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  1. Oh and I saw Eddie Villella and Zach Catazaro on the way in.
  2. Phillip Neal too—I was sitting next to him during the performance! Jenifer Ringer was there.
  3. She danced SL with Joe Gordon last time and I don’t see why they would break that up. Also, maybe he’s a little short? T&V absolutely, though.
  4. Oh that’s terrible. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
  5. Wow. she fell off her left leg to the right? Maybe one of her partners accidentally knocked her off her leg? In any case I'm ready for someone new in this role. My pet peeve in this section is when that plie on pointe isn't deep enough. Wendy always had these insane plies which were so satisfying to watch. Here it is on Kurt Froman's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTpWROcJVqp/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I am very jealous of those who got to see Tiler/Roman. She was using him a bunch for projects during the pandemic -- some fluffy stuff (some waltzing around in a wedding gown in California, that homage to Center Stage) but also in the Forsythe she did.
  6. The casting has been updated to reflect the change:
  7. Tiler peck is on her insta saying she is subbing this week because of something that happened last night.
  8. Hi all! I was at Friday night's performance and Lauren Lovette's farewell. As noted elsewhere, Friday night's La Valse was danced by Joe Gordon in place of Taylor Stanley, who looks to be out for the rest of the season (the good news was there was no boot or crutches in sight when he came out to give Lauren 🌸 🌹 Saturday). I love watching Taylor dance but Joe Gordon is my absolute favorite so I was not unhappy. La Valse was a bit frenetic -- Marika Anderson stumbled and then fell, and there was a missing corps girl (as other commenters have noted) which was very odd. I've seen dancers leave and not come back, but not start the ballet at all without a replacement? Maybe others can shed light. I thought Andy Veyette was appropriately menacing. Other Dances: just a reminder that Tiler Peck is a genius of movement. After the Rain: I was in the minority thinking that this was not a successful version. Preston Chamblee seemed stiff to me and Lauren was so tiny in comparison (I don't care what she said in the NYT about "not dancing at 90" she is absolutely minuscule). I assume this is a ballet she's always wanted to do and they let her do it and cast her own partner, too. The crowd was in raptures, though, so maybe I was just comparing it unfavorably with Maria/Ask on opening night. Agon was all about Maria and Amar. What joy to watch. I haven't seen Agon in a long time -- maybe the last time was when Peter kept casting Chase Finlay (!) in the PPD and he was not up to it. I would love to see another dancer in the Bransle Gay. I think I've only seen LeCrone and Emilie Gerrity do this part recently. Lauren's farewell was terrific. Again, Taylor Stanley had to bow out of Opus 19 but I loved seeing Joe Gordon and Lauren dance together one last time. They have incredible partner chemistry. I also think the Serenade performance was pretty spectacular -- I really like Emilie Gerrity as the dark angel.
  9. Looks like Indiana Woodward was promoted this afternoon (on Unity’s insta stories)
  10. This happened to me with the Apple Wallet version. When the ticket-taker scans them your ring will pop up.
  11. I too was there last night. Monumentum and Movements were terrific, particularly Movements. I was really absorbed. Of course you guys know I love to watch Mira Nadon's progress. Rotunda I had seen right before the shut down, and I remember being distinctly lukewarm about it then. This time around, I quite enjoyed it! It has the spirit of an acting class, almost, where each group "got up" in turn to read their scenes or monologues -- this is reinforced by their "practice" costumes. The solo he did for Sara is terrific, and I really enjoyed the pas de cinq that featured some great fast jumping from Gonzalo and Daniel Ulbricht. I also quite liked the pas de deux pairing of Miriam Miller and A D-W. One interesting thing about Rotunda is the A++ casting, so many soloists and principals, kinda for no reason. I mean, why two minutes of ensemble work for the lovely (and criminally underused) Sara Adams? It seems to be a ballet where rising corps stars would shine. Chaconne is such a terrific ballet I wish I could see it again this season -- particularly with a different cast -- I am eyeing a ticket to the LaFreniere/AD-W premieres next Friday. Teresa Reichlen has never been a favorite of mine but I don't think you can argue with her technical skills and clean movement. To me, she's never been the most musical dancer. Tyler was running out of steam by the end of that (frankly) long and very leap-y variation. The jumps felt heavy. I think he needs to decide how he's going to approach this part of his career; right now if feels like he's relying on his reputation more than his dancing. Overall it was a little raggedly danced last night, but you can't argue with the beauty. This is one ballet I wish I had seen Farrell dance in person.
  12. Me too! She was wonderful in that insane soloist role in PC2 in 2019. She's very assured on stage and can really project personality. Faye perhaps also foreshadowed other departures (I may be reading too much into her review)? I can imagine a scenario where dancers were holding on for one more performance this fall.
  13. Also noticed this bit of casting in Maria's farewell: SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE: Kowroski, T. Angle, la Cour, Mabie, Knight, Fahoury, Applebaum, Sanz He's back after a week! Is that for the gunman?
  14. I did. It was really sweet. She got to dance the "bride" moment in Russian Seasons in place of Unity (who continues her superlative dancing this season), even though she was dancing the green girl during the rest of the ballet. (BTW, this must be a great role for Megan.) There was lots of enthusiastic applause for her and she was clearly touched. Her dancing was not great, but sometimes that's the way it goes -- we can't all be Joaquin deLuz going out with T&V. I forgot how much I like Russian Seasons, which I know is not everyone's cup of tea. I think Ratmansky does moments of comedy interspersed with moments of menace which you don't often see in other ballets (I'm thinking of non-story ballets). The rest of the program -- Joe Gordon debuted in Opus 19 which he handled beautifully. He's just such a pleasure to watch. The thing with Opus 19 is that there are several Opus leads in the company and I think Joe's rep is larger (or will be larger) than some other principals who dance it -- Taylor Stanley, for instance. If he's doing many of the white tight roles in a season I wonder if he will dance this at all frequently just to avoid overuse. I think Jovani Furlan might be an Opus type. The middle ballet was the Amaria piece for Maria. Bigonzetti did the costumes himself which resulted in Amar dressed like he was running out for coffee on a Sunday morning. I don't think we will see this again after the fall. Did KJ dance the Anthony Huxley role in PV?
  15. Agreed -- and to continue the theme, Joe got a haircut between Tuesday and Sunday afternoon.
  16. Someone asked about the tall blond with long hair -- that's Samuel Melnikov, I think. Just got back from tonight's performance. Serenade was more assured tonight -- certainly Ashley Bouder was much more "on" than on Tuesday. Glass Pieces -- Unity Phelan is making her bid for principal here. She was terrific. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes but my god, they have to promote some people! She, Indiana Woodward and Harrison Ball should be promoted this fall -- but who knows? Oh, and Jovani Furlan, whom I love. I mean, is Jared Angle ever going to dance again? Tyler Angle is clearly a legendary partner (just listen when Tiler Peck talks about him) but he fell out of his turns during the 4th movement on Tuesday. I have no opinion on the baldness except to say it makes him look shorter (and he's not short). And a costume question -- am I crazy or did the Glass Pieces costumes at one point have sweatband accessories? They haven't been around in years but I have a stubborn memory of Jane Fonda-themed headbands.
  17. On a Conversations on Dance podcast from the beginning of the pandemic, I remember Michael Breeden saying that Mira Nadon was being taught 2nd movement. I would also guess that Miriam Miller is a natural choice to be in the 2nd movement pipeline. I think both these dancers are going to go for several more years. I think Bouder, in particular, has said that she wants to dance into her 40s. I will say she looked rushed in Serenade on Tuesday though the jumps were there. I think Indiana will take over more and more of this rep, though.
  18. Last night's performance is one I won't soon forget. I was so happy to be there. First, logistics: For people going, definitely download the clear app -- it was a snap and the clear/excelsior pass line was very quick. I didn't have any issues getting into the ladies' room right beforehand on the second ring. And you can get a glass of something or a snack, if you are so inclined. The audience was really responsive, as you might imagine. They applauded throughout Serenade (sometimes at strange moments!); my favorite spontaneous applause was for the famous dark angel wing moment. Sterling looked wonderful as the waltz girl; Maria and Ask were so moving in After the Rain, and got absolutely rousing curtain calls. Symphony in C was terrific and surprisingly crisp for coming out of mothballs. As mentioned Joe Gordon was *chefs kiss* in his variation, turning spectacularly. Megan Fairchild seemed a bit reserved at the beginning of the movement but really came out as she danced and had a great 1st movement moment in the 4th movement. Tyler Angle did shave his head! Good for him. I was really impressed by Harrison Ball and Indiana Woodward in 3rd movement. He came out with a huge leap with terrific ballon that got a reaction from the audience. The movement had that terrific forward attack that it needs. And as they say, the crowd went crazy at the end. It felt like a gift to NYC.
  19. There's been a little shuffling on the casting for week one and here's another change that's not listed on the official pdf yet: This is the current casting as listed: RUSSIAN SEASONS: Phelan, Pazcoguin, M. Fairchild, King, Segin, Anderson, *Danchig-Waring, *Sanz, *Grant (replaces Walker), *Alberda, *Villarini-Velez (replaces Coll), *Henson (replaces Hoxha) [Solo Violin: Nikkanen] I
  20. She used to dance it with Robbie Fairchild -- at least, that's the last time I saw her dancing it. So, it's been a minute. I've never seen Lauren Lovette dance it; the last few times it has been either Sterling or Unity Phelan, I think. Also, week 2 casting is up: NEW YORK CITY BALLET PRINCIPAL CASTING FOR SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 3, 2021 TUESDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 28, 7:30PM (Conductor: Otranto) SERENADE: Mearns, M. Fairchild, Gerrity, la Cour, Chamblee pause PULCINELLA VARIATIONS: Adams, M. Miller, Phelan, Hod, E. Von Enck, Chan, Applebaum, Garcia, Takahashi pause GLASS PIECES: Nadon, Sanz, LaFreniere, Riccardo, Habony, Chamblee, Reichlen, Janzen WEDNESDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 29, 7:30PM (Conductor: Sill) OPUS 19/THE DREAMER: Hyltin, Gordon [Solo Violin: Nikkanen] pause NEW BIGONZETTI: Kowroski, Ramasar [Solo Piano: Baldwin] pause RUSSIAN SEASONS: Phelan, Pazcoguin, M. Fairchild, King, Segin, Anderson, Danchig-Waring, Sanz, Walker, Alberda, Villarini-Velez, Hoxha [Solo Violin: Nikkanen] THURSDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 30, 7:30PM 2021 FALL FASHION GALA GLASS PIECES: Hod, Applebaum, Adams, Walker, Dutton-O’Hara, Alberda, Kowroski, Ramasar [Conductor: Otranto] pause NEW BELL – WORLD PREMIERE: *Reichlen, *M. Fairchild, *Nadon, *LeCrone, *Kikta, *LaFreniere, *Ball, *Huxley, *Walker, *Henson, *Grant, *Takahashi [Conductor: Litton] pause NEW MILLER – WORLD PREMIERE: *Gerrity, *Mearns, *Kretzschmar, *Smith, *Bradley, *Bologna, *Dutton-O’Hara, *Woodward, *Stanley, *Chan, *Riccardo, *Read, *Fahoury, *Villarini-Velez, *Alberda, *Chamblee [Conductor: Litton] FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 1, 8:00PM (Conductor: Litton) NEW MILLER: Gerrity, Mearns, Kretzschmar, Smith, Bradley, Bologna, Dutton-O’Hara, Woodward, Stanley, Chan, Riccardo, Read, Fahoury, Villarini-Velez, Alberda, Chamblee pause NEW BELL: Reichlen, M. Fairchild, Nadon, LeCrone, Kikta, LaFreniere, Ball, Huxley, Walker, Henson, Grant, Takahashi pause WESTERN SYMPHONY: King, la Cour, *Lovette, Ramasar, *Kikta, Veyette SATURDAY MATINEE, OCTOBER 2, 2:00PM (Conductor: Litton) NEW MILLER: Gerrity, Mearns, Kretzschmar, Smith, Bradley, Bologna, Dutton-O’Hara, Woodward, Stanley, Chan, Riccardo, Read, Fahoury, Villarini-Velez, Alberda, Chamblee pause NEW BELL: Reichlen, M. Fairchild, Nadon, LeCrone, Kikta, LaFreniere, Ball, Huxley, Walker, Henson, Grant, Takahashi pause WESTERN SYMPHONY: King, la Cour, Lovette, Ramasar, Kikta, Veyette SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 2, 8:00PM (Conductor: Sill) OPUS 19/THE DREAMER: Lovette, Stanley [Solo Violin: Nikkanen] pause NEW BIGONZETTI: Kowroski, Ramasar [Solo Piano: Baldwin] pause RUSSIAN SEASONS: Hyltin, Mearns, Laracey, Woodward, Maxwell, Habony, Stanley, Veyette, Gordon, Zuniga, Villarini-Velez, Fahoury [Solo Violin: Nikkanen] SUNDAY MATINEE, OCTOBER 3, 3:00PM (Conductor: Litton) NEW MILLER: Gerrity, Mearns, Kretzschmar, Smith, Bradley, Bologna, Dutton-O’Hara, Woodward, Stanley, Chan, Riccardo, Read, Fahoury, Villarini-Velez, Alberda, Chamblee pause NEW BELL: Reichlen, M. Fairchild, Nadon, LeCrone, Kikta, LaFreniere, Ball, Huxley, Walker, Henson, Grant, Takahashi pause WESTERN SYMPHONY: King, la Cour, Lovette, Ramasar, Kikta, Veyette * First Time in Role PROGRAM AND CASTING SUBJECT TO CHANGE (09/15/21)
  21. More casting courtesy of Instagram: That feels like a lot of Western Symphony for Lauren. Casting I'm interested in for the first week is the Saturday matinee: PULCINELLA VARIATIONS: *Adams, M. Miller, Phelan, Hod, *E. Von Enck, *Chan, Applebaum, Coll, *Takahashi pause GLASS PIECES: *Nadon, *Sanz, *LaFreniere, *Riccardo, Habony, Chamblee, Reichlen, Janzen I would be very interested to see Chun Wai Chan dance (he posted video partnering Miriam Miller, is he tall?) and I think KJ Takahashi is a very dynamic young dancer. I am also glad to see Isabelle LaFreniere get featured in Glass Pieces first movement. I don't have tickets and have to go to a little league game instead so I hope someone will report back! I'm going opening night, very thrilled -- though I don't really understand why Megan LeCrone is first cast Serenade. I'm also excited to see Joe Gordon premiere in Opus 19.
  22. Jovani Furlan's insta continues with the casting hints! He seems to be cast almost exclusively in unitard roles 🤣.
  23. She's definitely doing Opus 19/The Dreamer, I don't know about Serenade.
  24. Another hint to the other waltz girl, from Jovani Furlan's Insta:
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