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  1. Based on the 5* UK newspapers and magazine reviews of The Royal Ballet's "Sleeping Beauty", many feel Principal ballerina Yasmine Naghdi surely is a technical competitor to Osipova ( but two very different Principal dancers). Yasmine Naghdi has a crystal clear, clean, very neat and superb technic, combined with immense control and beautiful artistry this has set her apart amongst the current roster of Principal ballerinas at The Royal Ballet. She is not yet sufficiently known on the international circuit but her performances last season in San Francisco and Tokyo, and her current triumph danc
  2. I agree, unfortunately this is indeed the world of today . The truly deserving who actually DO contribute to our society -and this also applies to the truly great and exceptional ballerinas - (Copeland is a good example of that marketing/celebrity culture: she is not a great ballerina at all but she is marketable because of her background) aren't in the media's interest and they aren't turned into so-called celebrities. They remain anonymous...
  3. Thank you for the explanation Drew. So her atypical background for a RB principal, combined with crossing over into performing in a musical, has made an impact in the world of dance (a little bit like Copeland at ABT I guess??). Yes, good that fashion magazine Vogue also includes features to highlight the arts in general (and ballet in particular), and the impact her atypical background as a RB principal has had on our society. I wish her continued success.
  4. I am really baffled by the obsession of some British ballet goers with regard to Miss Hayward. The British Vogue cover is showing women who supposedly "influence/change society" but what did Miss Hayward exactly do or achieve to change society for her to be included amongst 14 other women on the cover of Vogue? Perhaps nowadays no justification is needed? Please if anyone has the answer I'd like to know and understand. Is it because she was born in Kenya? How does that change/influence society? or because she was born in Kenya AND is one of 8 Principal female dancers at The Roya
  5. No, sadly it was not recorded for public release.
  6. I take your points Mashinka but look what happened to Yuhui Choe in the past; and now there is also Fumi Kaneko (a gorgeous dancer) and Mayara Magri (a very different energy dancer) at first soloist level followed by Anna Rose O'Sullivan (highly likely to be promoted to first soloist) so there will be three other dancers besides Stix-Brunell competing to join the top rank. No doubt Mr O'Hare will be the best judge in the end.
  7. I think it is an issue about technic. If you think of the dancers who have been promoted to Principal over the past three years (in 2016 Akane Takada, Ryoichi Hirano, Alexander Campbell and Francesca Hayward, in 2017 Yasmine Naghdi, in 2018 Matthew Ball), three of them (Hayward/Naghdi/Ball) were fully trained since early childhood at the RBS Lower and Upper School), one (Campbell) at the Upper School, two (Takada/Hirano) trained abroad and Prix de Lausanne participants). Soloist Anna-Rose O'Sullivan also trained at the RBS Lower and Upper School. The RBS trained dancers do have an ex
  8. Laura Morera (44) is the oldest principal, followed by Sarah Lamb (38), Marianela Nunez (37), Lauren Culbertson (35), Natalia Osipova (33), Akane Takada (29), Yasmine Naghdi (27) and Francesca Hayward (27). Potential future principals could be Fumi Kaneko, Anna-Rose O'Sullivan and Mayara Magri once some of the older female principals retire. With regard to the male principals, Edward Watson (42) is the oldest, Frederico Bonelli (42), Thiago Soares (38), Nehemiah Kish (37), Ryoichi Hirano (36), Alexander Campbell (33), Steven M
  9. Manon Wednesday 2 October at 7.30pm Lamb, Muntagirov, Hirano, Mendizabal, Saunders (Manon, Des Grieux, Lescaut, Lescaut’s Mistress, Monsieur G.M.) Thursday 3 October at 7.30pm Cuthbertson, Ball*, Zucchetti, Stix-Brunell, Gartside Saturday 5 October at 12 noon Lamb, Muntagirov, Hirano, Mendizabal, Saunders Wednesday 9 October at 7.30pm Nuñez, Bolle#, Sambé, Naghdi, Avis Saturday 12 October at 7.30pm Nuñez, Bolle#, Sambé, Naghdi, Avis Tuesday 15 October at 7.30pm Osipova, Hallberg#, Hirano, Calvert, Saunders Wednesday 16 October at 7.30pm Takada, McRae, Hay, C
  10. https://www.roh.org.uk/showings/romeo-and-juliet-live-2019 Worldwide live cinema relay of Kenneth Macmillan's "Romeo & Juliet" on 11th June 2019 directly from The Royal Opera House in London - Many cinemas here in the USA participate in the live cinema relay. Principal ballerina Yasmine Naghdi will be dancing Juliet. She's partnered by Principal Matthew Ball.
  11. Mr. Kevin O'Hare's interview: https://www.thestage.co.uk/features/interviews/2019/royal-ballet-director-kevin-ohare-we-have-a-breadth-of-new-talent-i-cant-help-but-be-a-proud-parent/ Mr. O'Hare says: "Fostering fresh and diverse talent...People like Francesca [Hayward] and Yasmine [Naghdi] came out of the company and are now principals. You can’t help but be a proud parent.” I assume the reason why we'll get to see Manon and Swan Lake again during the 2019/20 Season is that his two youngest principals will now each star in Manon as well as in Swan Lake.
  12. https://www.roh.org.uk/showings/romeo-and-juliet-live-2019 Worldwide live cinema relay of Kenneth Macmillan's "Romeo&Juliet" on 11th June 2019 directly from The Royal Opera House in London - Many cinemas here in the USA participate in the live cinema relay. Principal ballerina Yasmine Naghdi will be dancing Juliet. She's partnered by Principal Matthew Ball. It will also be shown on a giant BP screen in Trafalgar Square, London, and other outdoor screens all over the United Kingdom. Admission is free.
  13. Besides Principals Lauren Cuthbertson, Sarah Lamb,Laura Morera, FrancescaHayward and Marianella Nunez, two superb Principals Yasmine Naghdi and Akane Takada are to be included in the list. Osipova is force of her own, some like her wild style others don't. She's perhaps fascinating to watch but there it stops for many like myself: she has no finesse or elegance nor does she possess a clean, pure classical style of dancing. She has her own very impulsive style of dancing which imo does not fit into the RB style/English style of dancing.
  14. Well well...what a truly sensational performance by Yasmine Naghdi and Joseph Walsch. The audience went wild for them, what an unforgettable night at San Francisco Opera House! Her Rose Adagio... never ever seen anything like it! The audience clapped after every adagio. She is a most stunning and perfect ballerina and a true Royal Ballet gem. I was already a fan of hers since the RB came to USA in 2015, and even more so after tonight's performance. She simply dazzled her audience and I was totally hypnotised by her dancing. She's so beautiful. The San Francisco Opera House got v
  15. I totally understand your point pherank, no doubt there must have been some young (hopeful) soloists dreaming of dancing Aurora, at least Wona Park was given the opportunity. I assume the Director took it all into consideration but perhaps felt that for a soloist to debut as Aurora with an established Principal such as Walsh - dancing his own debut - was not the best solution. I am sure they will be able to develop in other classical roles to come. The R&J cinema screening in San Francisco is on July 9? How strange because the Royal Opera House link to the live R&J screening shows
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