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  1. The music is also very upbeat and easily carries the audience away alongside the dancing. In my local cinema the audience applauded all three Solos.
  2. Yes I agree Mashinka, the Shades were a mixed bag, depending which cast one saw (I think there were 3 casts of Solo Shades). Fumi Kanaeko is indeed a beautiful First Soloist, she was likely dancing in the 2nd cast of Shades.
  3. Beautiful. All three Variations are so very different, as is the music. For this Variation the music is very uplifting and cheerful. Each Variation demands a different technic and each one of the three ballerinas demonstrated that very beautifully. Natalia Makarova picked her three ballerinas for these Variations based on their individual artistry and technical abilities.
  4. Would you care to explain Mr/Mrs Laurent? This Act 2 Variation 2 was part of the world wide live screening cinema relay of "La Bayadere" and all fully approved by Makarova and the AD - before and during the screening. This is a clip from the live cinema relay. I don't get why/what you are trying to criticise as she has received rave reviews in the UK for this solo variation! This is The Royal Ballet: nothing flashy, a very clean and controlled mastery of the classical Royal Ballet technic. Perhaps Russian dancers do it differently, but to each their own unique artistry I'd say.
  5. Natalia Makarova also coached Principal ballerina Yasmine Naghdi in the Act II Shade Solo no.2 Variation. This video was posted by the Royal Opera House on their Facebook page to advertise the Encore screening of "La Bayadere". This is one of the most notoriously difficult very slow solos, demanding utmost control and a steely technic.
  6. Katia Kapustin

    2018/2019 Royal Ballet cinema in USA?

    Yes Yasmine Naghdi & Matthew Ball are absolutely superb in "Romeo&Juliet" and very much loved by the UK audience.
  7. Katia Kapustin

    What is "Musicality" in a Dancer?

    Anyone who has The Royal Ballet "Giselle" DVD (Osipova/Acosta - recorded in 2014) can see a beautiful Pas de six. During the Pas de six Yasmine Naghdi and Francesca Hayward (both are now Principals but they were still in de Corps de ballet at the time of recording) perform a pd2 together: when you see them you'll understand what musicality is all about. They are two of the most musical Principals at The Royal Ballet.
  8. Katia Kapustin

    2018/2019 Royal Ballet cinema in USA?

    I think Mr O'Hare is gradually moving away now from having his older Principals filmed and is turning to his younger Principals: Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball will be filmed during the live cinema relay of "Romeo & Juliet" on the Covent Garden stage on 11th June 2019. Their performance will also be shown via the BP Big Screen on Trafalgar Square.
  9. You are right Ashton Fan, it certainly felt as a PC exercise in order to stress their cultural sensitivity The focus of the evening was on Makarova coaching Yasmine Naghdi but in the first part we got to see Akane Takada and Kristin MacNally being coached alongside Naghdi in the Act 1 Scene 2 section. A fabulous Insight evening!
  10. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-live-the-royal-ballet-rehearse-la-bayadere-on-24-october-2018
  11. Katia Kapustin

    Maria Kochetkova

    WHEN was Kochetkova at the RB? Did she train at the Company School? Was she a home-grown talent? (as that is what I am talking about here above) Certainly not since Mr Kevin O'Hare is Director.
  12. Katia Kapustin

    Maria Kochetkova

    The Royal Ballet in London is a superb and excellent example of how to! I was in London for a while during the last months of their 2017-18Season. Impressive how the Director Mr Kevin O'Hare develops/has developed his home-grown talent! So many of their fabulous dancers have come straight out of the Company School, and the audience go crazy about them. Now there is a fabulous Company which flourishes through great career development of their home-grown/RBSchool trained talent. Barely any Guest dancer is coming in (unless totally necessary). I have the greatest admiration for UK's top ballet company.
  13. Katia Kapustin

    Yasmine Naghdi, Principal, The Royal Ballet

    http://royalelegancenight.com/english/programme.html Invited Royal Ballet Principals (and a few other dancers) will perform in Tokyo on 30 and 31 August and on 01 September in what looks like an amazing programme! Royal Ballet Principal ballerina Yasmine Naghdi will be dancing with Matthew Ball in Romeo & Juliet (balcony pd2), with Japanese Principal Ryoichi Hirano in Kenneth MacMillan's Elite Syncopations (Bethina Waltz) and with the Australian principal Alexander Campbell in Ashton's Two Pigeons.
  14. Katia Kapustin

    Royal Ballet Summer Season Swan Lake Casting !!

    On 19 July Principal ballerina Yasmine Naghdi replaced Natalia Osipova as Odette/Odile.
  15. Katia Kapustin

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    The RB has no lack of adequate cast at all Charlie H. Brilliant new leads would be Principal dancers Yasmine Naghdi and Akane Takada, who are both highly technical classical dancers, besides Francesca Hayward. I'd love to see Cinderella return onto the Covent Garden stage, including a worldwide cinema broadcast, for 2019/2020