnevas, or am I advocating an unhealthy look? And what about the men?
  14. Fleurdelis

    Khoreva, Bulanova

    Are Maria Khoreva and Maria Bulanova this year's top graduates from the Vaganova Academy? Will the Academy's top graduates will buck the trend and actually go to the Mariinsky, instead of the Bolshoy?
  15. Fleurdelis

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    We could never know what's on her mind, but judging by her continuing committment to quality performances and the relentless work she is putting into her roles, I believe that she has no plans to slow down. Not saying it is not going to be an uphill battle, because the administration's youth focus is apparent. The exotic locations could be reflective of a work hard, play hard lifestyle.