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  1. I didn't expect for it to happen this fast. So confirmed principal retirements so far are Kowroski, la Cour, Garcia, and Lovette?
  2. Are the Balanchine ballets going to be archival recordings? The NYT article is somewhat ambiguous. It could be read like they're gonna be new performances, just without audiences. New York City Ballet Dancers to Step Back Onstage https://nyti.ms/3jj8W1V
  3. I just watched the interview with Ashley Bouder. She has some good stories from her early career. The pointe shoe thief... I have no words.
  4. I also don't think Ramasar has a case for defamation. Even if he does, the point of a motion to dismiss is to avoid litigation, right? I doubt he would voluntarily put himself through that. With opening night behind him, I don't know how many more headlines the protests can generate. It might just run out of steam on its own.
  5. I think Veronika Part at ABT did clean single fouettes every time I got to see her. My favorite Odette/Odile.
  6. The day before Maxwell released her statement, Waterbury named her in a tweet accusing her of illegally recording their phone conversation and violating her privacy. Not sure if that affected Maxwell's decision to go public or not. For what it's worth, Maxwell's social media activity seems to be primarily about correcting people about their misconceptions regarding Amar sending photos of other women. Waterbury, on the other hand, has been on a war path, even referring to Maxwell as a "bitch."
  7. Just to address the claim that Maxwell believes only one photo of her was sent, here is the relevant part of the statement (emphasis mine): The only photograph that was shared by Amar was of me, his girlfriend of nearly five years. I knew about the photos of me when they were taken, and while sharing it privately with a close friend was a misstep in judgment, Amar immediately told me when he sent them to Chase and his sincerest regrets have led us to today, where we reside together and are building a loving and happy relationship. The incident was a personal matter between me and Amar, and I am okay with what happened. It seems like a grammatical error or editing mistake on the first sentence, but the rest of the paragraph clearly refers to photos in the plural form. Furthermore, her comments when responding to people on Instagram always refer to "photos" instead of "photo".
  8. I consider it a substantial amendment. Ramasar, Catazaro and Longhitano were not among the defendants in the original complaint, although texts involving them were included. The most significant changes include more quotes of the different text conversations, and adding claims of negligence against those three men. You can read the complaint as well as the responses here: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/DocumentList?docketId=rPLVUnskYCM89NLHno7z4g==&display=all&courtType=New York County Supreme Court&resultsPageNum=1
  9. The thing about the pimp was in the original complaint, but was omitted in the amended complaint.
  10. Gotcha. I thought you were responding to the post directly above yours.
  11. I think OnPointe was talking specifically about what Ramasar did. As far as I know, he did not share photos of Waterbury to multiple men. My understanding was that he asked Finlay to send photos, and Finlay complied with the request.
  12. According to Waterbury, the DA declined to prosecute. "The District Attorney of NYC looked into my case, conducting a criminal investigation and similarly to how the DA handled the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, they’re claiming there’s not enough to prosecute the case with. They couldn’t “find” the photos and conversations that were taken and sent after the “revenge porn” law was signed in, in 2018 (although there were laws criminalizing this conduct which were passed in 2014 by Cuomo.) " Waterbury's post below also includes some screenshots of Finlay's text exchanges. Content warning: the last image in the post contains some vile language, but those messages are not from Amar. One might get confused since the post is about Amar starting previews in West Side Story.
  13. Prior to Maxwell releasing her statement, Waterbury named Maxwell on social media, I believe, for the first time. She also accused her and Ashley Hod of illegally recording their phone conversation. Unfortunately, the tweet she was responding to is now deleted, so we don't really have much context for this.
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