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  1. I was at this performance. I remember that Gonzalo and Megan were just having an absolute blast -- nothing looked hard, everything was a pleasure. The audience was really receptive. I'm a big Mira Nadon fan so I was thrilled to see her debut in such an important role. Mira did an interview with Conversations on Dance and Michael Breeden revealed that Mira was learning both Symphony in C 2nd movement and Odette/Odile this year! She's only 18 I think, having joined NYCB when she was 16.
  2. Wasn't that just what we needed? I love Tiler in everything but maybe secretly most in this ballet (and 1st movement Symphony in C . . . and T&V . . .and Tchai Pas . . .).
  3. I agree about In G Major—that pas was a standout. Unity and Jovani had excellent chemistry. For me it was the highlight of the evening.
  4. Could it be for the Kennedy Center? That might make more sense than already doing stage rehearsals for the spring season.
  5. I saw Lauren dance Aurora last winter (I think it was winter 2019 but correct me if it was the year before) and she is really lovely in the role as it suits her stage presence -- but the variations are a stretch. She was OK during the rose adagio promenades -- a little quick to hang on -- but later had several problems with her technique, particularly in turns (as noted by abatt). Interestingly it seems she was coached by Maria Kowroski for O/O. In early January I was at a lecture about Swan Lake where Maria spoke -- she indicated that she had offered to coach as she was one of the O/O's
  6. Harrison Coll was at the recent SAB lecture series they do for adults (It was a session about Justin Peck, who was discussing his process) and he said he was injured on the last day of WSS filming but was on the mend.
  7. The fat ladies are a disrespectful way to reference the sculptures at either end of the lobby on the first ring at the NYS theater. https://images.app.goo.gl/JrSLBuPGBtj7KfKo8
  8. At the matinee intermission. Tiler is wonderful. There is (no surprise) a new vulnerability to her dancing that has made Odette wonderful to watch, and she seems to be allowing herself more mobility in the back and neck. Her arabesques are lower than before (they were never that high anyway). The speed and precision are as strong as before. I know I am a little rah-rah when it comes to Joe Gordon but boy are we lucky to get to watch him. He dances with such ease and he (seems to be) an excellent partner — former dancers, correct me if I’m wrong! His first act solo was beautiful. Aaro
  9. Yes please Cubanmiamiboy! This is from a charter member of the Joe Gordon fan club. Please also report on Tiler’s fouettes!
  10. She was very assured, but I always wish she made a bigger impact considering her height and beauty. She felt a bit safe in a pretty daring role. I prefer Kikta.
  11. She has a picture of her knee in her stories: https://instagram.com/stories/emiliegerrity/2241911902026551235?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=19m0ju2h23cza it seems bruised and not anything worse. She got up and danced but it was a real wipeout and the whole audience gasped. However she was really beautiful in it (the fall was quite near the end in her last solo). Taylor Stanley is a little short for her. The whole program was a delight. I enjoyed the two Peck ballets quite a bit—I hadn’t seen Belles Lettres since it debuted. It was a night to get a sustained look at som
  12. Happy news. I was hoping her absence was not due to injury and instead due to this but thought it best not to speculate!
  13. I saw Voices last night. The audience was quite subdued with all the ballets, but did give it the biggest applause of the evening. I didn't have an issue with the "music" -- it just faded into the background for me. I found it interesting at a remove -- the concept is compelling. The result felt repetitive. The only portion of the music that I actively disliked was the Agnes Martin section. The dancing itself was at a very high level. All the dancers looked great, in particular Megan Fairchild and Lauren Lovette (a dancer who has become so much more interesting to watch). I think Ra
  14. I have seen her, but not terribly recently. I remember feeling as if she were miscast. White swan's vulnerability and delicacy are a stretch for her; she's a much more natural black swan. There's a lot of emoting with eyebrows, that sort of thing. But from her instagram she's working on some insane black swan tricks, AND her partner is Jovani Furlan who has been very impressive so far. I think this response answers your question not at all!
  15. Thanks for this! I always loved reading her blog (and seeing her onstage).
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