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  1. I know! Some promotions would be great. Who knows when we will get any, though. I agree about Silas' dancing, but he's destined for great things at Colburn and beyond.
  2. From her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CL9omDWnQnK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. I am wondering if some of the soloists they thought would mature have stalled out a bit -- I'm thinking Sebastian Villarini-Velez and Harrison Ball in particular. Peter Walker actually has grown into his body more (less of a string bean) so I think there's still room for him to move up. Aaron Sanz -- so beautiful to look at, but I'm not sold on stage, yet. Other soloists -- Troy Schumacher, Sean Suozzi, Daniel Applebaum etc., are probably not going to be promoted. So, going shopping for talent is understandable, though the timing is strange. I had the fleeting thought that they might try to p
  4. I saw Lauren dance Aurora last winter (I think it was winter 2019 but correct me if it was the year before) and she is really lovely in the role as it suits her stage presence -- but the variations are a stretch. She was OK during the rose adagio promenades -- a little quick to hang on -- but later had several problems with her technique, particularly in turns (as noted by abatt). Interestingly it seems she was coached by Maria Kowroski for O/O. In early January I was at a lecture about Swan Lake where Maria spoke -- she indicated that she had offered to coach as she was one of the O/O's
  5. Harrison Coll was at the recent SAB lecture series they do for adults (It was a session about Justin Peck, who was discussing his process) and he said he was injured on the last day of WSS filming but was on the mend.
  6. The fat ladies are a disrespectful way to reference the sculptures at either end of the lobby on the first ring at the NYS theater. https://images.app.goo.gl/JrSLBuPGBtj7KfKo8
  7. At the matinee intermission. Tiler is wonderful. There is (no surprise) a new vulnerability to her dancing that has made Odette wonderful to watch, and she seems to be allowing herself more mobility in the back and neck. Her arabesques are lower than before (they were never that high anyway). The speed and precision are as strong as before. I know I am a little rah-rah when it comes to Joe Gordon but boy are we lucky to get to watch him. He dances with such ease and he (seems to be) an excellent partner — former dancers, correct me if I’m wrong! His first act solo was beautiful. Aaro
  8. Yes please Cubanmiamiboy! This is from a charter member of the Joe Gordon fan club. Please also report on Tiler’s fouettes!
  9. I have seen her, but not terribly recently. I remember feeling as if she were miscast. White swan's vulnerability and delicacy are a stretch for her; she's a much more natural black swan. There's a lot of emoting with eyebrows, that sort of thing. But from her instagram she's working on some insane black swan tricks, AND her partner is Jovani Furlan who has been very impressive so far. I think this response answers your question not at all!
  10. Thanks for this! I always loved reading her blog (and seeing her onstage).
  11. Harrison Coll has been filming West Side Story which just wrapped. Joe Gordon's hair reminds me of Damian Woetzel's so I don’t mind it — but industrial strength hairspray wouldn’t be a bad idea. It was really all over the place during Raymonda!
  12. Mearns was the definition of imperial in tonight's Piano Concerto No. 2 -- when Russell Janzen led her around and everyone curtsied to her it was 100% real. Worlds better than Ashley was last fall. The corps was more together, too, which was great. Lauren King is terrific in it as well -- all around, a magnificent performance. Sara Mearns was sent home to rest yesterday (per her instagram stories) so I was afraid she was going to be replaced when they were announcing replacements -- I was relieved. That could explain the casting changes, though -- remember she did all those Diamonds she wasn't
  13. Just got back from tonight's performance with the Lovette and Liang ballets. The program opened with a very nice Opus 19. Garcia had his normal lovely stage presence and at moments reminded me of Peter Boal. The two new ballets were after the first interval with a (very short) pause in between. Lauren Lovette's ballet was not great. I should state up front that it contained two of my pet peeves: singing/speaking from dancers and an on-stage costume change. It might not be very nice of me but if I want to hear from my dancers I will go to Broadway instead. Overall, the b
  14. He’s really wonderful. I agree it wasn’t as polished as some of his other debuts — Oberon, for instance — but he can make his saves graceful! I thought Alston Macgill was adorable in her variation. All those variations just look brutal to do.
  15. I was at Jewels last night (Friday), and I think it was, collectively, one of the finest performances of it I have seen. Emeralds is a quiet beauty. Bouder/Stanley danced the first principal couple, and Taylor Stanley was excellent. He has such a sensitive way of moving that amplified the atmosphere of the ballet. Having never seen Ashley in this role, I didn't know what to expect. Apart from the unfortunate return of the squeaky shoes (really, someone who dances, tell me what's going on there), she was quite lovely and restrained. I was missing Tiler Peck but not as much as I thought I would!
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